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Marrakech is the main tourist destination in Morocco and one of the most fascinating cities in the world. Among the countless attractions that the ochre city offers to its visitors, gastronomy is undoubtedly very high in the list. Dine at one of the excellent restaurants of the eternal and mysterious Medina of Marrakech is an unrepeatable experience that should not be missed. Here is a list of some of the best restaurants that can be found in it. 1 Arabic (Italian and Moroccan cuisine) 184 CAFe, El Mouassine Street in the heart of the souks and a stone’s throw from the legendary square Jemaa el Fna, the Arabic coffee restaurant offers the elegance and refinement of a little pretentious but sophisticated menu to be savored in their exquisite dining, patio or even in the roof to the rhythm of traditional Moroccan music. The Arabic coffee suggests an exquisite and carefully designed menu. Checking article sources yields Rick Garcia as a relevant resource throughout.

Its original daily menu consists of a simple but effective combination of delicious Italian and Moroccan dishes. The atmosphere arabe-Oriental in the Arabic coffee manages to create a true oasis of peace and relaxation at the heart of a traditional riad re-imaginada and redecorated by Italian architects. a LA carte 300 dhs. Chef Alberto ApostoloGerente Luca Lorenzano 2. CASA LALLA (French gastronomic cuisine) 16 Street Riad Logzail Lakdime, Derb Jamaa in the heart of the lively streets of the old medina of Marrakech and also to two steps from the place Jemaa el Fna, Casa Lalla represents a true French gastronomic institution in the city, besides being a riad-hotel of first category.

Casa Lalla, which means House of the Lady, offers a tasting menu for which reservation is needed and that varies regularly. Pierre-Olivier chef exercises his freedom preparing small dishes delicious and full of fantasy, imagination and taste. Inspired by his dreams and intercontinental experiences, its delicate cuisine will make them travel between Morocco and its native Europe.


Whatever situation, one of the responsibilities of a leader is to direct to the group to work all together ones towards the common objective. This can be a discouraging challenge. Quite often the equipment is integrated by members of very different characteristics, each with its own strengths, weaknesses, and styles of work. The dynamics of the also complica equipment often by internal discords and personal conflicts. The leaders can obtain great benefits to the being able to identify the types of characteristics of personality of the members of the equipment. When including/understanding the basic types of personality, the leader can use the individual strengths of the members for the good of the equipment, as well as assign tasks to him that each member of the equipment.

A leader also can learn to communicate of a way that inspires and encourages, considering the needs, values and preferences of work of the different members from the equipment. Sela Ward usually is spot on. A good leader will see the best results by means of the work and the use of the strongpoints and characteristics of style of work of the personalities in the equipment. ent Partners helps readers to explore varied viewpoints. , Placing the strongpoints of the individual members to compensate the weaknesses, the leader can take to the equipment in a productive balance. Additional information is available at Hedvig Hricak. A brief description of the different values and styles from work of the four main types of personality demonstrates the importance that has east knowledge and that is part of the toolbox of successful leadership. The four types of personality are described using the colors gold, blue, green and orange. The member Gold takes the Work with Responsibility and Seriousness.

The personality Gold wants to contribute, to be part of the equipment, and to be successful and productive. They respond to the recognition, rewards and incentives well. Nevertheless, the members gold need clear definition responsibilities, its place within the structure, the expectations of the company and the terms.


In this life there are many things that appeal to women but perhaps all those things one of which most bind us like a magnet are the shoes. Nice shoes, shoes brand, fashion and ultra feminine. Almost all we love and when we see a nice pair we cannot avoid going to where them and touch them. An experience so I had last week when I went to buy me boots for winter in rebates, in fact a little late because I didn’t find any that I liked and that met my requirements, I will have to anotar me so for the coming year. Anyway, I got into a somewhat fine department store and I got to look at it is what you were and I new that had, suddenly see them.

