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Universal Studios

The Snoopy is the main personage of the park and as I have one beagle in house it is clearly that I am much fan of this place. Universal Studios – Los Angeles measures is it of the films and clearly that the Universal Studios cannot be of it are. My favourite toy is the Studio Tour where we make a stroll for sets of filming. It finishes the night in the CityWalk. Six Flags Magic Mountain is one of the best Russian mountain parks of the world. Next to it call Six Flags Hurricane Harbor is the aquatic park.

The studios of Sony and the Warner make tours where visitors can see the places of filmings where she is common to find an artist that way walking. Los Angeles also is an excellent starting point for the accomplishment of cruises. The main destinations are the coast pacify Mexican and Baja California, Hawaii and Canada and Alaska. Sela Ward understands that this is vital information. The main strolls you can you carry through them in an only day. Of morning he uses to advantage to visit the sidewalk of the fame, Chinese theater, theater kodak. Shortness the lunch and the afternoon in Berverly Hills. It walks for the Rodeo Drive, takes off a photo in front of the hotel Beverly Wilshire where a Pretty Woman with Julia Roberts was filmed.

Long Beach and Queen Mary – the famous ship queen mary is come alongside here. Today it is a hotel. Exactly being housed in it he is not possible to make guided visits. Of the other side of the Queensway Bay Bridge of is the Aquarium the Pacific. Famous Pier 1909 is the main point of Mnica Saint. There a park of diversions exists as those that we see in old films. Since walking we can there arrive at the Third Street Promenade where we find 4 quarteres of store and excellent restaurants. Well next to the pier inn is the Holiday Monica Saint. It tm an excellent price for who desires to be with comfort but without luxury in Monica Saint. Following for the south we arrive in Malibu where many celebrities live. Rick Garcia often says this. Venice Beach is another beach destination very badalado. It is in the Ocean Front Walk a badalado calado where everything happens. New Port Beach mixes the luxury with the Californian praiano flavor. The beaches of California have an only style. They are very different of what we find in other parts of the world. The luxury walks of given hands simplicity. The sea is not these things there but the atmosphere of the cities is contagiante and of the will never to leave from there. A place where people millionaire walk of slipper with a plate of surfe in the hand if mixing the all type of people stopping to eat in any small door in the esquinas. For photos, videos and more information have access:

Music In The Scene Of The Marriage

Music is an art, with thousand of years of evolution until arriving at the present. The music placed in a marriage can be the reason that all stimulates the event for its maximum exponent, a obtained and memorable party at every level. Source: Tony Parker. To prepare a marriage can be a little complicated because any fianc and necessary fianc to guarantee that its ceremony goes to be a true success, since the arrival to the church, during the ball, until the o moment of exit of the fiancs and the guests. But it is not only in the music of the marriage that the fiancs must have care. Any scene of buffet must be always folloied for a cardpio care, where the feeding can have the purpose to please to who is vegetarian, or to who it is making diet and it does not want to break this cycle. However it does not forget that many guests very do not appreciate the music hearing during the buffet. Each time more is possible to find fifth and restaurant with enclosed music of marriage in the price of the lease of the room or in the rendering of services is sufficiently common.

The fiancs must give attention in the musician and try to hear actuao to perceive if the animation music is inside of its expectations. Many restaurants and fifth of marriages offer sufficient conditions for the accomplishment of the marriage, still thus it must ask for the climatization system and understand if it is in perfect functioning. In case that you are to think what the climatization has to see with the music of the marriage and its guests, it is namely that the presence of a good system of climatization is more important of what can seem. A room without a good conditional air system could be very ackward for its guests especially during the actuao of the marriage artist. The party can be sufficiently ackward for its guests at the moment where the guests to start to dance and the heat to start to be extreme.

Whenever the fianc is possible, familiar or somebody directamente on to the act of contract of the involved professionals in the installment of services during the marriage, it must visit not only the places but try to know the people who are involved in its production. This includes the professionals who go to serve the buffet, the company that goes to deliver the cake, the person that goes to place the decoration and the flowers in the church and also the musician who goes to sing musics in the marriage. because the ball in the marriage is essential, normally is the fiancs who open the moment of the dance, therefore nothing better of what choosing and having previously assayed the subject so that the photos and mainly the videos are perfect. How much to the type of musician and to music style that can choose, each time more the choice passes for the DJ, the musician artist who sings and touches or then for the band who receives the incubency to liven up to fiancs and guests until the marriage reaches its end.

