Month: February 2012

New Opel Astra

The new Opel Astra in showrooms European dealers Opel five-door hatchback came the first new-generation Astra – a direct rival VW Golf. Since June, the car will officially imported to Russia. The new generation Astra radically new design. The old version was a low-key – just for buyers of mass car "Golf class", which is more important than reliability and practicality than design refinements. The latest machine will be different in the flow – through aggressive front end with a massive panel cladding, large air intakes and modern necklines dipped complicated structures – by the way, for the first time in the class "attached" to the steering wheel and illuminated corners. Entirely changed and filling machines – both technical and consumer.

New Astra – the main rival Volkswagen Golf fifth generation. Both machines are simultaneously available in the Frankfurt Motor Show in September last year. In Russelsheim, "Lair Opel, tried anything to keep up with rivals from Wolfsburg. We tried so hard, that in some ways even surpassed. For example, in the amount of luggage – 380 vs. 350 hp.

If we digress from the topic, you will notice that as it may seem strange, but Baggage volume today LADA is not inferior! As in the VW Golf, Opel Astra is introduced at 8 engines. This five petrol units capacity ranging from 1.4 to 2 liters and the capacity from 90 to 200 hp and three diesel engines from 1.7 to 1.9 liters, producing 80, 100 and 150 hp All motors meet environmental standards Euro 4, which come into force in 2006. Transmissions are 4, 5, and 6-speed manual, 4-step "automatic" and a proprietary 5-speed Easytronic. "Asters" Easytronic gearbox equipped with a system of HAS (Hill Start Assist). It makes better get a move on the rise, not fall back giving the car back. By request of HAS can be put on a version with manual gearbox. One of the main options for new items – the system IDS Plus, which manages and optimizes suspension driving performance cars. The machines will be a button with IDS Sport Switch, clicking on which the driver can change the behavior of the vehicle by activating the setting sports chassis and gearbox. The list of usual and additional equipment provided for the Astra, also includes adaptive bi-xenon headlamps, sensors checking tire pressure, heating Quickheat, preventing fogging of windows, automatic climate control with Air recirculation system, leather interior treatment, 6-disc CD-changer system with Twin Audio, resolving front and rear passengers to listen to diverse music at the same time, OnStar navigation system with voice control and other more conventional "convenient." There are 5 versions of all the car (basic, Elegance, Enjoy, Sport and Cosmo). Perhaps only to protect passengers Opel could not invent anything new. Although the arsenal of active and passive safety at the Car impressive, especially compared to previous-generation Astra. Passive safety of the supply strong power structure of the body with energy-absorbing portions, front and side airbags, Inflatable "curtains" that protect the heads of the passengers from side impacts, active front head restraints to protect the neck passenger terminals for standard child seat ISOFIX, injury-pedals and steering column. In case someone in the cabin lost sight of the buckle, provides audible and visual alarms. Active safety is ensured by now standard in today ESP, traction control, ABS, brake in Minsk City turns and the installation of emergency braking. In Europe, prices for new Astra will arise from 15 200. In this case the base Volkswagen Golf 5 more just symbolically – to 20.