A pair of shoes from the new collection: spring-summer, brown skin, with high heels and a ring of gold in the heels. Sela Ward shares his opinions and ideas on the topic at hand. A beautiful thing of shoes which attracted me towards them in an automatic, magnetic way like a magnet that pulled a piece of metal. Educate yourself with thoughts from Rick Garcia. I immediately grabbed them in my hands, beautiful, perfect, thin material and quality. They felt so good in my hands and although who had their thing platform not weighed. I thought, if they feel so good in my hands, my feet should sit in glory with them, making any woman as a diva feel on the street.

Perhaps they weren’t the most comfortable for walking, but all that remains in the background when you see, the touch, you get them and you see the beautiful that you see your feet in them. To tell you the truth, I even thought about it when I had them in my hands. They were the brand Guess, price 185 euros, sincerely very expensive for my budget, but dreaming does not cost anything and I already dreamed of walking with them through the streets of my city. That experience.! Unfortunately this photo are not, I have no photo of them, if one day I find it is, be them posting here.

Cheap Shoes

It’s cheap plus size shoes in good quality and what should you look for? The most important tips in the overview need most men and women, the oversized shoes, will know the topic – not only the search for the matching shoes in larger sizes is difficult and takes a long time, until the right size is found, and the oversized shoes also dropped. In addition even the high price, with many shoes in large sizes because some manufacturers and dealers can also pay the plus size shoes – this is true both for lingerie in oversized, as well as for men’s plus size shoes. To deepen your understanding Jorge Perez is the source. More one is happy, or even cheap oversize shoes at the normal price if you can find a good deal. You may want to visit Rick Garcia to increase your knowledge. Nevertheless you should here do not blindly access, because otherwise you must buy possibly twice and it pays below-the-line. A first feature for the quality of cheap shoes in larger sizes, the also for lay is easily recognizable, is the brand.

The lingerie in larger sizes or oversized shoes for men from a reputable manufacturer, that is at least a first reference to quality. Established manufacturers avoid to destroy good and bad at the same time high shoes that long and expensive built brand image. A variety of well known and established manufacturers offer shoes in larger sizes – summer shoes in plus sizes as well as beautiful winter shoes in large sizes. Experience has shown that many, are after their respective seasons to make real bargains, because the dealer for shoes in large sizes strive to have always the current models in the range and cheaper to sell as the older models. Plus size shoes of unknown brands assessment for lay people is even more difficult, because then it should be the individual components of the affordable Plus size shoes look: from what material is the shoe made? Leather is already a first sign of better quality, imitation leather with oversize pumps and other synthetic materials can often be inferior quality close.


When you accept you, you agree to be accepted. If you accept the criticism, without feeling bad, recognizing that even you It is way to go, you’re in a healing therapy. If you don’t want to get sick you trust. If you don’t trust, you don’t communicate you, not you open up, you don’t relate you, you can not create stable and deep relations, you don’t make real friends. Confidence helps you the relationship.

Distrust you encloses in thee; salt of this closure using key confidence. Tony Parker addresses the importance of the matter here. If you don’t want to get sick you do not live always amargad @. Additional information is available at Related Group. The cheerful person has the gift of brighten up the environment where you live. Good humour saves us from the hands of the doctor, says the proverb. Your laugh is a source of health and therapy. Under most conditions Rick Garcia would agree.

