Month: December 2017

Music Therapy: Music Wins Diseases

Music therapy – one of the favorite and most effective treatments in art therapy. It is able to heal people from both the mental torments, as well as from physical pain. In Russia, a pioneer of music therapy began Rushel Blavo. After lengthy trials and experiments, he concluded: "Music arouses forces in the body to heal 'Blavo also found that a very important role in music therapy is the pace, character, and the tool ring, and that different music have different effects on various organs. Thus it was such a scheme: "The brain – our biological pharmacy – explains the doctor-muzykoterapevt Rushel Blavo – he produces drugs.

It is only necessary to help him get rid of negative information. If it persists, increases the overall immune system, it gets rid of the root causes of illness and begins to struggle with its consequences "Muzykoterapevt Rushel Blavo as compiled a list of diseases that effectively treats music therapy: a matter of psychosomatic disorders: disorders of the immune system caused by prolonged stressful situations, allergic increased skin reactions (itchy rash, acne, eczema, neurodermatitis and toksikordermity), allergic reaction increased airways (bronchial spasm, vasomotor rhinitis), allergic to pain joints, cardiac abnormalities and cardiovascular system (hypertension, ie, sustained increase in blood pressure, cardiac neurosis, a sharp decrease in hearing, and ataxia caused by blood circulation, migraine), stomach ulcer, duodenal ulcer, gastritis, disorder of muscle tone (muscle aches, backache, stiffness of neck muscles, back pain caused by muscle clamps; headaches from the stress); insurmountable addiction (alcohol dependence at an early stage, children's drug addiction and substance abuse, tobacco use, dependence on sugar intake and different types of food addiction). Hormonal imbalance: breakdown of tissue hormones (coronary heart disease, hormonal disorders caused by blood pressure, stomach ulcers and duodenal ulcers, constipation, irregular menstrual cycle); upset the balance of sex hormones (different types of menstrual disorders, partial obesity, fat 'breeches' in women), complications of menopause in women and muzhchin.Nevroticheskie disorders, neuroses and neurosis sostoyaniya.Seksualnye disorders (impotence, anorgasmia, frigidity, decreased sex drive.) Chronic fatigue syndrome, loss of ability to psychosomatic Music Therapy to relax is the best 'pill', as it is accessible to all, is harmless, and certainly enjoyable) Choose your favorite music and pay the time to listen to at least 30 minutes a day. Continue to learn more with: Sela Ward. Be well:)

Success. The Calling

Not uncommon to hear from adults: "If I had known this when I was in school, then everything would be different." And the parents are struggling to "cram" their knowledge of the child, sometimes entirely without hesitation, and will be useful if these knowledge a new generation. After all, to a child's life was successful, the child must independently find their vocation. Calling – it's amazing abilities that the creator has given each person so that he (man) able to offer something the world. To become a successful child must meet three basic components. This I want – I can – right. What is a wish? This is when a child knows their feelings, desires and thoughts. That the child knew his true self when the parents do not push their weight in children, and they can they (the children) had the thought: "If I had a magic wand, I would put forth, that my desire coincided with the wishes of my parents." What is I? These are the most amazing abilities that can develop and be successful in them. If parents do not interfere with the children, they think that they can all! And all this is doing and learn from their mistakes.

What is necessary? Since man lives in society, then he should understand whether you need it and I WANT the world around him. And if so, the three components of successful cross. Such a man finds his calling in life. When the job is like, every day is a holiday. It was this work, in love, is enthusiastic and gives a lot of energy because it turns out well. "Thomas Edison, ate and slept in his laboratory, he worked 18 hours a day. But it was not for him hard work.

