Month: May 2013

Joaquin Sorolla

The girl did not fasten the shoulder of the gown, somewhat wide-eyed, button while note as its folds will stick to your skin. His smile betrays her flirtatious: is aware of the effect that is causing in the young teenager. The image has a large load of eroticism without showing at any time lust, but rather a soft mood. The protagonist of the canvas reminds a Venus emerging from the sea. Image that is reinforced by the classical allusion to the dress that mimics a Greek chiton. It is very possible that in the realization of this work Sorolla had in mind some classical Greek sculpture model referred to in his visits to Paris.

And it must also take into account and thus appears to be that the artist had it, that in those moments was lived a rise of neo-classical sculpture and the international recognition of the ballet especially one as influential as Isadora Duncan character’s hand. As for the pictorial values these are dazzling. As it is the light that enters tromba in abundance everywhere. From above, it reflects in the water, as well as own source by the reflection of the bath sheet white. White is not so but it is loaded with colors: yellow, blue, lavender and aquamarine. Its composition follows a vertical scheme where the figures, almost life-size, occupy virtually the entire surface of the box. Girl occupies the central axis, the center of our attention. However, the young man is cropping just showing the face that almost looks out the corner upper.

It is a work full of sweetness, sensuality. Sorolla masterfully captures the sympathy and affection that young people show in their gestures. If we concentrate on the rest of the guys can see the landslides of the young do not get buckle button while the young also tries to cover up her friend but he does not cover the face, is not facing another side, is more seems to want to take a look. Sorolla succeeds in conveying the relationship they have boys with great naturalness and freshness. The work is a hymn to the Sun, but is also the youth. Draw both figures (in three compositions) is solid, firm, decided and the canvas color is clear. Sorolla harmoniously combines a series of spots (for shadows, the foam of the waves) with the vigorous concreteness with which the figures are constructed. It is not a work of great size, but it is a monumental work. Coming out of the bathroom combines many of the features of the work of Sorolla, which joined the brave treatment of two teenagers bath and acquired skills not only in the representation of figures, but the representation of solar flashes on the objects and the fine sand of the beach and the sea, make this work one of the most relevant and representative of the entire pictorial Sorolla. Joaquin Sorolla and Bastille was an exceptional genius. At the beginning of his career he spent big economic troubles by the humble status of his family (an orphan a few years). But he immediately began to make money with his canvases. And he won much. It was a very neat painter (more than two thousand one hundred seventy-five paintings, and another so many drawings) and received over sixty-eight awards and accolades. Luis Jose square Gutierrez P.S.