Month: February 2011

Public Singing

I heard the sound of coins. Even the lyrics have forgotten by surprise. He opened his eyes – no one; away a woman with a child waved to me. Near the stones lay the money. Fear evaporated by itself. Out of nowhere appeared a crowd of tourists, and soon at my feet lay a pile of coins and banknotes. I sang and was not afraid. No longer afraid of anything.

After receiving feedback from the public, albeit in the form Money, I realized that had nothing to fear, people appreciate what you do, they like, so not all in vain. Since then, I always worried before the performance, but on stage only get pleasure. What to do and what not to do on stage as a behave on stage? What to do with your hands? How to put your feet? Where to turn around as the slope? So many questions – and no one has the answer! If you are experiencing an acute shortage of force to tear off his hand from the microphone stand, or move your ass a half-meter left or right, then read this. There are two options. First – do you sing in splendid isolation under the lyrics (singing a plus is not considered to be singing at all), or akkompaniruete themselves. Second – you are singing with the group. There is also third – when you sings to someone, but it will not be considered. Correspondingly, if you come out with a group, you should consider those factors that are missing, if you sing one, and vice versa.

Nike Website Offers Sports Advice

Nike website offers sports training¬† tips. For example, the under running section there are¬† articles such as “What do ice baths do for your body?”