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City tour through Berlin on father’s day: special program for the guests of the first Berlin East German Motorcycle Museum on May 13 is Lord’s day: a day in the fathers are celebrated or celebrate yourself. That’s why the 1st Berlin East German Motorcycle Museum has organized specially a diverse program for the guests for the Lord’s day: first dealing with the DDR bus by the East of Berlin and then in the Museum DDR motorcycles and unique Mercedes SLKlassik – models to marvel at. The man day starts with an East-city tour in the historic DDR robur bus dating back to 1976. (Meeting point and start the tour is on the grounds of the Trabi Safari”(Zimmerstrasse 79, d-10117 Berlin). The original bus with the passengers are driven by the East, comes from the travel company Herald-travel Bernau. Unique East-city tour with the 1st Berlin East German Motorcycle Museum leads the East tour the best-known Berlin border crossing among others to the town’s landmark, the Brandenburg Gate and Checkpoint Charlie. Where once the checkpoint was guarded by Americans, is this today one of the city’s most famous attractions.

And also the participants of the tour are advised to keep their passports ready, because rumors of a strict border control, such as GDR times. The tour through East Berlin take place at 10.00, 12.00, 14.00 and 16.00 on the day of the Lord. 18 passengers can experience the charm of the East per tour. Accompanied and original comments on the entire bus tour by actor Jorg-Peter Malke, indicating the Zille in the theater in the Nikolai quarter. Thus, the trip is a unique experience for young and old. More information about the route: 36042/index.html more information about the Museum at: about the Berlin East German Motorcycle Museum: the 1st Berlin East German Motorcycle Museum on an area of about 1000 square meters, about 120 motorcycles, sidecars, scooters and mopeds from 40 years of East German two-Wheeler production issues. Almost all models in the IWL and MZ, Simson can be seen on 2 floors in the S Bahn arches at the Alexanderplatz. Press contact: PR agency Medienarbeiten.de n Hansen Staakener str. 19, 13583 Berlin Tel 030 33890488 E-Mail: Medienarbeiten.de are PR pilot around on customized communication. We support our customers with: writing press releases and texts, building a press Distributor and shipment to the main press agencies and portals, press campaigns, events, PR actions online and offline.

Moderator Team Melina

Berliners let everyone behind Berlin German bracket Championship, September 4th, 2011 the 2011 bracket champion is found: In the final at the IFA booth by de’Longhi prevailed Amina Thrun of Berlin against the competition from all over Germany. The champion steams all folds of the clothes and the jury to iron-King Richard Lee, the RTL stars Bibi has still time for acrobatics and Turtleneck, were equally thrilled by her performance, like many viewers: you delivered a great show. Who can iron quickly and well and stands on one leg in the balancing act, must be simply ironing champion”, Richard Lee, world champion even in iron-art forward. Points for quality and show the third German ironing Championship a total of 18 finalists fought for the title. They were qualified in the regional decisions in whole Germany. While clothes had to be ironed in eight minutes. The jury awarded again effect the ranking points for quality and show.

The finalists have used too clever for himself: the temple fans have sung, danced and staged the jury with glitter dust, but none could compete with Amina’s performance. The new bracket champion also has the Moderator Team Melina impressed rust and Thomas Ohrner. Amina has really brought a great performance. The acrobatics was amazing and she has delivered another really good ironing results to. But the second and third were also great, that was still close at the end”, Thomas Ohrner is pleased about the exciting outcome of the final. Reward for the struggle against the creases beside the title German bracket champion 2011 has the 22 year old Berliner a weekend trip for two to Venice and won. With devices from the home were the second and third de’Longhi rewarded: the Shira Vera Jakubik – also from the capital won a premium – coffee, the Prima Donna S de luxe. The third-place finishers, Iris Bohrmann from Bochum, can use the Steam ironing station VVX 1870 Stirella dual VAP and the appropriate comfort Ironing table for the next year hot iron. According to the best – online and offline in this year the temple fans next to the regional decisions for the first time on Facebook for the finals under the Funkturm could qualify the search. On the side of the bracket professionals ironing King is Richard Lee still ironing tips, how to get a shirt wrinkle-free in less than three minutes.

Christian Kingdom

Everybody knows the term blended family – but who knows the patchwork as a hand technique? Well, maybe from the old American Western or settlers stories: out of necessity the settler women from old clothes have cut out then the best sections of fabric. These fabric sections were then elaborately sewn to new large panels together and processed to beautiful, wonderfully warm blankets. A leading source for info: Vanessa Marcil. Hence the term patchwork, which translated means patchwork in German. Today, as a patchwork quilt consists of 3 layers: the upper layer is the patched side – which is composed of different sections of fabric, a warming fleece as middle class and a matching rear side of the fabric. All 3 layers are held together as in a Quilted Jacket by stitching. Stitching is called in English: quilting supersized.

