Month: February 2011

Public Singing

I heard the sound of coins. Even the lyrics have forgotten by surprise. He opened his eyes – no one; away a woman with a child waved to me. Near the stones lay the money. Fear evaporated by itself. Out of nowhere appeared a crowd of tourists, and soon at my feet lay a pile of coins and banknotes. I sang and was not afraid. No longer afraid of anything.

After receiving feedback from the public, albeit in the form Money, I realized that had nothing to fear, people appreciate what you do, they like, so not all in vain. Since then, I always worried before the performance, but on stage only get pleasure. What to do and what not to do on stage as a behave on stage? What to do with your hands? How to put your feet? Where to turn around as the slope? So many questions – and no one has the answer! If you are experiencing an acute shortage of force to tear off his hand from the microphone stand, or move your ass a half-meter left or right, then read this. There are two options. First – do you sing in splendid isolation under the lyrics (singing a plus is not considered to be singing at all), or akkompaniruete themselves. Second – you are singing with the group. There is also third – when you sings to someone, but it will not be considered. Correspondingly, if you come out with a group, you should consider those factors that are missing, if you sing one, and vice versa.

DJ Anton Kalik

He started his career in 2003, playing in clubs, at private parties and open-air s city Kostroma. As of 2005 – 2006. dj Anton Kalik is prograssive house with dj Pasha, successfully developing their own record label, dj Anton Kalik & dj Pasha. During this period they become known, pleasing guests partying their cheerful music. At the beginning of 2007, dj Anton Kalik entirely goes into his own work, giving a huge preference for the style of club music: minimal. Working in this direction by Anton Kalik at the beginning This art has not found support among the public, Kostroma and Yaroslavl, because a majority supported the more popular and commercial music.

But he did not give up and he continued to work in this direction. The results were a long wait – Anton Kalik began to collect on those tatspolah, which played a surprising number of people understand now completely non-commercial "wave". He taught people to listen to sounds and music in each track your mixes. To date, Anton Kalik is the most unusual and interesting perspective and a professional dj. His mixes are distinguished quality and attractiveness of presentation, but at the same time deeply professional well thought out ideas for the gourmet club music. Toured the cities of Russia, member of the major festivals, as well as the resident of club "MUSH" – the best club of the city.

Empress Elizabeth

A quarter-century – the reign of Empress Elizabeth – completely made out a new ideology, different from the medieval, a Russian Baroque, lush and festive in the architecture, this new lifestyle of the nobility, with the reform of the Russian language is still spoken exclusively, as the Italian language at the time of Dante and Petrarch, with a choice of Moscow as a literary dialect of Russian language, with the emergence of new Russian literature – is the phenomenon of the Renaissance in Italy, and Russia – not just borrowing and a lifetime? See "Russian Baroque" and "Genius Revival. Accession of Catherine ii was marked by adoption of classicism in architecture, instead of Russian baroque, in fact, another incarnation of Renaissance aesthetics that quite clearly when the Russian classicism in the works of Carlo Rossi reaches the top of the Renaissance of the classics in the first third of the xix century, what we observe in the development of painting, the new Russian music, literature, direct appeal to classical antiquity, with the flowering of Russian culture, which we discussed in the article "The Golden Age of St. Petersburg (in graphics). Of course, the new Russian culture developed initially as an aristocratic, noble, urban, secular, with formation of the intelligentsia, the nobility, merchants and raznochintsy on the grounds of caste and educational and artistic aspirations on. A new culture is emerging as an urban and secular culture, with spread it up to the estates, which in arrangement of participating farmers, standing out from its midst, except tillers, builders, craftsmen, musicians, artists, etc.

Wonderful World Of Latin

Latin American culture – is not just music and dancing. This is a complex tangled feelings, emotions, traditions, fun and thirst for life. All this could not be better reflected in the dances and dance styles. Want passion – dancing tango. Want fun – mambo. Want sensuality – rumba. Want to seduce Chevalier – cha-cha-cha.

Perhaps the only Latin American culture has produced a number of emotional dance that the world with joy picked up and performs to this day. Which one of the most popular Latin dances, difficult to say. Everyone chooses the one to which he has more soul lies. One thing is for sure – all kinds of latin did not appear just so everyone has their own history, its life, its rhythm. Any dance studio in St. Petersburg must have in its program a few, then all kinds of Latin.

