Jun 11

Translational Medicine

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Scientists have developed artificial platelets that could stop the bleeding. Now, internal bleeding can be stopped almost twice as fast. Such assistance is crucial for wounded soldiers and victims of accidents. External bleeding can be stopped compresses, but the interior – to stop practically impossible. In the near future the situation will change. U.S. researchers […]

Jun 11

Proserpine Friend

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…. From the first page looked at me a photo of my friend … Such striking similarity, I have not yet meets with. Could not pay attention to it, if it would be just like people. But the very fact that so many of the same character traits and that my friend himself to me […]

Jun 11

Goodwill Ambassadors

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Part One. "The soul has a mysterious tendency to fill in empty spaces, to overcome the dangers and difficulties, to seek the unknown. This desire, making you act – the divine power embedded in the depths of our entity. It was she who drew the first hunters into new areas. This spring our greatest acts […]

Jun 11

Animation Design

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Each with a childhood friend saying: 'Better to see once than hear a hundred times. " And when we get older, we become convinced of the wisdom and fidelity of this saying. And what would people be engaged in life – is a question of professional activity, artistic creativity or a hobby – everyone wanted […]

Jun 11

Color In Art Photography

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Greater meaning, emotional and aesthetic load photos is color. The color palette of contemporary photography is wide. Nevertheless, the photographer is facing a more technically complicated task, rather than a painter, as photographic materials is not as perfect as the eye of the artist. Therefore, when filming must take into account a feature color photos […]

Jun 11

Mom Games

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The most important activity for every man, whose age not more than 4.3 years – it's the game. That game activity for any child – it is the most significant and taken seriously by the activities that will require participation of all without exception forces and capabilities. However, in contrast to adults, play activities for […]

Jun 11

Electronic Ignition System Part 2 Mechanical

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Time Control Time On The Power Control consists of two basic elements: a) Power Control During Start b) Control Power Boot After Power Control During Start ignition control during startup is defined as period during which the engine is doing and immediately after he left. The ignition occurs at a specific angle of crankshaft position, […]

Jun 11

Learn Language

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When a person decides to learn a foreign language and are already beginning to dream about the plans, which would result from implementation of the plan to study a foreign language, suddenly discover that he can not learn English or any other foreign language! What is it? Why? The most common and easiest answer to […]

Jun 11

Aeromodeling Starter

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In aircraft modeling there are several trends. The first type of aircraft modeling, this poster aircraft modeling. Alas, I do not know much about the poster of aircraft modeling. I only know that they are doing bench aircraft modeling man does not create capable of flying the plane, painted his creation as the original, replacing […]

Jun 11

Dominican Republic Vice President Rafael Alburquerque

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But the democratic values and institutions as well as civil liberties and Press increase accountability and reduce corruption, helping to direct public attention to pressing needs, increasing, thus the potential to become responsible to the needs of the poor. "Studies linking poverty and democratic quality are enhanced while the alternative systems disintegrate, democratic regimes multiply […]

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