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Belgian Study

All normal social fact can become a fact pathological when the amount increases disproportionately and thus exits than usual. The techniques of sociological research to analyze the social fact are: to) monograph, b) statistics and c) survey. (a) the monograph is the study of a particular, specific social fact that has certain important dimensions, by a team of researchers with greater or lesser number of researchers according to the extension of the social fact. That study should be done in the most profound way to give us the essence of the social phenomenon. If you have additional questions, you may want to visit Adam Sandler. The starting point of this research goes back to the Belgian sociologist Federico Leblain, when he conducted a case study of the working-class family of his time.

Then this method will be refined and developed by his disciples. b) statistics; Some have considered it as Assistant and other how simple technique. It is defined as the procedure whereby it is possible to collect and analyse social phenomena that occur in large numbers. The method most used is the census. To conduct a statistical study procedures son:1 – gathering of data; 2 analysis of them, through a series of procedures which classifies the observed facts; 3.

Presentation of these facts. To broaden your perception, visit Hedvig Hricak. A way to present those facts it is numerical assessments, which are known under the name of indexes (numerical ratio between two quantities). They can also be represented by maps or charts. When we can do statistics on the whole, a sampling that allows to reach more specific data is performed. Sampling: is a part of the totality of the probe. It is expressed in some degree most of all. Sample the greatest number of individuals has, will have fewer error. This research technique, is based on the law of large numbers, this law establishes: If one takes a representative number of (Group), the proportions that the society is they are, they are similar to those that exist in society as a whole. (c) survey: find the interview; This is a type of survey that is characterized primarily by the increased interaction of the researcher about the person under investigation. The sociological researcher attends the place the interviewee’s or investigated and performs a series of questions. Here you will find quality items for the care of the body, mind and spirit; In addition to other sections such as: sports, entertainment, computing, health and more.

New Products

Marketing in action: hope is a tree in flower that sweetly sways to the breath of illusions Severo Catalonia. Considerations, reach, steps: the current economic scenarios show relevant characteristics that demand that companies are vigilant of their behaviour in order to ensure not only stay in the markets achieved but for conquest of new enabling desarrollarseTal as Wikipedia reminds us, the development of a new market takes place in the field of business and engineering and consists of the entire process of creating and bringing a new product to the market. There are two parallel aspects that are involved in this process: one involves product engineering; the other, market analysis. Marketing managers consider the development of new product as the first step in the management of the life cycle of the product. There’s no denying how Mileyde Arteaga puts it in an open forum on this topic who developed the graduate program in the specialty of quality management and productivity of Faces of the University of Carabobo, that by today the business dynamics are very troubled, there are many political, economic and social factors that affect them; especially in Latin American countries like Venezuela, where inflation and the changing environment of the policies of the State keeps in constant uncertainty for all organizations, therefore a part of organizations trafficking in implementing plans that allow them to carry the day by day the survival, while others more daring try to anticipate how you will change the industry and the market in which they are immersed and accordingly implementing action plans for develop new products or improve existing ones, so that will allow them to compete and be in a better position in the market. From there that business managers must focus on the purpose of the creation of new products to achieve a fast positioning in the market, making the needs of consumers; passing from the establishment of strategies of promotion, distribution, prices and advertising as well as the creation of the brand, label and its packaging.

