Month: November 2012

Leader Factor

In fact, her mother little has been mentioned in 10 years of Revolution. Young Gustavo returns to us to indicate that CHAVEZ is matter and knows he it, of small, several times I get up maisanta to him Perhaps this history clarifies that strange custom of the President to catch and to sell spiders and because they were said in the Jail of Yare that the Commander got up itself and who their shoes were placed in the form of cross. THAT IT PROVIDES to US THE FUTURE IMMEDIATE In the future I must say that the closing of Globovisin is imminent but that closing is not the factor triggering factor. That factor this in Zulia. The new Leader is born here, lives here or has zulianas roots. Zulia is the bastion, where the new Jerusalem rests everything will appear again here. For that reason they do not stop observing Zulia.

The next leader has to do with companies, a manager, an industralist, with a vision different from country, like MARTINELLY in Panama. By all means, wants to cause and would try to cause or to trigger disasters, exits of streets thus can justify to take more drastic measures and harder, than they approach its model of country It also refers the scenes of BOLIVAR and CARACAS, where also they are born or they pass things important and corrects saying that also they can give rise to factors triggering factors. The next Mayor of Maracaibo is a man of the opposition. And he indicates already to finish that Hugo Chavez will continue being understood with the Dictator of SURINAM. PREDICTIONS WITH YOUNG GUSTAVO I can say at this moment to them that last it is that I see the President of PDVSA, Rafael Ramirez, who comes speaking of the Tchira, then she goes to be envoy there he stops to evacuate to Governor TO STOP PEREZ CHEERS, they will make the elections again and they would try of to put to him by it raises another person, .hay that to be united then Zulia it is it stops they point of honor, by any route they would try to moor to Zulia, they come by dominion but no they know a who to send like leader or candidate stops to fulfill orders of owner of property, Venezuela it stops Chvez, is one property great like it was it for Go’mez.

The Distances

These are my clean shoes that do not love the war, against the pain they go and they walk, earth that stains and curse cause lamentably, charming and sweet earth for my trees. Shoes that I will have to also wash by hand, my articles, valuable pieces, with water and soap, hot and healthful water and a cepillito of strong prongs, will be intelligent that make it single. I want to surpass it everything this infinite torment of to be disliked, forgotten on this earth, thing to thing, step by step want to forget. Not to have been beloved, this my life, in the name of the father mine I soon request power to him to be it. I want happiness and rest, power olvidarte, you have prevailed.

I want to surpass it everything, step by step, like a pilgrim, handspan a handspan, like the way. Virtue to virtue, but I need aid mine and the destiny, with that, piece of sky I can do it everything, cover the distances and leave the emptiness, to lay my ways to the sky, to do and to undo, to try it at least. I want to heal themselves and to heal. It is shoots with an arrow giant the one that has crossed to me, I I eat I have received it to an elephant, I want to be another one in these earth, to be born again in these ways and to learn to want and to want them to me. Life goes I take, goes things I write but in which I have become. It goes things they happen to me that my pen moves without sense, and are, cranme, feelings of the soul which I shape here. Mother is worth gold and silver mother is worth silver and gold, mother is worth much in money, mother is worth the sun.