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The Main

The introduction of KPIs in the company has several stages. The order of the stages is very important and their changes can have negative results for the work of the system. Stage 1. The formation of the strategy. The clearly written strategy describes the main steps, which are necessary for the achievement of the objectives and the desired results. Stage 2. The determination of KPIs. At the given stage is the selection of events according to the implementation of the strategy.

A tool for determining the main factors of success the KPIs, and these are the qualitative indicators which are referred to with the paragraphs. The number of KPIs should be limited (for the reality of their execution and the quality of monitoring). Stage 3. The development and the assessment of the balanced scorecard. At the given stage the generalized system of financial and non-financial indicators will be developed, which is presented to the leadership. So determines the importance of this level because their even the administrative decision will affect the combination of indicators.

Stage 4. The selection of the technical solution for the introduction of KPIs. In this stage is the determination of the source of data for the informative filling of codes, which satisfies the conditions of objectivity, the timeliness and reliability. Finally, it is important to note that a fundamental moment in the application of KPI in the management of a company is the clear understanding of the determination of the present methodology and its limitations. But it is important to have not only the KPIs, but constantly to use in practice, and to carry out the monitoring of the performance of the strategic tasks. If the information on key performance indicators for you is important and you want it to learn more, we offer you to visit our Web site.

Moderator Team Melina

Berliners let everyone behind Berlin German bracket Championship, September 4th, 2011 the 2011 bracket champion is found: In the final at the IFA booth by de’Longhi prevailed Amina Thrun of Berlin against the competition from all over Germany. The champion steams all folds of the clothes and the jury to iron-King Richard Lee, the RTL stars Bibi has still time for acrobatics and Turtleneck, were equally thrilled by her performance, like many viewers: you delivered a great show. Who can iron quickly and well and stands on one leg in the balancing act, must be simply ironing champion”, Richard Lee, world champion even in iron-art forward. Points for quality and show the third German ironing Championship a total of 18 finalists fought for the title. They were qualified in the regional decisions in whole Germany. While clothes had to be ironed in eight minutes. The jury awarded again effect the ranking points for quality and show.

The finalists have used too clever for himself: the temple fans have sung, danced and staged the jury with glitter dust, but none could compete with Amina’s performance. The new bracket champion also has the Moderator Team Melina impressed rust and Thomas Ohrner. Amina has really brought a great performance. The acrobatics was amazing and she has delivered another really good ironing results to. But the second and third were also great, that was still close at the end”, Thomas Ohrner is pleased about the exciting outcome of the final. Reward for the struggle against the creases beside the title German bracket champion 2011 has the 22 year old Berliner a weekend trip for two to Venice and won. With devices from the home were the second and third de’Longhi rewarded: the Shira Vera Jakubik – also from the capital won a premium – coffee, the Prima Donna S de luxe. The third-place finishers, Iris Bohrmann from Bochum, can use the Steam ironing station VVX 1870 Stirella dual VAP and the appropriate comfort Ironing table for the next year hot iron. According to the best – online and offline in this year the temple fans next to the regional decisions for the first time on Facebook for the finals under the Funkturm could qualify the search. On the side of the bracket professionals ironing King is Richard Lee still ironing tips, how to get a shirt wrinkle-free in less than three minutes.

Walk More Safely

Comfortable women’s shoes in stunning colours make it easier for you to get to where you want to while on the road, you attract all eyes. In brightly colored patent leather ballet shoes are classic that they will never be fashionable. These shoes are in striking patterns and shades, as well as in classic black and own the patent leather brightness adds a little glow to any outfit, from a dress, until a pair of jeans. (A valuable related resource: Sela Ward). The flexibility and comfort of the soles and soft construction of the ballet slippers are and have been legendary characteristics among generations of lovers of woman most stylish shoes. If you want to be comfortable, but also give you a little lift at your feet than sports shoes with platform they adapt perfectly to your style. These combine the comfort of athletic shoes with the elegance of platforms and, in addition, are available in versions with medium heels and high heels.

