Feb 15


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From yesterday day 19 and until 30 may, the Portuguese writer Jose Saramago is taking place in Seville of the book fair, devoted in this edition.The book fair of Seville, until May 30 programming of this edition is developed under the motto on the blindness and lucidity. This cultural sample comes from years ago being […]

Feb 15


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– Its name combines with you, simple, delicate and very feminine. Nightmare never imagined things nor in its worse, that would enxergaria it, if was as the other women, if it left to involve for its armor of being able would be feeling the proper Cinderela, but not. Its exaggerated attentions, to its annoyed it […]

Feb 15

Pioneers Festival

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not only the innovative idea has successfully made its start up, but also the right mentors and especially the networks for various start-up events that allow one meet the key players of the scene as also investors and to draw to the attention of course. With the pioneers Festival of who arise for each start-up […]

Feb 15

Bavarian Forest

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Pichelsteiner Festival – one of the oldest folk festivals lower Bavaria rain (tvo). Pichelsteiner is a stew of various meats and vegetables. The popular and quickly prepared dish is in the Bavarian Forest, close to the city rain was invented. It has been proved, that the Grattersdorfer hostess Auguste Winkler served the stew for the […]