Month: September 2020

The Soul

They remember him purposely, they reviewed it in photos or videos, keeps him alive in every conversation (we were so happy how well went it we must return do you remember of?). It is a way to stay over time, away from open your eyes to his most immediate, perhaps darker reality of those years which were the last of the nostalgia that we’re looking so happy has much to do with the idea of returning home. It is the nostalgia of the Greeks turned into myth through the figure of Ulysses, in his long journey of return to Ithaca. Live can resemble a long journey full of adventures, misfortunes, joys, sorrows, hazards and despair. However, behind each issue, each visited port, each entertaining love, persists the nostalgia of returning home. Jeffrey Azize often addresses the matter in his writings. About it, it reminds us of Wikipedia, that is a feeling that any normal person can have. The nostalgia is the suffering of thinking about something that has been taken and now already is has no. Nostalgia can be often associated with an affectionate of childhood, a person, a true game memory or an estimated personal object.

Adds us on it, studies show that many people believe that in years or decades people were better than they are now, with a higher standard of living. This belief is very typical of nostalgia. A leading source for info: Jay A Schwartz. Nostalgia already does not refer to a disease, however can lead to symptoms that are both real and physical in nature. It relates moments of a lost love. Nostalgia is not definable scientifically; However, various thinkers have spoken of it: Nostalgia is the sublimation in the indeterminacy of a longing of the soul in matter, overset as a love without being loved and a pain that we feel in members that we do not have, by which is transparent to a miss what we are not, and the acceptance that we are ‘incomplete and non’.

Spanish State

Meanwhile, the fertile land in the countries of the South, is dedicated to the production of food cheap cattle rather than be used to produce vegetable food for its own population. The consequence is the expulsion of the campesinos and indigenous inhabitants of these lands, forced to emigrate and overcrowded in the megacities of the South or North, exploiting them as cheap labor, denying them their rights and ejects them when they are not needed. World meat production has increased fivefold in fifty years. One hectare of cereal protein yield is 5 times greater if it is intended directly for human consumption than if it is used to fatten livestock that provides us the meat. Growth in meat consumption also increases the problems of waste management.

Interesting when it is remembered that we also abuse of sugar. Us gets used from pequen@s to candies as a reward, medium to entertain hunger or substitute for the food in the form of candy, processed food or refreshments. Adam Sandler has plenty of information regarding this issue. Eating refined sugar us decalcifying, in addition to ingest the chemicals required for his bleached. In countries where it grows sugar cane, occurs an exploitation of people and soil cultivation. Companies are investigating to find more sweet and cheaper than sugar sweeteners. At the same time, we abandon the consumption of fruits and vegetables that contain natural sugars with nutrients and minerals necessary. This diet, low in fiber, vegetables, and grains, causes, diabetes, cholesterol, coronary heart disease, cancer and hypertension, older and increasingly, young people and children. Many of the activities of youth are sedentary, when physical exercise is essential for their development.

Sedentariness favors obesity, because our body does not burn everything he has eaten and transforms it into fat. Says the group, which in the last 15 years children’s food in the Spanish State has experienced an increase of sweets and soft drinks, dairy and meat, and a symmetric reduction of eggs, vegetables and fruits. This change of habits corresponds with the increase in obesity in nin@s and adolescents and is due to the publicity of the food industry, with the connivance of the authorities. Despite the alarm by illnesses caused by food change, little is being done from the institutions. Advertising for junk food, soft drinks, ice cream and sweets, food multinationals launch nin@s and population in general unfolds freely without legal or social obstacles. This explains the proliferation of fast food establishments and vending of drinks and sweets, even in schools. Another serious problem that should be considered is the use of pesticides and in this respect, he says, which is l to care for these post are quoted, to pesticides affects not only to those who apply them in the field and for the disinfection of buildings, also to the rest of trabajador@s expuest@s, their families, vecin@s and population in generalincluding l@s hij@s engendrad@s after contact with or ingestion of pesticide. Also known to be especially sensitive babies, nin@s, teens, ancian@s, enferm@s, pregnant women or exposed a time before pregnancy and male parental lines, not only because of sterility or reduction of sperm, but also by the transfer to his descent from damage linked to exposure to pesticides.