You can commonly find athletic shoes with platform in soft brown or granulated, black or beige, however, also available in original and different colors and patterns. Athletic shoes with platform classics are also available with outer soles of rubber or other flexible soles which makes wear easy without renouncing its elegant appearance. (As opposed to Anna Belknap). The riding boots combine the elegance of a country house, with protection and a comfortable flat sole. These boots are also very easy to apply and remove and look great with all your casual attire and working together. You will find models that are exact replicas of real equestrian boots, as well as you will also find current models inspired by this classic style and practical rubber boots have come a long way, beginning as utilitarian boots of yore for rain and becoming an accessory to fashion. It’s believed that Vanessa Marcil sees a great future in this idea.

These boots are ideal for comfortable hiking in uncomfortable climates and are available in a wide variety of styles, colors and patterns. Shoes Flat Oxford are back on the catwalks and the fashion shows of this season. These unforgettable tie shoes are characterized by a comfortable sole and models for practically for any taste. Models for this year include all include everything from shoes saddle and oxfords type jazz to bright pink and purple patterns in shiny patent leather. Moccasins and Castilian shoes in light colors also combine comfort and style and are as versatile as comfortable for walking. Combine them with any casual outfit, and even with any outfit for work when you know that you’ll be standing all day. Flat sandals, from seductive strips until metallic belt models and various colors are perfect for spring and summer. Soft patent leather, in various colors and patterns, straps are perfect to make you look good and keep you comfortable.

Last Egor

Despite the fact that the last album, "Why Dreams "virtually ignored" Nashe Radio "in contrast to the previous two (possibly due to the fact that it has released an independent record label, not the" Mystery of Sound ") for the year of its sale during the life of Letov avoided these albums. Which once again gave rise to speak about the phenomenon of a group that was successful, defying all rules of show business and not deviating from their own. On the 22nd of January 24, Yegor answered the questions the fans. The interview turned out very large, has been published on their official website in two parts. In early February, 8th and 9th numbers, held two concerts, "Civil Defense" in Ufa and Yekaterinburg, respectively. Takes pictures first performance showed the local channels. Concert in Yekaterinburg was recorded entirely. Concerts were very good, the band was still on the rise.

There were no signs of trouble. However, according to drummer Paul Peretolchina after last concert Yegor looked tired, but perked up when the dressing room came the guys from the team warm-up. A few days before his death, called his friend Egor journalist Maxim Semelyaku. According to Maxim Egor was "Happy voice and laughter rested man." They talked about the plans, agreed to do a book dialogue, Yegor asked him to buy an American collection in Moscow Fading Yellow – worried that his snatch. February 24 was to be held Yegor acoustic concert in St. Petersburg, which was scheduled after a big spring tour group, which began in southern Russia. February 19, 2008 in Omsk, about 16:00 local time, Yegor Letov died in his sleep from cardiac heart. According to other reports of cardiac arrest was the cause of acute respiratory failure.

Egor stopped breathing. He was buried on 21th February, Yegor Old East Cemetery in Omsk next to the grave of his mother. Last Egor and his concerto played by Civil Defence in Yekaterinburg on February 9, 2008. It is known that Yegor Letov was preparing to publish a collection of rarities "With the speed of the World", which had planned to include songs of 1993-2007 period. This is primarily alternate versions of known songs recorded during the work on the last album, a cover of BG, "Electric Dog", a demo recording of "What dreams" made without drummer Paul Peretolchina. In addition, in a recent interview talked about Yegor two DVD, which were prepared for release: electric and acoustic concert at "Orange" with the bonus hour concert at Luzhniki.

