Jun 16

The Argument

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In the sequncia of the dialogue, Teeteto surpreso with Scrates reveals, therefore it considered that its premise (proposal) was very well formed, until refuted it to Scrates and showed as the knowledge is not sensation. After that of the dialogue, Scrates starts to demonstrate as the argument of Teeteto could lead to a more satisfactory […]

Dec 14

The Cultural

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The culture is the source of implicit knowing in each dialogue, proper of each society. Society is the integration of norms for submission of the individuals and personality is the only contribution of each individual that depends on its acts of speaks. In the world of the life the dialogue has the essence of the […]

Jan 14

The Girl

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And one just does not go, what to do? To attempt more. And do not come up with a tragedy of this – you'd think about it tomorrow, guess the whole globe invent something unexpected, such as purchase at a nearby stall (well, that they are currently located at every step), the flower and the […]