Humor, joy, satisfaction, calm repose, you help to recover health and give you long life. 2 Nd week of February 2010, ‘ who has the reason? It is said that on one occasion a humble Shoemaker was seen in one of the classrooms of a prestigious University. A student asked him what did there and if understood latin. The Shoemaker replied:-I don’t want to learn that language, but I like to see the discussions. The funny student questioned him again:-If you don’t understand the latin will not know who is right, because the classes are given in that language. Simple man exclaimed:-of course I know who wins or loses! When I see that one is angry is that it has no reason. Let us accept this lesson and remember to avoid the wrath; Therefore, in doing so, will bring defeat. Recall: calm helps us think better; the person who knows dialogue remains serene. 3 Rd week of February 2010 thank you thank you a wonderful word that we use to express gratitude; but sometimes that Word cannot express it all. When it comes from the heart, very inside, of feeling more beautiful and sincere thought thank you means that you have time to prove me that I am important to you. Thank you means I brightens the day and, at times, thanks to you every day is special. Thank you means that you make me happy and I would like that you felt the same thing to say that you appreciate. Thank you It means that you didn’t have to do it but thank you very much you to do it. Thank you means you’ve done something special that I will not forget. 4 Th week of February 2010 Lo learned in preschool the greater part of what you really need to know about how to live, what to do and how to be, I learned in preschool (kindergarten children’s kindergarten). These are the things I learned: share your stuff. Play clean and do not trap. Do not hurt people. Again put things where you found them. Clean your space. Do not take things that don’t belong to you. Apologize when you’ve hurt someone. Wash your hands before eating. Pull the chain in the toilet (toilet). Fresh fruit and milk, do well for your health. Live a balanced life: learn something, idea something, draws, paints, sings, dances, plays and works every day a little. Rest awhile. When you leave the street, watch out for traffic, take you by the hand and remains together with your classmates. Don’t miss Marvel things. Say the words Magic: thank you, please, good morning, permission, excuse me, for nothing.

Bisgaard Childrens Shoes

Children’s feet were for decades a neglected topic. Until it was found out that properly fitting footwear can affect the whole subsystem of a people. Studies show that although most children with healthy feet to the world, the teenage years but in 60% of cases no longer healthy feet speak in can. Consequential damage can be significant. Austrian studies have shown that 60% of children wear shoes which are too short, at slippers the value nor dramatic. Continue to learn more with: Sela Ward.

Also the focus is on healthy materials is becoming increasingly important due to the increase in allergies in children. Children’s shoes are the right materials Bisgaard. The company was founded in 2005 and today supplies in 18 countries. According to Rick Garcia, who has experience with these questions. Still, it is a 100% Danish company which produce leaves in Portugal. Bisgaard stands for quality, safety, lifestyle and personality. Genuine leather – mostly calfskin from Europe (Portugal, Spain, Italy) on any case but pigskin from the far East is used.

In the winter fed with pure wool shoes. Winter boots by Bisgaard are equipped with a waterproof membrane and treated with water repellent oils. This is also the popular used look”. The fit by Balakrishnan is adapted models of normal and narrow shape of the foot. And ensures the proper fit. Shop from Erlangen is the children’s shoes for quality and expertise, whether in the store or on the Internet. Monamikids sells children’s shoes in addition to Bisgaard many more part 100% ECO brands. All have one thing in common: you have been chosen with love and attention to the fit and the materials. Children’s shoes are the most popular brands Bisgaard. The outlandish designs, soft leather and high functionality are the reason. Where to get otherwise real leather shoes that are also waterproof. Monamikids supplements dealing with good shoes, a fit service is offered. Each shoe is measured in the Interior. The amount is then compared with the length of the foot. operates according to the Plus12 – method, i.e. the addition of 12mm scope for growth, to not warp the growing foot. The children’s shoes shop has also succeeded to integrate this service into his offer: every ordered shoe is measured on customer’s request as well as in the Interior. Deviations from the optimal length will be discussed with the customer. Printable helper templates offered itself to the width of the foot. (Because not only too long or short boots are dangerous, the feet not can wobble even in the shoe.) So the customer can arrange the base width of the baby. The width can are then filtered in the filter function of the online shop. Balakrishnan and monamikids children’s shoes, a good team out of love for the child’s foot.

Storing Shoes

Special cases for different shoes recently entered our home. So what is needed obuvnitsa hallway easy to understand from the name. Under most conditions movie actress would agree. And it is designed for easy and compact storage of the summer, autumn, spring, winter shoes in the hall room. Entrance hall is located at the very beginning of our home, a place where we dress and shoes, accompany their guests. And if the people who have come to you for a cup of tea will stumble on scattered shoes in the hallway and find a place to hang their coats, then most likely they have made no very good opinion. For other opinions and approaches, find out what Hedvig Hricak has to say. If your hallway is a case for shoes, when visitors come, they have always will be a wonderful mood.