Italian Immigration

The method used is an exploratory research, obtaining through interviews with Important Persons, involving leaders from the home network, municipal theatre officials and professionals of agricultural technical assistance. Speaking candidly Tony Parker told us the story. In second step, we attempted you visit the projects and interview with the people involved, will be alone analyze to their discourses and acts on the NET. During the you dialogue, we identified two major factors that to hinder the consolidation of this organization, the current organizational norms and sanitary standards. The result of the study is reflection about how these agents also have difficulties of organization and articulation institutions, organizations and individuals. Considering this discussion this proposes adds considerations about the consolidation of organization. Key – words: family farming, agribusiness, networks. 1.Introduo In the called region of the Fourth Colony of Italian Immigration – RS has a based social construction in the European culture, the typical gastronomia and the religiosidade of the nine cities compose that it.

This local peculiarity allows one appeals tourist region, which has been mobilized since the decade of 1990-2000 as development form. The activation of a set of existing resources as mote tourist instigates a complex process of social organization and joint of the public politics with the demands of the different involved actors, in which it is distinguished estruturao and qualification of the artisan production of foods and drinks produced with raw materials of animal and vegetal origin. The agroindstrias of the Fourth Colony if insert in the context of familiar agriculture, where strong &#039 exists an exploitation; ' natural' ' of knowing to make artisan available in the local cultural patrimony. When dealing with these agricultural familiar agroindstrias (AFRs) it is not treated, only, of processing and improvement of foods, but all a system of social, cultural and economic matrix that turns around these. These agroindstrias in its majority are artisan, many still work in the informality, but they had advanced in the quality and they had conquered the social endorsement of its products next to consumers.

Swiss Tourism Federation

The Samedaner hotel was awarded 2011 Samedan top hotel 07.01.11 leading hotel evaluation Portal HolidayCheck the Palazzo Mysanus with hotels to the Swiss historic 2011 distinguished hotel as a top. Thus, the Palazzo Mysanus is one of the world’s 332 hotels with this distinction. “” This is own words for the hostess of the hotel: A distinction, which of course is a great pleasure for my colleagues and me and it is for us incentive remain, the best for our guests to give. “as far as Monika Martin, since 2003 with their good spirits”, so she calls their employees, the Palazzo leads. Contact information is here: Anna Belknap. The award got the hotel due to the multitude of positive guest reviews in recent years. The question after their recipe for success, answered Monika Martin concluded with a light shrug: to imagine, what my guests might think, what expectations they have and to look, maybe this is a part of the success recipe, with her eyes through the small Palazzo which I also on my Employee pass.” The 1624 built Engadine house Palazzo Mysanus is led since 2003 by Monika Martin as a hotel. In the partly in Chambers held the modern design, as well as nostalgic Swiss stone pine rooms also a part is the guest Engadine history gives the vaulted ceilings, partly also with cross vaults, have been from the construction period still preserved and completely renovated in the year 2003 at the opening of the hotel. Since 2006, the hotel is a partner of exclusive Swiss historic hotel group and carries the quality seal of Swiss Tourism Federation. Detlef Sommer

Cheap Paris Hostels

Hostels Economicos en Paris Tips for choosing hostels in Paris Paris is a great very cosmopolitan European capital and tourism. It is not easy to locate hotels in Paris that are decent and although there are many web pages of hostels very attractive that provide a guide that see in Paris, and hostels to choose reality once you get to your hostel in Paris can be very different to the virtual. It must be borne in mind, that to find a cheap hotel in Paris, has to choose a minimum 4-star. That vision or mentality that exists in Spain of: as long as the hotel is simple and clean already it is sufficient, for Paris, it is not valid. And not worth it, because in Spain simple and clean can be a 2 or a 3 star perfectly. A 2 star hotel in Paris may prove to be a pigsty decrepit and dirty; and a Parisian 3-star hotel a hotel may be more central but old, poorly preserved, poorly maintained and dirty. Our advice is to go always to the well-placed 4 star hotels so that they can make tourism comfortably with good links and metro connections and ls facilidides of transportation in Paris. It is difficult but possible to find some cheap hostels in Paris with these features.