Ramon Gallegos

I liked the teaching and example that Ramon Gallegos gives about spirituality, the question he asked to distinguish or to clarify the vague idea of what is. Which spirituality going to teach? Amazement was much but the comment that made with which I recognized what is spirituality, it is as if the question was which love will give, love is nothing more one, is not fragmented, the spirituality is one, many religions there may be but a single spirituality, why in the holistic, the central education is spirituality not religions?spirituality is not religious belief, religion is a par guide attached to the spirituality, but overseen by rules traditional, cultural, but spirituality is your own being. Along with this explanation added you a sentence very certain and deep that it says no are human beings who have spiritual experiences but we are spiritual beings that are having a human experience. With this sentence we understand that we are spiritual beings, we are soul or spirit got into a transport flowing through life where maintenance is part of the life of our vehicle and maintenance of us spiritual is meditation and the desire to experience the divine. I listened much to my co-workers, to my teachers that really leaves much to be desired, when asked by that his arrogant, authoritarian, offensive behaviour, with amounts industrialists of ego and them me respond aggressively, that thus treated me to me, by that my made me battle it out, for I had many teachers who did not hear so well the treatment which cost them as my me cost, more than anything speak with courage, and they remember their teachers with hatred which did not learn more than your wrong attitude and its low human quality. When you hear the concept of learning communities, it became of great interest and close attention in order to understand it and implement it.

Segura Murcia

Now it is more easy to Paint Ball practice. In Molina de Segura, Murcia, offers two homes to relax and enjoy the countryside and nature and a conditioned track to practice Paintball. Paintball is a game of strategy in which two teams face each other to achieve a defined objective before the game, weapons used are guns of paintball compressed air-driven that shall maintain the opponent away from his goal. Located just 15 minutes from Murcia city specializing in groups of individuals or companies wishing to conduct activities as a whole, rural House and Pinball services are independent and can be hired separately. The vivienda:Casacolora: independent with a 150 years old and newly restored cottage. The native stone that has been constructed endows its walls of great strength and provides warmth in winter and coolness in summer. The materials used for its restoration are mostly natural, thus preserving all its originality also has of facilities of swimming pool, barbecue, Garden, table football, diana and ping-pong table.

The House has capacity for 14 persons and boasts: – three triple rooms and two doubles (one of them with cradle), and two fully equipped bathrooms-living room with chimney, TV, two sofas and a large table for 14 Diners-equipped kitchen with fridge, freezer, microwave, dishwasher, washing machine and small appliances-electric heating in all rooms.-abroad, has countless proposals for leisuresuch as barbecue, diana, Foosball, garden and swimming pool fully equipped. Stone House: Super independent new building with facade in natural stone cottage.It can accommodate 8 people and has everything necessary for a comfortable and pleasant stay also has facilities of swimming pool, barbecue, Garden, table football, diana and ping-pong table. Features: – four double bedrooms and two bathrooms-living room with fireplace, TV and two sofas-fully equipped kitchen with all appliances and large table dining room.-electric heating in all rooms. The rural complex offers services common football field, basketball court, painball, hiking, raftin, down by the River segura and a new activity called the pilla chickens he remedy anti-stress, in the tranquillity of a House rural or enjoying to the maximum with the Paintball an ideal place to find peace, independence, freedom and discover new sensations.


Almost ten years of the fall of the one-to-one convertibility, the Argentines again choose abroad to spend their summer vacations. While there have always been those who jumped the pond to enjoy your days of relax, during recent years, the vast majority preferred vacationing in coasts local thus reducing costs. Today the perspective is somewhat different. The data are clear, the demand in travel agencies from the Caribbean as a tourist destination increased by 40%. The reasons are varied, on the one hand the high rates of inflation that have been registered in the country make that local prices and foreigners (even in dollars) are not as far apart. In addition there are numerous travel companies offering packages, apart hotels and flights among other things at really low prices and with the addition of the possibility of financing up to 50 shares, such is the case of the Despegar.com agency that offers packages in Buzios of 7 nights for example to only U$ S 1,838 with double base, i.e.

for two people. These Special offers, coupled with the increments that have experienced the salaries of middle class workers make vacationing in the Caribbean is something not only possible but desirable. Within the Caribbean, the most sought after destinations are Cancun, Punta Cana, Cuba, the cays and Margarita Island. In these cities, hotels are around $50 overnight, although also other much cheaper can be achieved. Logically the Caribbean remains the favourite, however the surprise comes at the hands of Miami. United States has superseded his second post to Brazil in terms of preference for travelers. This responds to large hikes they evidenced in Brazil, doing not whether a destination so convenient, economically speaking.