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Samuel Andre Madsen

As of 30 September, two compilations for fans of maintained electronic dance music – what people appear play house compilation 3 and what people play techno compilation 1 what people play house compilation 3 focuses on shallow electronic sounds. 30 Tracks and 2 DJ move mixes nuanced between the game directions deep house, tech house-eletronica. The compilation features their balance and unobtrusiveness without doing the connection to Club fitness to lose. The heavily jazz influenced Track Ever among the musical highlights including”audio Werner originally on the label released minibar. Also, the piano is Inferno “No. message (feat. Argenis Brito) David K’s grand piano Remix “by Berlin duo jet black to highlight.” With a similarly intense connection to the nightlife of Berlin, the track is take words in return (C2 Inst. Remix) “by Henrik Schwarz on the label of the Berlin Club of Watergate, where black once furore clubs with a performance on the outdoor stage of the Watergate.” Has a total of what people play house compilation 3 tracks the following acts and producers to offer: Midland, Tiefschwarz, Henrik Schwarz, Lee Burton, audio Werner, Marko Furstenberg, Delano Smith, Tom Ellis, Martin Beume, story, youANDme, Janis, Johannes Beck, Oliver Achatz, the back Woods, PorkFour, Zohdy & Senna, bell towers, Fiakun team, Guardate, Daniel Steinberg, Lars of light, Philip Aruda, Mr.

Statik & cosmic Cowboys, Alex Dimou, Chris Wood & meat, Michael Whitehead, Piek, the Oliverwho factory and Gulivert. With what people play techno compilation 1 it is in the context of what people play compilation series time for a slightly hotter infusion. In turn 30 tracks and 2 DJ mixes keys the terrain techno, Tech House, minimal and artverwandtes off. It is technoid sounds along with the electrifying atmosphere that surrounds this playing field, a retrospective without drifting off in the proletenhafte. To name a few, para (Mumbai science mix) include the track “by none other than Moby & the loops of fury.” Also provides the track drum machine”of the third space since the 1990s for full dance floors and on what people listen to play techno compilation 1 the remix by Alexander Kowalski. Following acts and producers are on what people play techno compilation 1 represented: Redshape, Aril Brikha, Samuel Andre Madsen, Carlo Ruetz, Shlomi Aber, sons of Tiki, Christian Vance, Marco Freivogel, Roger Martinez, Moby & the loops of fury, Rhauder, Cassegrain, STL, Notfromearth, Billy Dalessandro, Roberto, Michael Knop, the third room, Mike Shannon, PERC, raw series, Raudive, Claudio Fabrianesi, Terrence Dixon, black asteroid, Sonno, Dadub, Kramer & kidney Edward, Brian Sanhaji, and Milton Bradley. Whatpeopleplay compilations is a label Wordandsound music distribution. The aim is to offer pairings that repertoire to compile the best tracks from the Wordandsound regularly. The focus is on various styles of electronic dance music: deep house, Disco House, Tech House, to name a few techno – just a few.

King Louis

As so far only Austrian artist, Alexander M. Jorge Perez has plenty of information regarding this issue. Helmer in the ZDF is awarded the prestigious “Fred Jay Prize”. It follows a brilliant concert band, before more than 4,000 spectators at the Bard meeting in Nuremberg. After some TV roles – including Schlosshotel Orth, crime scene, Strauss dynasty lure a 6th place at the Grand Prix of the VM with “Winner look like” and a “best of album”. At the Stadttheater in Passau, A.M.H. will make his debut as a Director, and staged the Opera “The dictator” by Ernst Krenek.

With the album “Sehnsucht Carousel” succeeds Alexander M. Helmer with 5 titles in a row on top of the German airplay charts! (“What a day” Platz1, “The sun comes up again” space 2). Alexander M. Helmer goes with his chanson programme “Bel ami” on tour. A critic writes: “Alexander M. Helmer creates it, the audience the to make him so beloved world that for a few minutes to the enchanted reality”. After the album “Liebessuchtig” a longer pause makes A.M.H., to play only theatre. “I, Marlene” in Frankfurt, he goes with the song “Madame Pompadour” in the role of the Calicot on European tour.