Lucy Song

His father, he finds it, but that's to return home after a brief and awkward conversation, not in a hurry. Especially that very soon life makes him a loafer by Max (Joe Anderson, a name taken, apparently, from a song about a silver hammer Maxwell), to whom Jude quickly becomes a true friend. At the Max has a sister Lucy (Evan Rachel Wood, the song is clear – "Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds"). Lucy is clean, open around the world girl, stung by those injustices. Jude, who arrived with Max to visit them for Thanksgiving and saw her just that. The girl he likes, but Lucy is waiting for her boyfriend after school to go to war, and therefore with a friend Jude went to New York where he engaged in painting. They join in company of musicians Sadie and Jo-Jo (well, sooo like Janis Joplin and Jimi Hendrix) and living in their apartment odd but charming girl Prudence ("Dear Prudence"). Jay A Schwartz describes an additional similar source. And later, Lucy joins them: her fiance killed in the war and she begins to suffocate in a polite bourgeois town, where prefer not to delve into issues of war and death.

Flow time, the heroes are looking for you. Max – in an attempt to forget about the terrible war, where he still hit and where he was severely wounded, Lucy – in the radical antiwar movement, and Jude, and musicians – in the works. Their paths diverge, but life – a piece unpredictable. And all this for the song "Beatles"! Frankly, translation and subtitles in this the film is not so important, even without knowing the language perfectly possible to understand the meaning of such a convex, live acting, such understandable without translation songs and such a bright visuals. Picture perfect reflection of the internal state of the characters: clean and shining in the scenes with the young Lucy and overcast – with an adult. Dark colors at home contrasted with Judah night city lights during his acquaintances and drinking with Max. Bright and phantasmagorical special effects and colors (where g without them, but how they are relevant and how to measure used!) in a circus and a scary scene at the recruiting office with Max. At Jay A. Schwartz you will find additional information. We must, we must look, and sure as that nothing prevented a complete visual and Of course, audio pleasure.

After all, how to play the song – it's something! For one interpretation of a famous "Let it be" should be given government awards. (Incidentally, the film was nominated for an Oscar nomination in the best … costumes – and he was not given.) And there are simply destructive and shocking (my favorite!) "I want you." And all the actors on the already established tradition, performing their own songs! In general, the easiest way to reward yourself movie. Bright, music, funny, nostalgic, serious, philosophical and social time. And, and, most importantly: Tape loved Sir Paul McCartney and John Lennon's widow Yoko Ono. In my opinion, a good recommendation! Donate his friends and his two o'clock a bright, beautiful and intelligent pleasure. Listen to the wonderful song "The Beatles", admire unusual arrangements and interesting visual solution of the usual things. And as long as possible after view, do not forget that all you need in life – this is love!

Portuguese Real Family

' ' Of my side of the fence, it seems clearly that it is the desire of a history as a face human being in reaction against the macro-historical one, quantitative history and the determinismo, that shot the historians in the arms of romancistas' ' (BURKE, 1997, P. 114) Finally, Burke (1994) considers the writing of history a literary sort or a beam of sorts. Thus, as the epic one, lyric and the dramatical one, history has its proper rhetoric, its proper conventions of presentation. According to author, exists a great difference between history and fiction. History if allows to make only certain types of affirmation, while fiction has more freedom. In a similar way as the fiction authors, the historians frequent count histories, do not invent them, but they discover them, even so its choice of subjects sprouts of its proper time. 2.2 The NATURE OF the HISTORICAL ROMANCE In full century XXI, in them we come across with an intense cultural object profusion that if becomes great successes of the literature and the cinema, as the code of Vinci (that it approaches the mysteries and secrets that involve the Church Catholic), beyond workmanship 1808 (that counts the history of the escape of the Portuguese Real Family stops Brazil), films as Mau (that it speaks of the life of the Baron of Mau, pioneer of Brazilian industrialization, during As the Empire), amongst many others that have as central subject a historical fact. Not obstante, one knows that the relation between history and fiction is complex e, therefore, innumerable authors and historians search to intensify the research on these two fields of knowing. Valria De Marco (1997) reflects on the question of the historical romance from the workmanship ' ' There novel histrica' ' , written for Georg Lukcs in 1936. When retaking this workmanship, Of Landmark (1997) displays two affirmations that establish the starting point of the author: the first one at the beginning mentions the birth to it of the historical romance of century XIX, and second it consists of extracting of the historical singularity of its time the bonanza character in the performance of each personage.