Jun 16

Brazilian New Cinema

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BRAZILIAN NEW CINEMA AND SOCIAL REPRESENTATIONS: DIALOGUES BETWEEN SEVENTH ART AND Ailton SOCIOLOGY of the Coast Hiss Jnior SUMMARY: The present article was requested for professor Breitner Tavares, as avaliativo instrument of disciplines Classic Social Theory, and if it considers to relate some traces of the known Brazilian cinematographic movement as New Cinema and the […]

Aug 14

Eagle Sung Poetry

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To be an Eagle 08.05.08 I go to be an Eagle, for voar_a_ra 2X To live to sing flying 2X. for the life it is what I want what desire, It does not matter what will go speaks, Me to only listen to me therefore the main one in the life it is dreams. It […]

Apr 12

Rio Grande Do Sul

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Bruno Cardoso In my infancy (not that I am so distant of it), I remember the teacher of History telling of great civilizations that had finished existing in this world. The pyramids of Egypt and its faras, the Eiffel Tower constructed in century XIX with objective to honor the French revolution, the Christ Redentor, a […]