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The Oil Of Tea Tree

The oil of the tree of the tee, is obtained from the distillation of the leaves of the tree Melaleuca Alternifolia which is native to Australia, the aborigines in this country have used it for their numerous properties since hundreds of years ago. Tree essential oil of the you has a triple antiseptic effect: acts against bacteria, fungi and viruses, besides, is bactericidal, fungicidal, antiviral, healing, anti-inflammatory, expectorant and deodorant balsamic. The properties antisepticas, fungicidal and anti-acne are accepted and recognized by the Australian Health Department. It is not known any type of toxicity or side effects, doesn’t irritate the skin by which does not involve any risk to health. As any other essential oil should avoid contact with the eyes, but if this happens, you must enjuaguarlos with abundant water. Precautions: Tea Tree oil is for external use only by what should not ingest.

Since it is highly concentrated only a few drops are needed. A test of awareness by placing a few drops of oil on the back of the wrist and observe if of any reaction. If ever produce irritation to flush the area with water and use dilute solutions or discontinue its use. Not be used directly in babies only diluted in water. Do not litter in its pure form in plastic or dry ice containers.

Oil is 100% pure. Keep out of reach of children and in a cool, dry place. Wounds: Apply a few drops of pure oil on the injury. Warts: To eliminate the antiesteticas warts and not have to burn or surgery, apply in the evening one drop of essential oil directly on the wart and cover it with a gasita, morning throw gauze and during the day do anything. The duration of the treatment depends on the condition of the wart. Hair: For care of the hair also us will be of great help, because regulates the activity of sebaceous glands, so we serve especially for oily hair.

Brazilian New Cinema

BRAZILIAN NEW CINEMA AND SOCIAL REPRESENTATIONS: DIALOGUES BETWEEN SEVENTH ART AND Ailton SOCIOLOGY of the Coast Hiss Jnior SUMMARY: The present article was requested for professor Breitner Tavares, as avaliativo instrument of disciplines Classic Social Theory, and if it considers to relate some traces of the known Brazilian cinematographic movement as New Cinema and the concept of social representations considered by sociologist mile Durkheim in its workmanship the Rules of the Sociological Method. In way to sharpen the reflection about the seventh art and its consequence in the society, they will be correlated, some elements proceeding from the research of thinkers as Walter Benjamin on the art and the existing logic in the cinematographic images, of Christian Metz in its studies on language of the cinema, amongst other researchers that had carried through studies on the Brazilian New Cinema. Leaving of the idea of that sociology observes the cinema as a tool of representation of the different social realities, it will be made, at first moment, one briefing description of the cinemanovista movement and its followed antidogmtico profile of an analysis of sociological matrix where we will argue the social representations. Words keys: Social representations. Cinema. Sociology. INITIAL CONSIDERAES This research present as thematic a reflection on the social representations and the known Brazilian cinematographic movement as New Cinema. Leaving of the estimated one of that the cinemanovista movement, with its vanguardista and innovative style, has acquired a place of prominence in what says respect to the construction of a social reality specifies, will be made a bridge of linking with the concept of social representations, which initially was characterized by mile Durkheim in its workmanship the Rules of the Sociological Method. The first theoretician to use the term ' ' representations sociais' ' he was the French sociologist and father of modern Sociology, mile Durkheim.

Eagle Sung Poetry

To be an Eagle 08.05.08 I go to be an Eagle, for voar_a_ra 2X To live to sing flying 2X. for the life it is what I want what desire, It does not matter what will go speaks, Me to only listen to me therefore the main one in the life it is dreams. It believes the imaginable one or in the Real therefore all we are normal being of the good or badly Gotten passionate or excluded all we are constructing to our ways therefore the destination It is each moment living or living therefore many they do not find knows lives but they do not know What it is this. I want I live, to grow and to be my Golden Eagle, and that everything is as I wait That I win the barriers and can always fly and remembers and that this never can if it erases, therefore I know to love 2X Weverton Notrevew.

Rio Grande Do Sul

Bruno Cardoso In my infancy (not that I am so distant of it), I remember the teacher of History telling of great civilizations that had finished existing in this world. The pyramids of Egypt and its faras, the Eiffel Tower constructed in century XIX with objective to honor the French revolution, the Christ Redentor, a landmark of the Carioca capital and as much other places cited for it that he has been visited for millions of people annually around of the world. We are a people entirely blessed by being part of a rich set of natural beauties the national level, for possessing diversified cultures that become in them differentiated of other peoples. Of the Acre to the Rio Grande Do Sul countless wealth that come increasing the flow of tourist to each year. The proper foreign investor has gotten resulted with its investments in the coast northeastern constructing great complexes of leisure, for being one procedure of certain easy and income-producing form. To the times, I have the impression, as other Brazilians, who we do not cut the umbilical lace since we leave such procedures to occur so easily in our proper land. We know that some regions of the country do not possess the minimum qualification for the sector of rendering of services. Our hope is that these ' ' companies estrangeiras' ' they invest in the local community in order to characterize them and to repay them for the use of ' ' substance prima' '.

Every year hundreds of Turismlogos if form in search of performance in the market as true professionals. In accordance with (CABRAL, 2007) they are of its ability the versatility, creativity, sensitivity to the necessities of the integrated work and synergic mobility in order to reach the objectives in common. So that they can carry through true modifications in the similar Tourist sector of improvements in the quality of life, a bigger incentive of the government and of private companies for ends of attainment of real results will have also to be occurred. We must all have greater futurstica vision of what it is possible to be reached, but for this we must modify a Brazilian characteristic, I.