Also, advice to move underground. Paris is a city that is very large, with long distances and has a very good infrastructure of metro and very comfortable, so it doesn’t matter if your hotel is not in the center of the city. A carnet de metro (carte orange) can be removed valid for one week and he may move and use it as many times as necessary. They sell it at all metro stations. The only thing that will be asked is a photograph. Below we offer some basic tips on how to choose a few hotels in Paris, whose relation quality / price is supported by many experienced tourists. How to choose a cheap hotel in Paris online: * use known reservations centers, or pages that collect the honest opinion of other tourists.

Our favorite book is Clickbed. ** Not never hire halfboard and neither full Board. Paris has lots of very interesting sites, to eat all kinds of food, and the food in the hotels except the most expensive tends to be very bad. * Check the situation of the hotel before booking. Many hotels in Paris, which are advertised as centrally located turn out to be very away from the center of the city, and although the subway system is very good, maybe not excited you have, than spend an hour commuting, to arrive at your hotel or from the hotel to the monuments and museums of Paris most emblematic. * It is wrong to be guided only by the number of stars. Or think that the Parisian hotels are in Spain. Each site has its own characteristics and should inform before you embark on a journey and organise themselves. We hope that these tips will be useful and your stay in Paris unforgettable!

Thousands Vertriebler Students Are Urgently Wanted!

“Without distribution in the operation nothing”! Neustadt/Wied: The German economy humming along and all industries seek urgent appropriate Vetriebler/Interior. It has recognized the company sales and consulting in Neustadt/Wied and your services to the Vertriebsauf-and expanding substantially expanded. Made in time a new website was to the spring in the network to faster and better quickly occupy all sales abroad. While the generation 50plus is also deliberately encouraged and supported. Because life and experience is to replace with your multiple 10 thousands sales contacts in all sectors at the customer with nothing, a built-in newsletter system was created in addition to fulfill the demands of medium-sized companies and distributors. This works the company sales and consulting with glossy brochures, but wants to consult its partners and colleagues in personal conversations.

Real deals are made in the next few years among people and we talk with our Partners/inside how products and services can be marketed. “” Also our colleagues to know, that you have in us a competent and sturmerprobten “contact, which helps to find the right job,” Friedel says Mies, Managing Director of the company sales and consulting. Many businesses and distributors often difficult in matching employees finding, training and organization do in Declaration worthy products or services. This costs a lot of extra time and will be crowned with success, not always directly. The company sales and consulting thinks long term sales and finds the appropriate sales staff for your cooperation partners so that they work successfully with the partners together. The emphasis given in the actions on the support for medium-sized companies and distributors that offer very good products or services, only in the market no one knows what”. The team of the company is sales and advice daily from 7 for all contacts and questions “18: 00 always at your disposal and is based on the motto: who serves earned and confidence is the beginning of everything”! Please for all contacts and inquiries: sales and consulting Friedel Mies Wiedblick 14B 53577 Neustadt / Wied Tel 02683 945910 fax 02683 945911

How To Organize A Children

Approximates the most important day in the life of your child – his birthday. Literally 10 years ago such a scenario the holiday had been predetermined in advance – a feast, gifts, sometimes funny children's competitions, poetry. Gradually, this manner of events drove the American style – a small buffet of sweets, fancy hats and plenty of balloons. And as it is today usual to children's birthday for the latest fashion? Our questions producer is responsible for organizing events agency 'Everant' Alexander . Tell me at what age the child usually invite an animator for a holiday? Of course every child is different, but it is best to begin with 3hlet – at this age kids are already beginning to be treated with interest and without fear. And up to 3 years of age and be afraid of clowns and Santa Claus, yes pochtivseh characters – not to mention the puppets. In addition, and animators is much easier work with the children, who are already able to communicate)) What other additional services you are for the celebration? If we talk about children's party – we can provide a full range of services organization of the event – from the collection of reviews and ending with fireworks. usually a children's holiday – this selection of cafes / outdoor playground with a children's menu and live entertainment from the fabulous characters, or it may be Excursions – gaming option – it all depends on the age of the children. as the most basic attributes of a holiday – we have a carnival production and balls)) On a budget of hope to parents who have decided to commission an holiday from the pros? The work of invited artists in the middle – 2500-3000r/chas.