Feb 17

Liberal Type Authority

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The important thing is that the group owns an authentic entertainer who is able to compensate, to orient and to provoke ideas and valuations, besides offering at any moment the energies sufficient to prevent the passivity or the stagnation of the group. In spite of this, it agrees to know some typologies leadership that can […]

Oct 16

Jean Baudrillard Films

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If the Transformation is " a graphical representation, generally humana" , then, which has been the real transformation of EE.UU., when invading Iraq and Afghanistan, but first Hussein and Osama Bin Laden, always happening of the internetiano entertainment to the military unfolding in a game of being able of users and damages human collaterals, and […]

Oct 14

Like Making To Feel Like Near Its Country Being Listened Music

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I am a Hispanic that alive far from my country and for that reason sometimes strange the scents, the flavors and the sounds of my native earth. When I came to live to the foreigner pense that all the serious perfect and truth is that I cannot be complained. I made it to improve my […]

Nov 13


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As a result of that convergence of diverse social circumstances in the flamenco thing, three great groups will be able to be distinguished of you sing based on the social sector in which they are born: you sing flamenco-popular, you sing flamenco-gypsys and you sing miners. First (fandangos, Malagan, grananas, serranas ) they will present/display […]

Nov 12

The Distances

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These are my clean shoes that do not love the war, against the pain they go and they walk, earth that stains and curse cause lamentably, charming and sweet earth for my trees. Shoes that I will have to also wash by hand, my articles, valuable pieces, with water and soap, hot and healthful water […]

Nov 12

Gym Supply

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This also Takes advantage of that special supply so that finally you register in the gymnasium, usually in winter and the first months of the year the gymnasiums publish the best supplies, the new gymnasiums in celebration opening. 16. Gymnasium in house If arriving until the gymnasium becomes difficult to you, or by schedule available, […]

Aug 12

Tips for Women

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Today I am going to give to several tips to you to conquer a woman, or that you know, in a bar, who finish to you presenting/displaying, you will see that these advice to conquer women serve with anyone! It is important that you know that the money, looks, estatus social, or any excuse that […]

Aug 12

Internet Surveys

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Like working from your house and making money by Internet? As the surveys work payments? It is all a swindle? It is an opportunity of businesses? Encontra the answer to all these questions reading this article! The remunerated surveys are a very good form to make money by Internet. And he is something, relatively, new! […]