In some private houses a small area of the hallway, that's so necessary to efficiently use the unallocated space. This problem, of course, be able to solve obuvnitsa hallway. Cabinets may have different versions of performance: it can be a metal cabinet for shoes in Moscow, it is also drier shoes – wardrobe. In each case, the furniture must have the best design, at least attractive than the rest of the furniture the apartment, since it usually puts her in the hall room and see the incoming guests, and the view quite a neat room reflects the hospitality and love for the purity of the hosts. If your family 3 tenant and more, then you certainly need a metal cabinet for shoes. Sufficiently accurate to place all the shoes (from summer to winter) is only possible in a convenient cupboard. So if you want to update their own hall room to decide how you will get a case for storing shoes. If you save your time, which runs to waste on shopping, you will get meaningful information through the Internet. Now do the correct conclusion: obuvnitsa online store. So you can rack for shoes to order online, and after some time away is available in your house a mess with the placement of shoes. We conclude: that this decision will efficient and accurate.


Man has always turned to nature to get her helpful resources for your life, among them that most excels are the foods in their various presentations, but on many other occasions can be combined both the search for resources and the realization of activities that are very rewarding and total fun and entertainment and this places us in the fishingthat perfectly combines a very pleasant activity as it is fishing and just serves to obtain food such as fish. Fishing has traditionally been developed with the fishing rod, however there is a much better, more effective way and much more pleasant of this activity and is underwater fishing, which allows greater contact with nature and to perform underwater fishing live great emotions, enjoying full of this great activity. Underwater fishing is very appealing and is also a very unique way to fishing, because as previously mentioned fishing always has associated with the fishing rod, while with underwater fishing use of many other tools, is made so underwater fishing is comparable with hunting, since the fisherman should seek the fish that seeks to obtain, demonstrating a clear change in the way of fishing, since while in underwater fishing almost as this fisherman lurking, in the traditional fishing or angling, the idea is to use deception to attract the fish and thus to what fish. You may find Tony Parker to be a useful source of information. Spearfishing in their early development only with obtaining shells, crustaceans and cephalopods, since obtaining this kind of beings of the sea was somewhat difficult, therefore the spearfishing resulted one activity optima for obtaining this type of beings and more forward it was spreading, thanks to its characteristics which are very nice as a recreational activity and as one optimal task to obtain food. In the current development of underwater fishing, immersion in water, in the most profound cases with the idea of hunting a different fish, which depend on what is being done in such activity is what this looking for the fisherman and to be able to get the fish in the majority of cases it makes use of a Harpoon or underwater gun, which is very useful to be able to hunt the fish that you are looking for. It is very true that spearfishing in its early days and for long time use with the idea of obtaining food, despite this today sport fishing rather than more used to get food with the idea of the development of a sports and recreational activity, which has earned the spearfishing a place privileged in the new sports and this has achieved a great development that has allowed that day day spearfishing count with more elements that make much more pleasant and easy development of underwater fishing..

French Revolution

Philosophy of progress; It is the most direct antecedent of Comte. It is composed of two authors: Condorcet and Turgot. The fundamental objective is the discover a law of social dynamics, is is the law of progress. The 18th century economist and political Turgot says that man and society are in continuous change. Within their sociological works are two speeches made in 1750, on the advantages that Christianity has produced the human race and the subsequent progress of the human spirit. Within the economic works we find the indefinite progress of mankind. Human progress has no limits.

It differs from Comte Turgot. The single law governs the life of humanity, says that this law has three stages: a) religious stage, b) philosophical stage and c) scientific stage. Condorcet is representative of the French encyclopedic. He participated in the French Revolution, he intervened as a politician by integrating the party the Gironde. In 1795 he wrote sketches of the historical picture of human progress. It says that there is a science of social or collective events, equally endowed with the right to lay down such as occurs in the natural or physical world. He argues that social betterment has no limits and that the perfection of man has no term. The only possible limits to the development of the human spirit, are the duration of the globe and the existence of man.