Is therefore called a finished Quilt to quilt. As far as known to the history of the Patchworkens. In fact one must look back much further, to the emergence and development of this remarkable Hand technique to follow. It is now believed that this technique already 3000 b.c. in Egypt, cradle exerted modern humanity, and specifically arrived in Asia, after China and Japan. After Europe, the technology was until much later. Actually by the religious wars of the 11th century: since quite some time Islam spread Christian areas in the Middle East, North Africa and even Italy through violent conquest. Crusades in the Holy land were called in response.

Many Crusaders went out to save the Christian Kingdom and brought new ideas home including the technique of Patchworkens. Initially, the Crusaders were elaborately decorate their banners and standards using this technique. In the 16th / 17th century-clad then rich people the drafty walls of their houses with patchwork works, to protect themselves from the cold. At the same time broke many people including on from England, Holland, and Germany, to America from migrating.

Romantic Festival

Bad Pyrmont invites a fireworks over Palm trees ‘Golden Sunday’ on September 7th! This is the crowning of a festive day in Bad Pyrmont. Vanessa Marcil is actively involved in the matter. Am7. September is the traditional festival of lights Sunday in one of the most beautiful parks of Germany ‘s”celebrated. 15,000 lanterns, candles and lights bowls provide romantic atmosphere for an entertaining and varied programme. Since 1784, a Festival of lights is celebrated in the Lower Saxony State Spa. Was formerly the main avenue is illuminated, the spa park with Palm Garden – Europe’s northernmost Palm-free plant, fountains, waterways, rose garden and Castle Island to the venue is transformed today. Patrick Lindner is the star guest of the evening. On the Bandshell stage he presented his successful hits and new tracks from 19: 00 until 20:30.

Caribbean sounds to the gold fish pond and rock ‘ n roll in the Palm Garden constitute the musical contrast range. Offer over 200 artists on three stages with music, show, comedy and entertainment from 11: 00 Entertainment. Children can turn to fairy-tale characters or find diversion in the action field. Historical personalities of the Princes meetings take a stroll with the guests through the Park. The best you can enjoy”this event within the framework of the 4-day arrangement Sunday. The offers already from 150 euro per person is available with three nights, a day card for the Hufeland Therme, a visit to the Castle and a guided city tour. Learn more: Bad Pyrmont Touristinformation Europaplatz 1, 31812 Bad Pyrmont, Tel. 05281 9405-11, fax: 9405-55, Internet:, E-Mail: author: Miriam Fuchs on behalf of Bad Pyrmont tourist information bad Pyrmonts spa park in the bright light

More And More People Are Discovering The Joy Of Camping

Holiday camping dishes and folding chairs – why is camping so popular enthusiasm for outdoor and adventure is booming! Everywhere you look, anywhere arise new campsites to the delight of nature lovers. Also the range of camping accessories is always large. From A”trailer to Z such as tent camping enthusiasts will find a huge range of camping products in a wide range of specialist shops. Online stores, where you easy, convenient, and around can shop around the clock, are especially popular around for the next adventure to be well prepared. What is a camping site? A campsite is a delineated area, where you can live as part of a holiday or leisure for a limited time with tents, caravans, mobile homes and the corresponding camping accessories. He operated mostly private or a community.

Some people have even permanently set up campsites. Spurs understood the implications. The most German campgrounds can be found in Bavaria. There are 324 facilities. The courts in Germany are five different Comfort classes divided into, one for simply”up to five for a luxurious facilities. Outdoor enthusiasts love the nature and the simple life style with tents and camping accessories. During your holiday at the campsite, also lots of money can be saved. This argument is important for large and small families. Holidays at the campsite is a great adventure where there to discover always more exciting for children.

