Month: March 2011

Public Recording Studio

As a powerful catalyst for the development of rock movement in the country were the Olympic Games 1980 in Moscow. In 1982, in Leningrad, was formed the first rock club, which includes the Aquarium, Zoo, and others is most clearly at this time in a Russian rock music, opened up areas such as classic rock and roll ("Zoo" "Bravo") lyrical folk-rock ("Time Machine", Chaif), "heavy metal" ("Aria", "Black Coffee", "Black Obelisk", "Metal Corrosion), punk-rock (" Automatic satisfactory ") new wave ("TV"), jazz-rock (Arsenal). Interesting and vivid events are "Crematorium" and "Sounds of Moo" with their post-modern sentiments, 'AuktYon', whose music has absorbed a variety of styles and trends. The third major center rock movement (in addition to Moscow and Leningrad) became the Sverdlovsk (Yekaterinburg). Ural rock was at that time represented by teams of Urfin Juce "," Nautilus Pompilius "Chaif," Nastia "Ufa and the ddt. One characteristic of the Soviet rock a musical minimalism that is associated with the fact that the musicians were denied their latest electronic equipment for recording and mixing. As a result, the main burden fell on the songs texts. Poems leading musicians of this era – Makarevich, , Tsoi, Shevchuk – were particularly socially-critical content and increased emotional intensity.

In fact, what value was given to the texts of songs, Soviet rock music 80's was close to authoring the song, it sounded echoes of the creation of Bulat , Alexander Galich and Vladimir Vysotsky. After emerging from the underground Soviet rock acquires a new meaning and receives the possibility of going beyond the Union. In 1986 the U.S. was released double album 'Red Wave' with the records of four groups: "Aquarium", "Strange Games", "Alice" and "Cinema". After this event, the Soviet rock musicians have had the opportunity to tour abroad.

By the end of the era of "" Russian rock bands are transformed into commercial projects, it becomes possible by touring, producing albums for Public Recording Studio "Melody", their appearance on television and radio. This applies primarily to the pioneers of domestic rock music ("Time Machine", "Aquarium", "Cinema", "Alice"). After the collapse of the Soviet Union, Russian rock from poluzapretnogo Art has become a trendy music. In sound to the mid-90's he came to Western music, continued development of the genre. A large number of bands performing punk and grunge ("The King and the Clown ',' Lumen ',' Naive ' 'Cockroaches', 'Pilot'), many groups of the alternative scene ('Amatory', 'Jane Air', 'Psyche'). Striking phenomenon is the emergence of groups such as 'Arctic Monkeys', 'Mummy Troll'. If the basis of Russian rock, 70's and 80's lay a strong social protest, in 1990-2000's revolt had already been occasions was not, and some groups of rock music is becoming more philosophical sounding ('Aquarium', 'DDT', 'Arctic Monkeys'), others – is becoming more lyrical ('Chaif', 'Animation', 'Mummy Troll'). You can endlessly argue about whether alive or rock is dead – but life is between continuing and there are more and more talented musicians playing rock. Rock music remains a powerful means of expression for many people.