Mar 14

Overtaking Competitors

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– And here we will put a brand – logo, – said Vassily, pointing to the layout. I thought: "And as soon not known trademark ….."" trademark (logo) and a service mark – the symbol meant for individualization goods, works or services to entities or persons. "The Russian legislation reflects two things: the trademark (logo) […]

Mar 14

Credit Loans

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In this modern era, where the urgency of the economy, market size, the speed with which they make and break the business agility that sometimes require the profit opportunities, unexpected debts, and many other things that have to do with the movement of money, it is not surprising that one happens to need emergency appropriations. […]

Mar 14

Businesses Excellent Maintenance

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During the expansion of networking opportunities and the transition time of the trade regime into line, quickly need the services of specialists to install the software, as well as marketing. In order to Portal it was possible to find in search engines and not the last position must pass most of the work in this […]

Mar 14


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Gustavo Castro Soto RazonEsdeSer. In the context of the global crisis of capitalism, more acute than in 1929, Mexico began his own since 2007 when the World Bank (WB) estimated that 40 of Mexicans lived in poverty. In late 2008 the Mexican government started preparations for receiving loans funds from the IMF, the WB and […]