Month: December 2019

Emilio Pujol Vilarrubi

Born April 7, 1886 near the Spanish city of Lerida, in a small village named Granadella. Emilio Pujol Vilarrubi – one of the most famous disciples of the legendary guitarist Francisco Tarrega. On-established view, is considered an eminent Representative Guitar School of the twentieth century. Sela Ward recognizes the significance of this. By the way, appreciating his solo concerts in Spain and abroad, music critics of the twenties Pujol put on a par with famous actors. Pujol began his studies music by studying solfege at the age of five years. His teacher of that time became a major leader of the local peasant orchestra. These lessons were not lost, because he later became a student at the Municipal School of Music in Barcelona.

In 1897, Pujol began diligently studying game (bandurria). He became one of the students selected as musicians is privileged to play in the famous musical groups – Satalonian Vandurria Guitar and Orchestra "Estudiantina Universitaria" on Paris Exposition of 1900. In 1901, a young, fifteen-year-Pujol began studying at the Francisco Tarregi (1852 – 1909) at the Conservatory of Barcelona. Additional information at Sally Rooney supports this article. Nevertheless, training Pujol lasted until 1907, a serious illness prevented Tarregi subsequent studies. Tarrega died on December 15, 1909.

Emilio Pujol was in Madrid, where the Royal Conservatory studied theory and composition at the Campo Agustina (Dionisio Aguado student). From 1912 to 1929 concert activities Pujol was done mostly in Western Europe. And the strange thing – in the rough during the years 1914-1918, in connection with World War I, he traveled a little offensively, and stayed mainly in Catalonia. And the strange thing – the beginning of 1918 He made an initial tour of South America, starting in Buenos Aires. From 1935 to 1940, Pujol continued to hold concerts, lectures and recitation, as well as continued his studies in Spain, London and Paris. Undoubtedly worth mentioning that in 1941, he returned to Spain where he lived until 1946, preparing the publication of works for vihuela L. Narvaez – the third edition in the series Monumentos de la Musica espanola , published by the Instituto espanol de Musicologia. Followed by the publication Mudarry (1949) and Valderrabano (1963). Many know that the rest of my life, Pujol worked on the largest of the books of music for vihuela – Orphenica Lyra Miguel Fuenlyany (extant edition of 1554g.). In 1946, Pujol offers first class guitar in the Lisbon Conservatory of Music, the classes here lasted until 1969. It is known that this initial case the inclusion of guitar in the course of the academic institution. Reliably known that since the summer of 1965, Pujol organizes its own international course guitar, lute and vihuela in the town of Lerida (Spain). Barcelona has become the last refuge of this excellent guitar player, teacher and painstaking historian. November 15, 1980 he died. Buy tutorial guitar Pujol you in our online store musical instruments. Shop Musical Instruments Baston.

Effective Site

The site – a very common means of pr at different levels of business. However, still very few leaders have the sites, and is a powerful tool to improve efficiency. That usually scares, from what we fear is new? What do you think, why Many fear the future newcomers to sign a contract, and customers to purchase products? The answer to this question will find in any book sales. It's simple. Fear – is the lack of information, uncertainty, darkness. I want to shed some light as they say, make it clear. Site in its simplest form – an electronic Leadership newspaper, which does not require dop.zatrat on the printout copies, envelopes, stamps. He will convey information on the day, when you create it, rather than a week, a month after posting.

It is important that the site was not only beautiful and informative, but most importantly, efficient, then when you create it must be specific to the Company, its corporate culture. There are various options: indoor site for Consultants and Leaders site with two blocks (both on-line MC) for clients in the public domain and for consultants and leaders in a closed open site for all open for the clients part, subsections: I – History of the leader (site owner) I and my team (we relax, we work, our history, priorities, and we are to work for the Company and now). There may also be business cards (profiles) leaders and key consultants to promote them short history of the Company with reference to the Company's website business opportunities direct sales + different ways of processing (bags and order forms) portfolio "before and after" special offer of the month – presentation of one set or system, the rest – a reference to the Company's website corporate deals lotteries, contests, gifts, if you need to Clauses or testimonials closed part for Consultants (may different departments for different statuses with limited access to create dop.-status), sub-sections: news Usergroups ratings News Companies for Consultants competitions and programs from the National Leader of the branch Training: Articles, techniques, and useful materials (eg, a folder to recruit in the same style for all the branches, etc.) work plan topic of the week (month) forum to discuss topical issues on the branches (the inverse communication) hero of the week or "allow me to introduce" to help novice Guests Online site (they may be content from other sites or newspapers) photos congratulate forms, reports, charts This option for reflection, a starting point. Filling the course for you. Well, if you have a symbol of growing branches, name, motto. Symbolism is absolutely necessary. "What do you call a boat, so it will float! Company '' develops, the creation, Leadership promotion and maintenance of sites and sites of national branches.