There are even schools that specialize exclusively in Latin American dances. In these schools you will find not only the most popular destinations: salsa, samba, rumba and Latin solos, but other, less well-known in wider circles directions – merengue, bachata, capoeira, flamenco, salsa de casino. If you want to find a free dance training, then go to nightclubs to Latin parties. They usually present the master of dance schools that offer a master class. Of course, being a several master-classes, you will not dance like renowned dancers. But just learn a few movements, imbued hot mood, learn to hear the rhythm of the music and, perhaps, hasten to enroll in Latin dances. Education for a few months will allow you to move well, surprise your friends flawless execution of complex chords and steps. Entering the world of Latin dances, it's hard to stand still. Music so riddled with rhythm and vivacity that automatically start to dance. Treat yourself to the world of latin and fill dance!

Buy Diamonds Without Fear

When it come to chooing a gem mot people come to mind many preciou tone. And uually it' the firt group of tone: Emerald, Sapphire, Ruby and Alexandrite. No doubt all of thee tone are lited worthy of attention to themelve and each individually, but mot deirable i: Brilliant. In the old day, when the cut wa far from perfect, he wa not o in demand a now valued le. I do not mean large ample and tone of up to one carat. and wa ued a a Side of other tone. In the twentieth century, indutry ha moved to electricity, new technology and cut tone became much better and better and why diamond began to look better and play tronger.

And according to their jeweler began to ue more and jewelry deign itelf ha changed, and diamond have played major role in it. Nowaday diamond the undiputed leader among all preciou tone and playing on thi field a major role. The quetion arie: How to buy and where to buy thi treaure? I'll tart with the ad. In Ruia there i a diamond exchange, which i like in Irael. A plant uch a: 'Crytal' ell the tone at very expenive price, though, our country produce diamond from diamond which make later, but we're bound for myelf about 5% and 95% old a raw material abroad, where our raw material and granite ell on the market. Therefore, a imple conumer buy diamond in a product in a jewelry tore.

Here I tell you honetly have to chooe proven big hop in the hop at the underground to make uch purchae i not worth it. So we came into the tore come to the counter and ee a check with en-connected um of Ruian ruble, and the incription on it uch a: 2 kp 57 – 0.12 5 / 3 – what doe that mean, you ak. 2 – Number of diamond – in thi cae there are two. Kp 57 – Number of face – the claic cut, 57 facet (facet) 0.12 – Total weight of tone carat (1 gram = 5 carat) 5 – characteritic color of the tone (the lower the figure the better) 3 – quality characteritic (flaw) tone, the lower the number, the better. But thee figure are lower than characteritic, the more expenive the tone itelf, but better quality. Value of a diamond i determined by the formula: weight + hape + color + quality weight – meaured in carat hape – cut tone: round – claical, oval, pear, prince, baguette, etc. The bet decription of the diamond – i 1 / 1, but uually thee tone are very difficult to find. Bet option i – 3 / 3 decent quality, provided that the tore guarantee a given quality tone. When buying expenive tone advie to eek profeional help, would be cheaper to pay for their ervice than to try to get rid of the tone, ell harder than buy it – it' a fact. Taking advantage of my article You'll have an idea how to buy diamond jewelry and what wa behind it. I wih you good luck and of coure a pleaant hopping!

Giovanni Paolo Magini

Four, like the violin, were rare. Form Corps violas like violin tools only in general terms, and details from them. But the most important difference was in the sound. His voice is soft viola, as if muffled, and weaker than the violin. He was good for small premises for a narrow circle of listeners. Fiddle singing is stronger and brighter, she was not afraid of any area or large halls. Viola tools were aristocratic, salon, and violin for a long time after their birth existed only in people, and still remains popular, too, such as those Moldovans, Romanians and Hungarians. The exact date of birth of the violin is unknown, but some may still be judged on the time it occurs – is the end of the fifteenth or the beginning sixteenth century.

The very first violin did the same masters that made the lute and viola, and then there were also violin makers. One of them, Gasparo Bertolotti, settled in 1562 in the Italian town of Brescia and worked there until the end of his days. In Bertolotti had many disciples, among them – Giovanni Paolo Magini, who founded his own school and then masters. Bertolotti, Magini and their students have come largely to the form of a violin as we know it. And the sound of instruments, too, took shape in them – it became louder and brighter than viols. And the other problems of the first masters of Brescia, apparently, did not set ourselves. Their business continued to famous kremontsy.

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