Mar 11

Everyone Sing

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Main Unlike this method from others is that from the very first lesson, we sing, and do not study the spelling of individual notes or theoretical issues. The entire program of studies is built in such a way that theoretical knowledge student receives from his practical experience, we believe the most productive and useful, which […]

Mar 11

What Is Music ?

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Incarnations of the music in abundance. This is the life and work, and hobbies, and a splash of emotion and mood, and background so much if anything! And of course, for everyone – music – is something of my own that it is impossible to describe in words, or even impossible depict the sounds and […]

Mar 11

Public Recording Studio

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As a powerful catalyst for the development of rock movement in the country were the Olympic Games 1980 in Moscow. In 1982, in Leningrad, was formed the first rock club, which includes the Aquarium, Zoo, and others is most clearly at this time in a Russian rock music, opened up areas such as classic rock […]