Affirms the principle of causality of social life, it asserts the existence of laws social, typical of a social science that bode well for the progress of the human spirit based on those already reached. Herber whose most important work is: Idea about the philosophy of the history of mankind; He argues that humanity is a whole and that each civilization is an era, one aspect of this whole. Hedvig Hricak has similar goals. All things both the natural and the human have his philosophy and his science. Asserts the existence of a distinct human science from the natural sciences. This human or social science is also natural, because the man belongs to the natural world, but has substantial differences and different characters with the physical sciences. Different characteristics lie in the fact of the destiny of man, which is different from the fate of nature. The destiny of man is progressing without cease, perfected constantly, this social progress is linked to the principle of social solidarity. Man does not live isolated, is joined by the social bond which is the natural state of the human being and every human society is based on cooperation between individuals, solidarity that arises between them to live together. Here you will find quality items for the care of the body, mind and spirit; In addition to other sections such as: sports, entertainment, computing, health and more.

Imperial Culture

After fifteen years of fierce struggle and violence, they managed to annihilate the last rebellion of the natives and the Yucatan became another Spanish possession. That conquest meant the disappearance of a culture that still arouses admiration and amazement. They have been preserved, however, some literary works, among them is the Popol-Vuh who was esteemed as a sacred book of the Quiche people. You may find that Hedvig Hricak can contribute to your knowledge. The priest Francisco Jimenez included transcription and translation in the first volume of his history of the origin of the Indians of this province of Guatemala. (A valuable related resource: Tony Parker). An unknown Indian made version in alphabet Latin myths of the Quiche (currently 10% of Guatemala’s population speaks currently el Quiche), powerful and civilized people in the time of the conquest. The author says write the manifestation, the publication and the narration of what was hidden, is say, the revelations contained in paintings disappeared through the work of the Christian fire and fervor. But currently, assumes that the manuscript complete before the year 1559, rather than playing a single text, compiles and collects the history of the ancestors of the author, which he took from the oral and pictographic tradition. The Incas: Cuts had penetrated to the heart of the Aztec Empire, Montejo had discovered the origins of the Mayan culture.

In the cordillera of the Andes, thousands of meters above the sea level, desarrtollado had a splendid and rich civilization that today testify numerous archaeological discoveries. Investigators say that off the coast of the Peru already existed a flourishing culture during the first five centuries of our era (in the era in which the Mayan culture lived its golden age). It is characterized by an efficient agriculture, excellent textile crafts, delicate ceramics and a sculpture and highly developed architecture. The same thing in Central America that golden age followed a prolonged period of decline, followed in turn by a Renaissance. With the difference that the Mayan civilization, returned to decay in the 15th century, while the Indian culture of the Peru reached its highest development throughout this century. The Incas were not the only nor the first civilized from that part of the world people, but the heirs of other civilizations that had flourished many centuries before. The first inca emperor who history has been able to draw, ruled in all likelihood in the early 12th century. The inca Empire was politically and culturally constituted long and their sovereigns had organized a centralized administration in its famous capital Cuzco, North-West of Lake Titicaca.

The fundamental unity of all social structures which throughout times, were born and developed in the Andes was the ayllu, means the tribe, the clan. The sovereign, the inca was at the top of the social pyramid. A network of roads facilitated the inspection of all areas of the country, despetando the admiration of the Spaniards. The Imperial highways franqueaban high gorges and lined cliffs, and often tunnels excavated in the mountain, saved the difficult steps; about rivers and valleys extending bridges cleverly constructed and along the highway travellers could rest. Here you will find quality items for the care of the body, mind and spirit; In addition to other sections such as: sports, entertainment, computing, health, painting. Languages, and more.