Sep 12

Babylonian New Year

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They are in the folklore and the souvenirs, being revividas every year as gratefulness for the good results of the received goods or by what it could be received in the coming year. Some amulets are constructed, colors of clothes start to be important, gestures or attitudes. The annual expulsion of the demons, illnesses and […]

Sep 12


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Advice to lead surely in highway to improve the security in highway and to diminish the possible causes of accidents it is very important to more carry out scheduled inspections to the vehicle that is conducted, if has itself predicted to travel in freeway or to have to face long-hauls. For that revisions to different […]

Sep 12

Footwear For Woman

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If you are man in this area you will not show as much problem unlike a woman, only you would worry about a good black, comfortable and elegant shoe that matches with your suit tailor of the moment for the day of your graduation. But you are woman, only made think about shoes will fill […]