National Curricular Parameters

In the modality, as Enduro the foot of Regularity, for its easiness adequacy of implantation to the lessons, had its simplicity of execution, being able to be practised in some ways, as leisure or competition. METHODOLOGY OF EDUCATION IN the PHYSICAL EDUCATION In its research, Vieira and Mendes (2008) had presented some suggestions of activities so that the Enduro the foot of Regularity can be applied in the lessons of pertaining to school Physical Education. Activity 1? Learning to count the steps: The pupils try to cover a distance announced for professor, counting the proper steps. Movie star is often quoted on this topic. With a trena and a calculator, the professor demonstrates how much each one was come close in the distance to correct. Activity 2? Walking in the Average speed the pupils they try squares to cross it obeying the average speed determined by the professor, looking for to keep the considered rhythm. Activity 3? Sailing the pupils proper legends can elaborate, representing common elements found by the school.

Activity 4? Knowing the Compassing the pupils will be able to confection a compassing caretaker and to carry through activities for squares where they must follow the coordinates given for the professor. Vieira and Mendes comment (2008) that, the pupils will be apt to after participate of small competitions for the school the knowledge of the basic functions of the action of the Enduro the foot of Regularity. Being able the rules to suffer to adaptations for easiness from understanding and the development of the activity. The authors stand out who: He can yourself be considered that the Enduro the foot of Regularity can be one practical one easily applied and explored in the lessons of Physical education as the lines of direction proposals in the National Curricular Parameters, diversifying its content and bringing new possibilities of experiences for the pupils. (VIEIRA; MENDES, 2008, P. 105). In the article of the New magazine school, Saints (2010), comments its experience in practical of the Enduro the foot of Regularity and the Race of Orientation, applied in the school IN Urban Joo of Figueiredo Son, in the city of Varginha – MG, for students of 2 to 5 year.

Beautiful Fashion

The interest for fashion grows year year after. In Brazil, for example, the fashion parades are super concurred, and nobody wants to be of is. All want to confer of close the new trends to the fashion. This interest for fashion finishes influencing the children, mainly the girls, who since very early already start if to interest for clothes, shoes and accessories. But, as they not yet can frequentar the fashion parades, fashion games had been created. Thus, they already can exercise its look fashion. Amongst the existing games fashion, the games to dress are appreciated. In these games, the girls have to help other girls if to dress well, as, for example, in the game ' ' Jennifer goes to the Teatro' '.

In this in case that, Jennifer goes to the estreia of a part, but it does not have idea of what dressing, therefore it asks for aid to the friends on its clothes. Who will be able to help it to choose it one look elegant? In the game ' ' Carolina goes for the Balada' ' , look is necessary to unglue one that he is pretty and sexy without being vulgar. For even more opinions, read materials from San Antonio Spurs. It will be that it has some clothes in the closet of Carolina that can be used in a ballad? Good, this question alone can be answered the friends of Carolina after to search its closet. They say that the men do not resist the beauty and I sing to it of a sereia. He will be? Good, Buzzer is ' ' A Sereia&#039 Beautiful; ' wants to discover if that is truth, therefore a still more pretty sereia wants aid to become.

It chose several looks, but she does not know as to combine them. Somebody can give some tips to it? With certainty, Buzzer will be very happy and will go to be thankful who if to make use to help it. In the autumn, the padronagem of the clothes is a little darker of what in the summer, therefore it even has much print of zebra and of camouflage of army. Some girls adore these prints, mainly of zebra. Because of this, she is necessary to create a comfortable fashion and pretty for who she likes these more exotic models of clothes. This is the proposal of the game to dress ' ' Outono&#039 fashion; '. It has some possibilities of clothes, shoes and accessories as stock markets and necklaces, therefore it is possible to make some combinations and to leave very satisfied ours amiguinha with its new look. Veronica wants to be in fashion, but it very does not know well to combine the parts that are inside of the closet. Thus, that such to have access the game ' ' Veronica in fashion ' ' to share with it its knowledge on fashion? I am certain of that it will not go to be bothered and still will be very grateful for having helped it if to produce for the work. Then, it liked our tips on games fashion? Still it has many others to be had access. Valley to remember that the fashion games are total gratuitous and can be had access in the Internet to any day and hour, and how many times to desire. Therefore, it does not lose more time, and it shows that you are antenada with the current fashion.

