Dec 17

Music Therapy: Music Wins Diseases

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Music therapy – one of the favorite and most effective treatments in art therapy. It is able to heal people from both the mental torments, as well as from physical pain. In Russia, a pioneer of music therapy began Rushel Blavo. After lengthy trials and experiments, he concluded: "Music arouses forces in the body to […]

Nov 14


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Lemon, well tightens the skin. Just because of him, you can narrow pores. But it must be applied cautiously. Use lemon, it should be masked for the skin that have a softening effect and neutralize the citric acid. For example, Lemon juice can be used with banana, cream, milk. The best fruit for oily skin, […]

Jun 11

Translational Medicine

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Scientists have developed artificial platelets that could stop the bleeding. Now, internal bleeding can be stopped almost twice as fast. Such assistance is crucial for wounded soldiers and victims of accidents. External bleeding can be stopped compresses, but the interior – to stop practically impossible. In the near future the situation will change. U.S. researchers […]