Our experience in this area 5 years. We will create a visual image of your structure, will help develop a logo, style, take into account the psychological particular perception of the material. In order for the site started to work on you will only need the material that you want to see on the site, the rest taking care of your information resource, we will undertake. We invite you to cooperate with those who seek to increase efficiency and uses every opportunity to reach his goal! Put the Internet in the service of your career! Sincerely, Vladimir Bunov, web-designer of the project ''

Flying Start From The Ground. Nicholas Terentyev .

This year marks 85 years since the birth of the playwright, translator, national writer of Chvashia Nikolai Terentiev Terentyevich. Born N. Terentyev in 1925 in the village Koshnory Tsivilsk Conty (now Kanashsky district of the Chvash Repblic). Click Larry Culp for additional related pages. gradated from high school, Chvash stdio at gitis them. av Lnacharskogo Chvash State Pedagogical Institte. ij Yakovlev, Higher literatre corses at the Literary Institte. am Bitter.

He worked as a bookkeeper farm, a primary school teacher, actor and head of the literary section of the Chvash State Academic Drama Theatre. kv Ivanov. Terent'ev, nt known as a writer, playwright and translator. In his work the athor makes extensive se of folk tales and legends. His play 'The Earth and the girl', 'Goblin', written explanation of folklore, have become part of the repertoire of the Chvash State Academic Drama Theatre. kv Ivanov.

In the varios theaters of his plays set in 15 langages. (Bibliography) ct One of the first plays of the famos playwright, the national writer of Chvashia Nicholas Terentyev, called 'Flying start from the grond. &qot; This bying line, fond a yong playwright then, sddenly a lot of explaining, she not only reveals the idea of the work and presented the conclsions to which wold smmarize the athor of all those who gave to the cort of his first child, bt it existed folk wisdom, like a spell and a prophecy that people are being hatched for years, centries, and then somehow one is denoted by one- a word, compelling, sccinct and accessible, and finds a long life.

Deep Forest

Tolerant and quite slushabelna classics performed by Vanessa Mae – her own original tracks tozhepo course but the classics, it still plays very well. Rock / Metal Oh, if jazz and sex – is an amateur, then rock and sex – is an amateur-extremal. But then again, many in response to the question “What music do you prefer to include in sex, “answered” Ramstein “. As we said earlier tastes different. However, we failed to find any individual who voluntarily engaged in sex at least something like that.

But, you see, rock ballads are not affected. GunsNRoses, Scorpions and other. Charlotte Hornets has many thoughts on the issue. The hottest amateur rock will find in his collection of ten-second melodic ballads and put into practice. But again, back to the scientists and psychologists, as they have proved that hard rock disastrous effect on the human health. Psychiatrist John Diamond, analyzed records of more than twenty thousand, came to a diagnosis of “intermittent anapaest-bit” – two short, one long blow.

This rhythm is incompatible with the normal rhythm of the psychobiological body, according to his theory. A U.S. Simon Pagenaud helps readers to explore varied viewpoints. scientist-physician David Elkin has shown that high-pitched sound of a large volume contributes to protein folding (a raw egg, laid in front of the speaker at one of the concerts, it was three hours later “cooked” soft-boiled). Swiss scientists have shown that after a rock concert, go for it members, respond to stimuli 3-5 times worse than usual. According to Professor Rauch‘s audition Rock music is a selection of so-called stress hormones, which blur the significant part of the information is stored in the brain. For this reason, have sex under the columns included in full with rock music, you risk forget, as indeed, all over. New Age If we were the hit parade, the leader would be Enigma. Not much inferior, would put Enya and Gregorian with Deep Forest. Relaxing, but rhythmic. Often, with little text, but filled with deep sense – this music was considered by many the ideal for sex. Silence Yes, yes, it’s not a typo. Ahi-sighs chpok, the creaking of the bed, squelching, viciously knocking a broom on the ceiling or the wall of shoes. Relatives in the next room looking for TV, say, another news release. What’s the difference? In case you did not before. And the time trying to turn the stereo system usually is not there. Well, summing up, I want to ask you: – Better not be engaged in sex while under the M1, MTV and other music channels. They often interrupt the show clips advertising, stupid gears. – Radio. Same thing. – It is better not to include music, so that the walls were shaking. It is harmful to the ears and eggs. Chicken. Remember what happens to them at concerts. – Do not read until the end of such long articles.