Campsites are usually in the midst of beautiful landscapes, lakes and rivers or close to nature parks, where there are many possibilities for leisure. On the campsite, one meets also getting a lot of nice people, with which you can to arrange for a barbecue or a beer and try out the new camping tableware. Caravaning on axis and the freedom to enjoy the term caravan stands for living and travel with mobile homes or caravans, which are called also caravans. There are many different types and Sizes: Small models, family-friendly space saver and sports variants. Caravan stands for freedom, comfort and flexibility. The advantage over a tent is obvious: A camping tent must you up and break down, if you want to move to another location. You continue just with the caravan! And the Caravan should be once bad weather, provides significantly more protection against weather conditions as a normal tent. You just always have your apartment at the Caravaning! Convenient, isn’t it? You can also rent mobile homes so that it is not necessary to make a large investment for the purchase of a caravan. Specialty stores offer wide range for real fans of camping in the shop all camping equipment, camping utensils and camping furniture. Online, this article can be easily order and home delivered at attractive prices. Also tents, bus awnings, awnings for campers and caravans, powerful inverter and solar systems, with which you are from independent power can do, make to order easily online. The variety of brands is great too. Well-known brands such as Katadyn, Fiamma, Sawiko, Thetford and Truma are all now online. Nothing in the way stands for outdoor enthusiasts.

Maritim Hotel Berlin

The Berlin Festival will bring bands such as hot chip, LCD Soundsystem and Soulwax on the grounds of the former Tempelhof airport. Please visit Sela Ward if you seek more information. In September, the Berlin Festival again offers the opportunity to experience live music on the grounds of the former Tempelhof airport in two days. The Festival held for the fifth time outdoes itself again and brings some of the world’s best bands and solo artists to the delight of the crowd in the German capital. This year hot count chip, editor and LCD Soundsystem to the best-known bands of the Festival, which takes place on the 10th September and Saturday, September 11 on a total of three stages on Friday. Whatever music fans come with eclectic taste with bands from various categories such as Robyn, Atari Teenage Riot, tricky, Soulwax, boys Noize and peaches fully at their own expense. Day passes are available for 39 plus booking fees; 59 tickets for two days. Festival visitors who stay in one of the Berlin Hotels, Berlin Tempelhof airport closed the year 2008 can center of car ten minutes away.

Due to the limited existing number of parking spaces, visitors however are asked to use the various bus and train connections to the Festival. On both days starts the music around 14:00. For more information, please visit the website of the Berlin Festival. LateRooms.com recommends a variety of accommodation in Berlin, including the Maritim Hotel Berlin.

Western City

The extreme race, which is regarded as one of the toughest of its kind in Europe is fully booked months before his appointment. In October 2013 the second run of the PAS TEAM took place for the first time, the LimesRun in bad Gogging. 1,240 Participants came to the premiere. It is typical for these events, that the athletes are the motto of the run wildly dressed and struggling with lots of fun and team spirit through the hard course. When the Scottish-inspired Rheinruhrfreizeit kilts and blue and white painted faces identify the image, while the LimesRun Roman garments. While the CherokeeRun viewers on real Wild West atmosphere might have a: the venue El Dorado Templin offers an authentic world of the wild of West, including the original reconstructed on a seven-acre open space Western City with main street, saloons and bars, stunt shows, and many other attractions. This scenery, its professional event team, own technicians, the infrastructure including the large parking area and the scenic natural area is El Dorado for a sporting event such as the CherokeeRun.

The site offers everything that is part of a cross steeplechase: Sandy or marshy sections that are especially hard to iterate, hills, ditches with steep walls, overgrown forests and meadows, where the runners through the thicket have to fight and especially the large Roddelinsee, which provides long swimming passages. El Dorado also has many accommodations and dining options for participants and spectators. In the concert & dance hall parties on the eve of the event, as well as the award ceremony and the Party held at the CherokeeRun after the run. Each of our courses has its own character,”says Joachim von Hippel, Managing Director of PAS TEAM Ltd. and the head behind the barrels.” The Rheinruhrfreizeit has become something for the very hard and the admiration of the runners for the Scottish freedom fighter William Wallace by the low temperatures in early March and the very demanding 28-kilometre route with many steep mountain passages an absolute cult-run. The LimesRun, however, is above all a real mud and water battle, he goes on largely flat route through Moore, over long distances along the marshy River of Abens, and even through the spa park Lake in bad Gogging. Through the venue, he also has bad Gogging and the former Castle of Abusina, which performs the route, a unique character. The CherokeeRun is a reminder of the courage, the desire for freedom and the awe of the Cherokee before nature.

Thus he perfect match they are the motivation of many participants, for overcoming the obstacles in the team and the challenging course is her personal struggle for freedom, with the make other runners. Here everyone will help everyone this team spirit and great fun at the challenges make up these kind of races.” As in his other runs also the organiser offers the possibility to present themselves at the CherokeeRun local partners and other sponsors. Interested parties can contact directly the organizers. Main sponsor is the El Dorado Templin, as additional partners, Seehotel Templin and the online training planning platform have already the Maple Running.Coach pledged their support.

