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From 18 to 22 July will be a very bad time for business and investment. Many signs will meet with difficulties in business and in relationships, they can prosecute the lack inspiration and lingering emotional experiences in relation to the closest people. If you're in this period, an alliance or Communications to build a solid financial base, then later it would create complications and difficulties you are in love, feeling and sensuality, in joint marital cohabitation in family life. There may be limitations and failure in love, social life and financial affairs. In a marriage can be cooled down to break relations, alienation, cooling, disruption of harmony, neuyut in the house. Bad time to make new friends. Squaring Saturn to Venus will be a bad influence on love relationships, contribute to prevention or delay in love affairs and finance. It can also be provided a sobering and frustrating, the cooling of feelings and privacy, financial setbacks.

It's a bad time for love and friendship. May arise debts and unpleasant disassembly associated with money. July 23 The sun will come out of Cancer and will move into Leo, and much has changed in our attitude, but until we have have the opportunity to experience fullness of life and be happy at least that finally got warm and the sun lit. End of July will be much harder and more difficult than the entire previous month. This is primarily due to two eclipses which will take place literally in a row – 22 and July 27. Thus, the eclipse will affect nearly two weeks of the end of July.

The first solar eclipse will be the second – the moon. The sun is in Leo and the Moon – in Libra, respectively, are two signs that it will affect the most. Moon in Libra will also be in conjunction with the fixed star Kraz – beta Crow. It is believed that this star has a bad effect on the finances and health. The influence of eclipses will be very strong and negative. Possible withdrawal, depression, frustration and obstacles that people can impose unnecessary obligations to you and an alien life line. In the worst case, there is a power slump. Can you feel unwell. Try not to schedule anything at this time, avoid any innovation in business, unexpected solutions, flights and travel.

The Girl

And one just does not go, what to do? To attempt more. And do not come up with a tragedy of this – you'd think about it tomorrow, guess the whole globe invent something unexpected, such as purchase at a nearby stall (well, that they are currently located at every step), the flower and the expression: "You are to me incredibly pleased, let me give you a flower from the genuinely open Heart prezentuete it liked you lady. Thus, you are likely to bewitch her. And where there is a thirst out there and talk, and hence the familiarity. And possibly inflict rkoe, that the original is better that it was not beaten.

All is not enough to have a very familiar, it should be and roll. Whatever it is often the case, met the girl with the guy, he liked her, and talked a little bit and how to cut. What error is acceptable a huge% guys? The most basic error inherent in boasting its wealth. When the young man as if unintentionally, but almost every phrase is that he visits different restaurants, discharged prestigious shops, that so-and-so believes full shit, suitable only for suckers, a woman creates a strong feeling that it just simply buy it. Believe me, similar phrases bite only girl who is looking for a purse, but not a man. Even worse when the guy from the wrong, not with Seago said: "Why, I met a young lady, threw her a lot of dough " Female brain instantly translates these phrases: "Be a good sport and a bunch of you spend money.

Proserpine Friend

…. From the first page looked at me a photo of my friend … Such striking similarity, I have not yet meets with. Could not pay attention to it, if it would be just like people. But the very fact that so many of the same character traits and that my friend himself to me about Nansen and told, and then a physical resemblance. I am convinced that Fridtjof Nansen and my friend – it vploschenie the same soul, and that pulls him in Oslo is not in vain … “I think that readers agree – it is very touching and unusual letter. Rarely becomes a witness to a sincere interest in another person, even if it is different.

This high exalted note – also Nansen, close to him in spirit. I compared the horoscopes Friend and Nansen. It turned out that they are quite dissimilar, so one can hardly speak about direct the transmigration of souls in this case. But at imposing of horoscopes, I found amazing connections that are have closest relatives. Nansen sun is in conjunction with Proserpine Friend.

This is an indication that the Nansen – his ideal role model, whom he perceives as his father, a teacher and spiritual mentor. Planets in their horoscopes are very closely related, have very many positive aspects and a little negative. I would say that it looks like the connection of father and son, elder and younger brother, or some other close relative. It is evident that lifestyle Nansen, his deeds and his outlook had a very strong influence on one another during his previous incarnation. And this influence was so deep that even affected his appearance. After all, as we look, too, is formed by our past savings and the experience that we passed. In a past life friend was a very famous and popular. Profession that comes to mind – is a scientist, but rather than practices, and researcher and first author. He apparently was known for his literary work. And it is possible that he wrote about the Nansen and even a relative of his. A friend and now in this life, certainly kept literary talent, ability to speak beautifully, it is easy to persuade and communicate superbly.

It was his Mercury “led” to each Nansen, providing information about him and formed his views on life. He is a spiritual disciple of Nansen, and found that reflected even in appearance. This ability gives him too, Mercury and the sign of Gemini, which are able to learn and transform. Interestingly, the Nansen was born under the sign of Libra, and another – by the Twins. Both these zodiac signs very close to each other, since both are air signs and are connected to the world of ideas, ideals and thoughts. It may well be that in terms of ideas – in the mental plane – Nancy and friend indeed closely related to past lives, since followed the same path, professed the same ideals. An example of another – one more proof that the idea of Nansen alive and continue to shape our outlook and affect our lives, helping to achieve unimaginable heights and explore uninhabited and cold of space in the literal and figurative sense.

Goodwill Ambassadors

Part One. "The soul has a mysterious tendency to fill in empty spaces, to overcome the dangers and difficulties, to seek the unknown. This desire, making you act – the divine power embedded in the depths of our entity. It was she who drew the first hunters into new areas. This spring our greatest acts of human thought, which spreads its wings and did not recognize the boundaries of their freedom. " Fridtjof Nansen day the city has fallen white blizzard.

She howled and constantly swirled in a mad dance, as if imitating gone mad dervish. Huge handfuls, it threw cold icicles, which together with the snow pick up a breeze. He blew with full force, anywhere throwing powder snow as if it were a brilliant cook, decorate their creation. The blizzard raged all day until she herself has not bothered to howl and spin. Along with her verse and the wind. Uninvited guests left, but left behind poblekivayuschy snow-white needles of ice cover. Everywhere there was snow.

He covered the roofs, houses and trees, drowned all the sounds and movements. There was nothing but snow and white silence that reigned supreme. Colds overtaken I was still before the storm began to rage. And now I'm watching the madness of the winter at a safe distance from the windows of his house, not participating, along with all the spaces in the conquest of cold. Watching from behind this surround the play, I do not let go a hot cup of ginger tea, as if he really could heal me from my fear of the winter.