At the Olympics in Tecklenburg as Leopold ‘In the white Rossel”and in Wunsiedel as Koloman Zsupan”Countess Mariza”he celebrates Triumphs. King Louis XV in “The Dubarry” he returns as Baden bei Wien City Theatre’s and titled “laugh” in the top ten of the German airplay charts. The song runs shortly after the release in all major radio stations on rotation! Alexander M. Helmer produced “she send back to me” with Matze Roska ballad and ends up a success. 2 Months in the German airplay charts and 5 months! in the Austrian airplay charts make more pleasure. “More” of this rope dance between poetry and catchy, pop, pop and chanson will be 2014 to hear it on a new album.

Africa Jumaca Music

“” The new single by Antje Sommerfeld – Africa (Jumaca music) …und stone beads are “sings Antje Sommerfeld in their latest single Africa”, an emotional and moving tribute to the hope. Inspired by the countless messages but also signs of awakening and innovations on the black continent last years of suffering and turmoil,”was” a groovy song with a gentle and poetic text without the proverbial raised index finger; a musical poem in sensitive images and scenes. Antje missed the necessary sophistication with their keyboards as usual the arrangement. “You helped the experience of many live – appearances as keyboardist, E.g. in the Freesteps, one of the most successful top 40 bands in Northern Germany, where she so notable artists such as the Group of wind” or accompanied Tommy Steiner. Also at some tracks on the album Atlantis served as guitarist and bassist as always Holger quack,”Andrea Berg, contributed his guitar.

The song Africa”is living expression that Antje has the unconditional will to remain, but to always open and experimental routines remain. “” For all fans and friends there this time in addition to a second, longer version of the single also a bonus track: Domino day “is no classic B – page, but rather the other side to Africa”. “But as they say: listen to yourself!” Both titles will be included on the forthcoming in spring 2014 album in addition to many new titles. From 15 November 2013 Africa is”on all relevant download portals available. Source: Jumaca music more information under

ANNIVERSARY Concert Special Concert – Summer

FESTIVE TRUMPET GALA Reinhold Friedrich & friends festive TRUMPET GALA REINHOLD FRIEDRICH & FRIENDS Saturday, June 05, 2010, 18: 00 RATHAUSPLATZ Weingarten/BADEN 2010 the Weingartner Music Festival of young artists celebrate their 25th Festival 30 year! The unique Festival, which will take place in the autumn from September 19 to October 10 2010 at various venues in Weingarten/Baden, the Weingartner Music Festival of young artist roundtrip your listeners with various special concerts in the beautiful vineyard. Almost simultaneously with the opening concert thirty years ago 18: 00 on the main square in Weingarten / Baden will take place on Saturday, June 5, 2010, the anniversary concert on the occasion of the 25th Festival the Weingartner Festival of young artists. REINHOLD FRIEDRICH & FRIENDS will turn the Town Hall square of vineyards in a festive trumpet Gala in a sea of sound & music. It works by Telemann Stolzel, Vivaldi and including the II can be heard of J. S.

Bach’s Brandenburg Concerto. CARDS are Bahnhof apotheke in advance from Weingarten/Baden in the pharmacy market, and stationery of Hanson, the bookstore Machtlinger / Karlsruhe-Durlach to 15,-/ erm. 10,-(ERM.: members of the Association, as well as students and disabled people), as well as via email and available at the box office. Ticket reservations are accepted under 07250 927805. REINHOLD FRIEDRICH Reinhold Friedrich, born in Weingarten/Baden, is on all the important stages of the world since his success at the ARD competition in 1986. His debut at the Berlin Festival from 1982 with the Sequenza X by Luciano Berio and the debut in the Vienna Music Association Hall in 1994 with the trumpet concerto by Joseph Haydn, played with the keyed trumpet, outlines the wide range of its activities. For him, new and old music in the dispute belong together with the factory and no contrast. Also consistently he combines in himself the soloist, chamber musician and orchestral musician.

Jonny Hill

No. 1, no less than 35 years, from the Switzerland was often”with gold and Platinum awarded and inspire in many countries countless fans. Michael Stern, the probably most romantic adventurer under the German Schlager stars, presents the big show as singing entertainer”. Decorated with many music awards, he landed radio one of the hits in 2012 in the radio and television of the year summer”. Learn more at this site: Tony Parker. “His voice has seen” have! “” “” “Music for millions” with Jonny Hill, Michael Stern, Kristina Bach”, Calimeros” (flippers from the Switzerland”), Rosanna Rocci”and Vincent & Fernando”. The artist line-up varies! Please note the local program.

