Month: August 2017

Atlas Novel

An interplay between reading & songs Reina Ilona Vildebrand – reading performance Mongol child “- an interplay between reading & songs the singer-songwriter Reina Ilona Vildebrand reads from her novel” Mongolian child “(ISBN 978-3-942003-01-8). The novel tells a piece of deutsch-deutscher history with many nuances and richness of contrast. Exciting, sensual, humorous, and courage making a novel succeeded the writer, which is characterized by a rich action and wealth of the person. In the stories, no culprits are”paraded, but people like you and me in all its contradictions – with their errors and longings. The dramatic journey of Irina Willbrecht is described.

Vildebrand does not mince words, describes the often absurd conditions in the East Germany in the 1950s and 1960s. In the next moment, she leads the reader sprachgewaltig in war and erotic scenes. The title of “Mongolian child” stands for savagery and rebellion of the child and the young people, but also for the cultural influence of the East. The adult woman suffering from the drama of her family. Addicted to love she gets repeatedly to men, where she nearly breaks. After the end of the GDR must learn laboriously in the West, to cope with the new reality. But the heroine fought their way up and discovered her previously unknown world of faith.

There, she meets the man who presents their new hopes of a test before the eyes of the reader will be a world alive, from which he has never heard and read, and that strangely familiar comes before this. Between passages in the novel, the singer and author intersperses comments, poems and songs, which are suitable to illuminate the relationship between novel and autobiography and offer an exciting, entertaining performance. “The Rheinische post that said to the 23.12.09: ‘Mongolian child’ is a very personal, written with much empathy and linguistic skills book, while at the same time allowing an unusually realistic insight into the former everyday life of the people behind the wall.” “The reading will take place in particular as part of the open stage” in the living room Theater Theater elsewhere “instead. The goal is a varied, interesting and friendly encounter between artists and audience. More artist of the evening are Andrea Griesohn with two Arias and a song, Renee Fox recited Siegfried contemporary the Chase, with Omar Sarrazin feel the moment “, with Petra Speh” L ‘ accordeon , as well as Wolfgang Zollner with his science fiction thriller Atlas without Switzerland.

Adventure Without Risks

When a human being thinks out hiking or hunting trip, always it is estimated spend just a few days living with nature. However, if you want to live a real adventure should have a long period in a survival situation. To do this you should at least know some of the most primitive survival skills. The knowledge of these skills is crucial when planning a long time in nature. Here are some things to keep in mind to learn more about survival. When it comes to pure survival, primitive survival skills learning should not be a matter of trial and error. Whether you’re new as if you’ve been already a long time experimenting with tactics of survival, is always a good idea take a survival course.

These courses teach you a number of different skills, including navigation, basic first aid, food, tactics techniques and much more. While some courses can be somewhat pricey, the skills they learn in them they can be valuable. In addition, books and videos are a great way to learn, but when you practice what you learn. It is one thing to read about the making of a shelter in a book, for example and another completely different is to apply what he knows to cope in the. Not the same Act than to read.

Once purchased some of the basic concepts of primitive survival techniques, is a good idea plan and select the supplies of survival that could be useful in an emergency. Even the most Spartan of Survivalists have first aid kits, for example, as well as canned food and basic navigation tools. If you plan to have a long stay in the wilderness or simply wants to be very careful in the preparation of his journey of adventure, appropriate packing supplies are one of the most important primitive survival techniques. While for some people, the packing should be as little as possible, is a good idea to think about the future and not take risks. Remember! Learn survival skills can save your life and your family.