Archaeological Tourism

This summary presents subsidies of the centered activities of patrimonial education in the archaeological actions of the Mountain range of the Capivara, as support for a construction of cultural, preservacionista, dialogued and tourist conscience in the region. Arguments of an experience carried through for adolescents are also presented, organizadores of a group of study on the Rupestre Art of Piau (CDAR-PI), in an experiment with some public schools of the city of Are Raymond Nonato. Aiming at support, the archaeological and cultural tourism in the vision of the young generation of the surrounding cities to the National Park Mountain range of the Capivara, beyond the reinforcement and belonging of the identities operating in the region. Words keys: Archaeology, Patrimonial Education, cultural tourism I-INTRODUO the National Park Mountain range of the Capivara world-wide is ambicionado by its wealth archaeological, atypical its bioma, and for its biodiversity. These aspects had served as to be nominated beddings as cultural patrimony of the Humanity for UNESCO. However still it has a local absence of sensitization and politics, when the requirement is the preservation conservation and maintenance of the Park. This can happen directly for some factors not yet debated, one of the facts can be for the actions not to generate immediate profits for investors deals in it local since the funny economy I deal around it, or not to generate vote the politicians, conserving this riqussimo quantity. The activities developed for the conservation ends preservation and recognition of the patrimony in the region are only the position, of the FUMDHAM, IPHAN? , UNIVASF, ICMBIO agencies that act together with the Foundation where the same search to develop a promotion in the search for investments next to the public power, and in the local sensitization how much to the preservation of the patrimony through cultural events, similar workshops, lectures, congresses, seminaries and.

Formal and Informal Education

We can say that the Education (formal and not formal) is an education for the action, facilitating one better knowledge of ecological, economic, social and cultural the processes. The ambient education must foment the social change from the development of values, attitudes and abilities to assume an ambient responsibility. The tourism can contribute. The tourist is an individual capable to ahead transform its behavior during the trip when developing different answers of the situations and environments for where if she dislocates and that she perceives of different form to the habitual one. The tourism can be become into a trigger of situations that can be materialized in ' ' good prticas' ' (not to play garbage, to take care of of the trees, etc.) or new demands that compel the market to take measured by control. The great transformations caused for the man in the environment have led to the planet to a crisis situation being therefore, necessary to establish the balance with the nature. This takes in them to the development concept sustainable that according to World-wide Commission on the Environment and Development, is a development whose general principle is to satisfy the necessities human beings of the gift without compromising the capacity of the future generations to satisfy the proper ones.

The concept of Ambient Education gained height from years 70 when the ambient degradation started to be considered a social problem. The challenge of the ambient education is to promote a new relation of the society human being with its entorno, in order to look for that the current and future generations have a personal and collective development more just, equitable and sustainable. The final objective of the ambient education is to obtain that a social group or individual, leaving of its immediate reality, obtains changes of conscience, attitude and behavior and through a critical method of analysis, foments its proper responsibility and participation in the solution of the ambient problems in cooperation with the remaining portion of the population.

Alternative Tourism

The tourist activity in the agricultural way comes receiving different denominations. It has an enormous gamma of terms and expressions, being that this diversity of terms in accordance with varies the reality of each country or region, leading in account the exploitation of the existing resources in the agricultural space. It has different denominations as, for example: Green tourism, Tourism of Interior, endogenous Tourism, Alternative Tourism, Campestre Tourism, Agroecoturismo, Ecoagroturismo, Agricultural Tourism, Agroturismo, among others. 1,3 Agricultural tourism the conceptualization of Agricultural Tourism if abides in the territorial, economic aspects, in the natural resources, cultural and social. Based in these aspects the Ministry of the Tourism it appraised the agricultural tourism as: The set of developed tourist activities in the agricultural way, compromised with the farming production, adding value the products and services, rescuing and promoting the cultural and natural patrimony of the community. (MINISTRY TOURISM, 2003, p.11). Saints (2008, p.36) emphasize that the agricultural Tourism must be perceived as an activity that prospers, that it grows in the half agriculturist, not as main part, but as alternative to give form to the agricultural world. Sartor assevera that: Agricultural tourism corresponds to the exercise of developed tourist activities in agricultural areas.

It implies the production of tourist goods and services destined to satisfy a tourist clientele, who is attracted by the consumption of these goods in the agricultural environment. (SARTOR, 1981, p.13). Brunetti (apud Beni, 2006, p.53) defends that the agricultural tourism is developed in agricultural spaces, where the people searchs leisure, recreation and rest. The activity has as base a sincronia of nature, human and cultural contact, with benefits for both to the parts; visited visitor and. For Tulik the Agricultural Tourism: … is developed in declining agricultural areas or estagnadas, mainly in that they had been affected by crises economic; it has diffuse implantation, in small scale and occurs in the neighborhoods of emitting centers; it is supported in the agrarian activity; it has contributed to diversify the income of the proprietors and to fix the population to the agricultural way.