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Last Egor

Despite the fact that the last album, "Why Dreams "virtually ignored" Nashe Radio "in contrast to the previous two (possibly due to the fact that it has released an independent record label, not the" Mystery of Sound ") for the year of its sale during the life of Letov avoided these albums. Which once again gave rise to speak about the phenomenon of a group that was successful, defying all rules of show business and not deviating from their own. On the 22nd of January 24, Yegor answered the questions the fans. The interview turned out very large, has been published on their official website in two parts. In early February, 8th and 9th numbers, held two concerts, "Civil Defense" in Ufa and Yekaterinburg, respectively. Takes pictures first performance showed the local channels. Concert in Yekaterinburg was recorded entirely. Concerts were very good, the band was still on the rise.

There were no signs of trouble. However, according to drummer Paul Peretolchina after last concert Yegor looked tired, but perked up when the dressing room came the guys from the team warm-up. A few days before his death, called his friend Egor journalist Maxim Semelyaku. According to Maxim Egor was "Happy voice and laughter rested man." They talked about the plans, agreed to do a book dialogue, Yegor asked him to buy an American collection in Moscow Fading Yellow – worried that his snatch. February 24 was to be held Yegor acoustic concert in St. Petersburg, which was scheduled after a big spring tour group, which began in southern Russia. February 19, 2008 in Omsk, about 16:00 local time, Yegor Letov died in his sleep from cardiac heart. According to other reports of cardiac arrest was the cause of acute respiratory failure.

Egor stopped breathing. He was buried on 21th February, Yegor Old East Cemetery in Omsk next to the grave of his mother. Last Egor and his concerto played by Civil Defence in Yekaterinburg on February 9, 2008. It is known that Yegor Letov was preparing to publish a collection of rarities "With the speed of the World", which had planned to include songs of 1993-2007 period. This is primarily alternate versions of known songs recorded during the work on the last album, a cover of BG, "Electric Dog", a demo recording of "What dreams" made without drummer Paul Peretolchina. In addition, in a recent interview talked about Yegor two DVD, which were prepared for release: electric and acoustic concert at "Orange" with the bonus hour concert at Luzhniki.

Acoustic Effects In Synthesizers And Digital Pianos

Acoustic effects (digital effects) – special effects, change the sound of voices. The most common acoustic effects are reverb and chorus, also some models of synthesizers have built-in dsp, which gives the opportunity to use a much wider array of acoustic effects. Reverb (Reverb) – acoustic effect, which means the sound that remains after the cessation of a sound source in result of multiple reflections of sound waves from the walls. This effect is specifically used in architectural acoustics for the design of concert halls. For other opinions and approaches, find out what real-estate developer has to say. Using the reverb effect to add to the sound synthesizer or digital piano feel of a large concert hall. Almost all digital pianos and synthesizers contain multiple (from 4 to 16) of the reverb. When choosing a style or song automatically selects the type of reverberation that is most appropriate for your voice. Chorus (Chorus) – acoustic effect when the sound performs many of the same sounds.

In English Chorus – a "chorus", that is the effect of "chorus" for violin and voice will feeling that the melody played by a few violins – Violin Choir. Chorus creates a rich surround sound. Almost all digital pianos and synthesizers contain multiple (from 4 to 16) of the chorus. When choosing a style or song automatically selects the type of chorus, most pododyaschy for your voice. Acoustic resonance (Acoustic Resonance) – acoustic effect, passing the response string acoustic instrument.

It adds an extra realistic tone, transmitting the sound of string instruments – guitars, violins, etc. DSP-effects – the effects obtained by using dsp (Digital Signal Processor) – Digital Signal Processor. dsp – is a dedicated high-speed processor used for complex sound processing. In some models of synthesizers and digital pianos built around hundreds of different DSP-effects. Expert MuzMart Mary Mott

