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McLaren In The Classic City – Frankfurt Success Story Celebrates 1st Birthday

McLaren automotive and the classical city: A winning partnership one year after the opening of the showroom: the fascinating McLaren MP4-12 C spider turns before drying Motorsport 2012: for the first time the McLaren MP4-12 C GT3 race Frankfurt sent, 23 Nov 2012 A Frankfurt success story marks this November for the first time: McLaren automotive in Frankfurt’s historic classic town. Here the legendary British sports car manufacturer opened its exclusive showroom, which attracted visitors from the first moment in his spell 2011. And the English company went together with Rainer Dorr Managing Director and owner of the Frankfurt showroom and at the same time owner of dried Motorsport – with big promises at the start. Connect with other leaders such as actress here. One advance, promises have been fully delivered. One, of course economic success was the objective. On the other hand you wanted to present each year a new model of expectation-hungry customers. And 2012, we proudly present: the McLaren MP4-12C spider.

Little presents, This open variant of the super sports car 12C already has the stuff today to become the legend. Because revised with the 625 PS strong 3.8 litre V8 Biturbo engine guarantees excellent performance the spider for the spoiled sports car fan. In conjunction with the 75 kilogram light MonoCell cabin made of carbon fiber, which stands for excellent rigidity, handling and safety, the McLaren 12 C offers spider unlimited driving fun on the open top rating scale. : Speaking the fully automatic two-piece RHT hardtop, leaves himself open or close in under 17 seconds at up to 30km / h. But as the driver Decides also, unlike most other spider – or convertible models, the 12C offers spider performance, handling and driving pleasure, which are absolutely equal to the fixed-roof Coupe version. The developers are rightly proud of the new model. “McLaren automotive Managing Director Antony Sheriff: with the new 12 C spider, you get the best of both worlds.” Meaning the serenity of a sports car combined according to McLaren with the fun of a convertible.

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Drive on holiday straight are road trips in times of scarce savings in European neighbouring countries increasingly popular. In a question-answer forum Spurs was the first to reply. According to vehicle breakdowns abounded of holidays abroad. This is often not only on differing conventions in the road, but also on the State of the roads, which may be considerably worse abroad than the driver is accustomed from home. How to prepare motorists from breakdowns, explain the experts of the online portal auto.de and give helpful tips. To prevent a puncture, it is essential to measure the tread depth and air pressure prior to departure.

While the appropriate air pressure in the vehicle owner’s manual, in the tank cover or on the inside of the driver’s door can be found, the tread on summer tires should be generally at least three millimeters. For emergencies, there should be an emergency – or better yet a full spare wheel in your car. Also here, the tread depth and pressure must be checked. In addition, it is helpful if the motorists already before driving off with the Procedure of changing tyres has made familiar. Then he will also know that he can’t do something in the event of a breakdown, when Jack and tool to loosen the wheel nuts in the car are stored. Not infrequently, glitches happen at night or in bad weather conditions. In such a case, even a flashlight as well as rain jacket and gloves can be useful in addition to the compulsory warning triangle. Other preventive measures include checking engine oil level, brake fluid and regular refilling of the glass wiper fluid.