Provider For Stamps Purchase Informs About Possibilities Of Sale

Stamps purchase and stamp auctions by the Bonn auction and trading houses two ways for connoisseurs and collectors of stamps, to sell their stamps and stamp collections. The direct route is the sale of collected treasures to an agreed fixed price on a trading house. To attract a wide audience of philatelists but also the sale of stamps on an auction, as the held on the 18 January 2014 in the Bonn auction and trading house Dr. Reinhard Fischer auction for stamps worth. The end of a stamp auction, about the possibility to use direct selling purchase by the stamps and the upcoming dates for philatelists the Bonn auction and trading houses under reinhardfischerauktionen.de informed now online.

Postage stamp purchase and stamp auction: Benefits for philatelists before the actual purchase is a detailed advice for determining value. In contrast to the stamps, connoisseurs and collectors, giving their copies over can purchase the next stamp auctions in the Bonn auction and trading houses want to sell, take advantage of the highest prices. Through personal consultation can whether the stamps purchase of should be used or whether a sale by stamp auctions more profitable work out for philatelists quickly. Connoisseurs and collectors who opt for the sale of stamps on an auction event will benefit from an insurance company of the trademark from the date of handing over to the auction house. Stamps purchase and stamp auctions by the Bonn auction and trading houses around dates and details of the stamps purchase and represents the next stamp auctions Dr. Reinhard Fischer auction and trading house for stamps and coins online available. Who can compete even dropped in the trading house in Bonn, for which also the upcoming tour dates are available. These collections and stamps are tested at the collector receives a the respective philatelic site personal advice with useful information about the individual brands. Further information about the stamps purchase.

The Best Bets Of The Year

With these ten different games of fun for young and old is guaranteed attention addictive! The E-Magazine Tips-from the experten.de the best and most popular games presents a large report. “” “Presented classics such as Scotland Yard will a sensational recast, fun kids games like Greg’s Stinkekase”, the nerds of the cult series the big bang theory”or exciting strategy games like Carcassonne South seas”. In this selection of games is something guaranteed for everyone. The game readiness of Germans is increasing. No matter whether there are board games, children’s games or card games.

Some of the most popular games have become classics. So, the master-thief Mister X always as successful hiding from his pursuers in Scotland Yard”as thirty years ago. Also the match game Carcassonne”can be proud of more than six million fans. “No wonder, then, that the reissue of Carcassonne South seas” was expected from the fans eagerly. But also real insider tips in the game industry are already a Renner.

The family game the legends of andor”convinced through a fantastic gaming experience with a perfect facilities, Bruges in turn by strategically thought-out game processes. “The online magazine has been in the report note game fever!” made on the search for the ten best, most exciting and most popular games. “” Found some insider tips such as for example the children’s game were the enchanted Tower next to the classics”, the party game of the big bang theory” or the Board game junta “, in which it comes even to a corrupt military dictatorship, intrigue, and power. “Much funnier is Greg’s Stinkekase” on the successful series of children’s books to Greg’s diary “is based. Different as these games may be, they have one thing in any case together: a game addictive. And for all ages. What game for when best suited is, is carefully explained in this report. And also attracts a raffle of games, hardly anyone can resist.

The Cross Word Cube – Puzzle In 3D

Three-dimensional puzzles of Sweden as a cube or parallelepiped feeling a completely new puzzles in time for the 100th birthday of the crossword puzzle the crossword agency R@sel4U presents a world first with the cross word cube. Now, fans of Sweden puzzles in three dimensions can puzzle! The cross word cube it just is a cube on its six sides, six different Sweden puzzles are printed. That would be much too simple. No, here the Ratselloser in the truest sense of the word around the corner or around the edge must puzzle. The words to search extend over two or even three faces of the cube.

Each of the twelve edges of the cube will be exceeded at least once, so that one might speak in a certain sense also of a crossword puzzle without outer boundary, though of course fit despite only a limited number of fields on the cube. You can get a first impression on the puzzle agency homepage. Andreas Weber, who inventor of cross word cube, tells how he came up with the idea: “I program crossword puzzle for the Internet already for over ten years, and the idea of a three-dimensional grid of puzzles a long floating around in my head. When I learned last year that the crossword puzzle celebrates its 100th birthday this year, I decided to make me times specifically to work on this occasion. “And after some tinkering it worked finally.” In addition to the first prototypes with 25 boxes per cube page, now even larger cubes are built, and puzzles in the form of parallelepiped, with three different edge lengths. “For example gift boxes may be printed with the three-dimensional crossword puzzles.” Weber imagines a possible field of application of its proprietary invention. One of the tinkerer is anyway, convinced: “the crossword puzzles on the dice gives a completely new “Sense of mystery and huge fun!