Children and simply only Panda table the adventures of Po, with the animation hit “Kung Fu Panda” from DreamWorks Animation SKG, INCs appears from 21 November a real pandastisches fun on DVD and Blu-ray. The slow and noodle-slurping Panda Po finds herself in daydreams as a Kung Fu Warrior. By chance, he is chosen as the ultimate fighter and thence to students of Kung Fu Master Shifu. Anna Belknap is often quoted as being for or against this. In Germany just over 3 million-spectators watched the number 1 comedy of the year in the cinema. More info: Spurs. Paramount Home Entertainment released “Kung Fu Panda” as a single DVD, in a special 2-disc Kung Fu Master Edition and Blu-ray. For extra fun, all versions offer plenty of bonus material. CONTENTS of Po, a Panda bear enthusiastic, schwergewichtiger and easily distracted, works in the family noodle shop and dreams of becoming a Kung Fu Master. Soon his dreams come true, and with his idols, the legendary five as he is surprising to chosen to make up in the world of Kung Fu Tigress, Viper, crane, to be trained Mantis and Monkey under the leadership of their guru, master Shifu.

But the vengeful and treacherous Tai Lung is already on the way to our heroes, and it’s Po to save them all before the impending danger. Can he make his dream come true and become a Kung Fu hero? Po is the task with his heart and his waist circumference to determine at the end that his greatest weaknesses are its greatest strengths. With a vocal star contingent, which includes comedian Hape Kerkeling, Cosma Shiva Hagen, Bettina Zimmermann and Ralf Schmitz, Gottfried John, Thomas Fritsch, Kung Fu Panda thrilled the audience with a funny and heartwarming story about a rather strange heroes of martial arts. Beary Special features the Kung Fu Panda single DVD, 2-disc Kung Fu Master Edition and Blu-ray disc are fully packed with fun and action, and a wealth of features that provide a look behind the scenes. Including, for example, a commentary of the filmmaker and a Dragon Warrior “Training Academy”, as well as a DreamWorks Animation video Jukebox “. The additional tools of the 2-disc Kung Fu Master Edition and Blu-ray disc can viewers learn about the animals of the film and learn how they draw their favorite characters. In addition, they learn to sound design and learn the Panda dance. As well as a tour of Mr. Ping noodle shop contain also a Kung Fu Fighting”music video. What your Kung Fu is style”viewers can find out what fighting style is to them. In addition, there are print templates, game demos, and much more.


Have greater effect on the audience as a blockbuster in the movie musicals on the stage! Kilometers high roll towards waves at New York. And in the short term a cold shudder over the audience as the world enters a few seconds to the ice cubes frozen. Movies like “day after tomorrow” and “Independence Day” show what’s possible. In “Lord of the rings” entire landscapes were created the thousands of tourists to New Zealand in vain searched for. Contact information is here: Tony Parker. Despite this huge flood of Bitfilmfestival will remain just the WOW effect. Memories stay longer in the memory on a musical actress from a scene in “Les Miserables” where a mother cries for your child with music related. Although here no effects to see only an actress in the dark without stage design by a single Spotlight illuminated this scene remains long in the memory.

Rarely seen so many tears in the movie as in the theatre. Example is the musical “Romeo and July a” where, at the death scene even after the “resurrection” of the actors was trepidation. It also came a Leonardo de Caprio in a modern theatrical version not used. What will happen when the possibilities of computer animation are exhausted and they belong to everyday cinematic anyway? Maybe we come back to the ancient art of acting without real-life giant ape comes out and really deserves the Oscar for the portrayal. Although… what would be cinema without exaggeration, what movies would be if it would show the real life! Who would go there? Perhaps the difference between stage and screen the appealing for both sides and the discussion about it therefore unnecessary is straight.


She became put words into lines, the head came snatches of melody, and then the whole song. 'After long days spent in bed – says MALINA,-the first step was incredibly hard, it was a feeling that I was put on the coals, all the muscles have atrophied, very thin – no tears for me it was impossible to watch. Doctors said that, to dance and sing, you forget. But I do not retreat, and in July I was in the supine position again brought to the stadium where were 'race to the bottom'. I was taken by the hand to the scene, placed in front of a microphone, and I'm not moving, trembling from the effort, all singing the same hymn. " She reluctantly said about it, but someone from her close environment spill the beans: it turns out, MALINA before the accident managed to insure.

True, as she collected information and other necessary documents, as humiliating and argued that 'an accident' happened in reality – it's a different story. None However, after about a year and a half ordeal decent amount (MALINA does not want to name the insurance company not to make it extra advertising) has been obtained. By the time her lover moved to Moscow and became quite a prominent figure not only in business but also in the social life of the capital. Who is this man? MALINA refuses to pronounce his name. But they say that since the accident he had never visited her or even called.