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The Argument

In the sequncia of the dialogue, Teeteto surpreso with Scrates reveals, therefore it considered that its premise (proposal) was very well formed, until refuted it to Scrates and showed as the knowledge is not sensation. After that of the dialogue, Scrates starts to demonstrate as the argument of Teeteto could lead to a more satisfactory reply, that could not be refuted. Scrates still points with respect to the necessity to know the vocbulos when accepting well or to deny a thesis, therefore due to attention to these we could create an erroneous concept. Scrates continues the dialogue inquiring the Teeteto if a person would be possible not to know on what she knows. by itself discourses for a long time on the dialectic and its difference of a commentary.

After that, it discourses on the difference between wisdom and opinion, being this last passvel of deceits, what it refutes the theory of Protgoras. In a new change of subject, it is initiated quarrel regarding the freedom that enjoys philosopher, the slave and the man of the choir. comments as the philosophy can bring freedom its admirers, but the price for this freedom is the caoadas ones, therefore the philosophers pass for lunatics and imbeciles. to the being questioned on the elimination of males of the ignorance, Scrates affirms to be impossible to eliminate the ignorance, therefore the forces if always divide in two (, pious and well and badly mpio, etc.), and therefore the ignorance would not be eliminated, in order to keep steady the wisdom. still adds, in the continuity, its critical to the sofistas, for these to defend that they possess the absolute wisdom, but being this individual wisdom (the man is the measure of all the things, according to Protgoras). Scrates starts to discourse on the theory of the movement, affirming to have two forms of movement (Alteration and translation).

The Cultural

The culture is the source of implicit knowing in each dialogue, proper of each society. Society is the integration of norms for submission of the individuals and personality is the only contribution of each individual that depends on its acts of speaks. In the world of the life the dialogue has the essence of the communicative rationality. However, the settling of this world of the life means invasion of the instrumental rationality where the communicative rationality reigns. This, as all another settling, leads the patologias in the interactions partners who only they will be cured by the reverse speed establishment of the communicative rationality. The espontaneidade, probability, economicismo, pragmatismo, faith, confidence, generalization of provisory judgments and imitation are some knowledge of the world of the life that contribute for the formularization of judgments that must be always in dynamic interaction with the reality. However, in the school through the pedagogical relations, a crystallization of these happens to know.

We point the communicative interaction as a possibility that the school can conquer to surpass the limitations offered for the educative politics, especially those that direct and fit the pedagogical relations in burocratizadas measures of the educative process. From the distinction between types of reason that intervene with the action of the social actors, then, of the citizens of the educative process, we can stand out the importance of the lived world, the social relations in this world and of the dialogue as form to strike the submission cultural and to the standardization of the knowledge. It is necessary that language used in the dialogue in the pertaining to school activities privileges the participation of all, prevailing as manifestation form of the democratic feelings and that it influences, it fiscalizes and it organizes action in favor of the construction of a society of equal. The habermasiana theory does not deal with the interatividade specifically, but it attributes importance for the interaction, while correlated communicative principle to the dialogue in the agreement process. We perceive from these statements that the interatividade is unfolding of the interaction process. The motivated interaction the change of communicative attitudes for communicative activities. when the interaction has broken of a dialgica base condizente for the agreement between two distinct polar regions, the unfolding facilitates the efetivao of symbolic processes mediated by the language, establishing interatividades that can be crossed and if to interconnect in the ideals of the communicative actions. permeia communication truths that exceed projects global politicians, propitiating a public space whom the coordination of rational actions articulates, common to the collective one, as Habermas idealizes. Communication implies to have capacity to place itself before the cultural diversity; participation in the process of construction of the directions means to respect the listener oportunizando to it. The agent of the communication is, for essence, the universal citizen for having the right to confer meant to its existence, partilhando it with the e

The Girl

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