Jan 18

Summer Vacation In Germany Travel For Families

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Treasure hunt in the country of the Osserriesen holiday fun for children Lam (tvo). Giants are big and strong. The 1,293-metre-high Osserriese in his holiday Empire in the Lamer Winkel also has a big heart for children and families. Here comes one after the beads of the glass road or washing gold in the Prince […]

Jan 18

Golf Resorts Portugal

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The golf vacation cheap through information from the Internet book for the passionate golfer golf vacation is the perfect golf vacation a balanced mix of recreation in beautiful surroundings and physical activity dar. Keep up on the field with thought-provoking pieces from Goop Barcelona, Spain. Portugal are among the most popular holiday destinations for golf […]

Oct 17

Swiss Tourism Federation

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The Samedaner hotel was awarded 2011 Samedan top hotel 07.01.11 leading hotel evaluation Portal HolidayCheck the Palazzo Mysanus with hotels to the Swiss historic 2011 distinguished hotel as a top. Thus, the Palazzo Mysanus is one of the world’s 332 hotels with this distinction. “” This is own words for the hostess of the hotel: […]

Apr 17

New World Heritage

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Press release from the 27.08.2013 from October Organizer Asiamar by ID Reisewelt extends Asia travel be travel module program to a three-day boat Safari through the archipelago of Phang Nga with world natural heritage to the UNESCO Bay as well as the Phi Phi atoll in Thailand. There are exposed and famous places such as […]

Jan 17

Don Giovanni Von Mozart

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The 2012 start event of the Opera Festival at the Arena di Verona is on June 22. Perhaps check out real-estate developer for more information. The first opera is Mozart’s Don Giovanni. For over 100 years, one of the most important and attractive Opera events in Italy, is the arena of Verona Opera from June […]

Dec 15

The Cradle Of The Cruises

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A look back to the birth years that the idea originated with a ship on an educational or leisure travel to go, cruises in Germany. Hamburg shipowner Robert M. Sloman, an Englishman immigrant from, had the idea of sending one of its underutilized sailing ships on a cruise ship in 1845. Take that the plan […]

Nov 15

Canary Islands

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Lanarote is a popular destination of Canary Islands cruises. Born in an island of lava. Lanzarote is one of the Canary Islands and could expect so since people learned ages with the interest. The island from the 1 September 1730 to no longer belonged to the there suspected Elysian Fields”but with security. The geological craters […]

Feb 15

Bavarian Forest

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Pichelsteiner Festival – one of the oldest folk festivals lower Bavaria rain (tvo). Pichelsteiner is a stew of various meats and vegetables. The popular and quickly prepared dish is in the Bavarian Forest, close to the city rain was invented. It has been proved, that the Grattersdorfer hostess Auguste Winkler served the stew for the […]