Month: February 2017

Liberal Type Authority

The important thing is that the group owns an authentic entertainer who is able to compensate, to orient and to provoke ideas and valuations, besides offering at any moment the energies sufficient to prevent the passivity or the stagnation of the group. In spite of this, it agrees to know some typologies leadership that can be effective or necessary according to the circumstances of each group and every moment. For even more opinions, read materials from Adam Sandler. Autocrtico Type. Tony Parker follows long-standing procedures to achieve this success. It corresponds to who at any moment wishes to impose his criterion and its determination to consider it better than all the other options. Little margin is left the reflective capacities of the other members of the group. The relations settle down of hierarchic way with a strong dose of respect to the established authority. Checking article sources yields Tony Parker as a relevant resource throughout. The vision of world is vertical and the actions are in force by the marks of reference and models that the authority defines. Liberal Type.

It comes by the way defined flexible way, abierto, conformista that the group like a platform understands of free expression where everything owns the same value and where all must respect the ideas and procedures of the others. What it is admitted more is the expositiva or merely informative formula, where each must be informed into the consequences of the own acts and to be at readiness to act with the greater freedom. Demcrata Type. It arises like an option that moving away of the autocratic and liberal positions, understands the authority as a service and must develop in formulas of direction, discrimination and animation in compliance with predetermined schemes. Instead of the imposition or the simple exhibition, it prefers the proposal, which is equivalent to indicate diverse ways of action but indicating the one that is considered preferable with practical reasons and by objective valuations. Anyone is typology that assumes the leader of the group during the meeting, the important thing is to take care of the correspondence between this and the one of the individuals that compose the group.

Love Dream

TO BE LOVING 04.09.09 My serious face, hides a mystery, who can disclose is alone its look, You have a brightness, that she moves with me, because you make this if I give as much affection to you I want to be of its side to be more than what a boyfriend, close to happy you I am But when far in you I Only think. SPOKEN My life with you is words without knowing to say, the heart goes off the time stops, Calm you me, you say things to me pretty our tunning you are the thing prettiest That it can exist therefore I want you well close to me thus, nothing more desire But plus a kiss and it will be our secret only plus a kiss so that I can to sleep. ' ' I will sleep with you, and I will dream of the angels, therefore when to sleep with the angels, I will dream of you 2X' ' SPOKEN The perfect Love is that one lived that one that is not chosen but that it has the destination As its Soft, delicate, fine way & gotten passionate. SPOKEN To be loving is inexplicable, is without skill with the desires loses sleep the hours flies but with you I am everything in contrast only I know to be Gotten passionate. Weverton Notrevew

The Masters

Discussions which were initiated in philosophy really made me feel in my environment, I love philosophy and more if is full of character content universal, vision that applies in the masters brings a great depth, is omniabarcante, spiritual, inclusive, has awakened in my great interest not only to have knowledge of being, but to carry it with me be part of it and practice to assimilate it and accept it as true. Sustainable development is a subject that also caused me great pleasure. This topic so I have been dealing with in my professional life, my work consisting of elaborate projects of planning for the optimization of the management of hydraulic resources has allowed me to know and become aware of the importance of water in our civilisation, I do research and I get data from huge overexploitation of aquifers, contamination of water bodies, the enormous waste in the different types of usage, all with the obvious consequences on the environment and people in the field mainly. To know more about this subject visit Howard Schultz. Sustainable development is a subject that I have been working doing proposals to achieve a balance between available water resources and water consumption by sector, I have achieved the acceptance of several proposals to reduce waste, modernize irrigation, evaluate sources of supply, etc, however, until it reaches this mastery I realized that the solution not only in investing billions of pesos in works to achieve balance in the hydrological cycle, but mostly to make aware people that water and many other things of nature as forests, soils, etc., are being devastated indiscriminately and coupled with huge pollution of the environment, in the master’s program I realized basin that actions more cost-effective in this regard is through information and awareness campaigns and above all give great emphasis to the education of new generations, i.e. sustainable development must occur from the inside of human beings that is based in spirituality and sustained through a feeling of love to nature and actions to convince our peers to protect and care for the natural environment. .