He said: "I in life has not worked a single day. It was solid entertainment! "He was doing what he loved and loved what I did. This work – a calling. Finding his calling is equivalent to finding himself. You love your job, and love helps to master all the necessary skills. Love will lead you to the talents that you can give the world. "

Point Critical

In a stress management course, after seeing all the stuff what it means and why is presented, we come to the part where showed us that stress, even when it sounds ugly, is what puts us in movement. When there is no stress there is no reason to do anything. If you’re not hungry you don’t get up to eat or do anything for that. All beings are moved by stress, but there is to know at what point the stress gets out of hand. Here mentioned the critical point. The vast majority of us consider also as bad as vital and critical, but at this point, critic was by telling them in a way, the exact point. When you’re in your critical point you are at the point where you can do something necessary without having to worry about this. For example, if you have a little thirsty, you get to the critical point and you get up by water.

Nothing happened, you did not affect in the least, just solved a problem. The bad thing happens when we miss the critical point and things become urgent. ES there where excess stress is presented and, above all, when you starts to affect. Normally we have no problems with our organic functions, but it is common to let pass the critical point at work, in the Studio, personal relationships and other things. Stress is something that can cause you many problems if you do not control it, and the irony of the matter is that you usually provoke it.

Of course that there are unpleasant and unforeseen situations which appear without your control, but fortunately are relatively few. The stress is almost always cause of your decisions during a period of time and they can become something affecting you for lifetime. So don’t miss your critical point. Do what you gotta do when still does not cause you problems. Stress is and will be part of your life forever and must be seen for what it is: inevitable. If stress puts you in motion, is not necessarily bad or Yes? Author of several articles, mainly on how make money online, but also with other views.

Fishermens Festival

Fishing Sports Club ASV 1971 Ober-Roden e.V. Check out movie star for additional information. For the 35th time the fishing sport club unloads all citizens and citizens on Saturday, August 08, 2009, Ober-Roden 16:00 and Sunday, August 09, 2009, at 10:00, one to his popular fisherman’s Festival on the Club grounds on the outskirts of forest crops. The fishermen’s Festival will be extended again on two days in August this time for the first time in many years. Delicious flappers and baked trout will be in high demand. Smoked specialities, there are eel and trout fillets. Calamares, herring and salmon rolls, Beef sausage, French fries and potato salad complete the offer. Who wants to eat his fish at home brings suitable transport container. At the dessert can be found reasonably priced choice coffee cakes and pies.

Again a separate drink Fund and several serving stations are set up for the rapid selling of drinks and to baking fish and chips the anglers have bought enough equipment here too quickly to handle the hosting. Everything has already started 1974 then ranged 50 trout and only in 1999, the fishermen’s Festival due to lack of staff fell once. For the upcoming fisherman’s Festival, CEO Heinz Berker hopes on summer temperatures and the sales of around a thousand fish portions. But also possibly unfavourable weather no one needs you can hold. The Club grounds is widely covered and there are also two beautiful tents available. Contact: Norbert Globisz ASV Press Manager, Karl-Muller-WEG 6, 63322 Holme Ma Tel: 06074/96692 email:

Best Airline

When going to travel always looking for the best price and the best service. In Mexico, the low-cost airlines have very good promotions you can take advantage at any time of the year. In addition to the excellent price to give you, from low-cost Mexico airlines offer best service. Thanks to travellers and the excellent service they offer the best airline of low cost of Mexico is serving five years of flying in the skies offering the best services. These low-cost Mexico airlines do not have a first class area, but is the aircraft as first-class. Instead of having many seats on its planes, take advantage to put more space between each seat.

Of Mexico low cost airlines are committed to its people, and that’s why they always offer good prices, promotions and the best service of all. Thanks to these airlines, five years it is much easier to travel in Mexico for those business, holiday or business trips. Besides all this, these airlines flying to the most important destinations in the country and offer many amenities such as ground transportation, hotel reservations and much more. So those five years of excellent service and dedication are they noticeable because of Mexico low cost airlines grow and improve more and more.

Guatapuri River

This is resistant to fire and amid attempts by the Indians to achieve its mission, arises from the smoke and flames the figure of the Virgen del Rosario, who with his cloak tries incendiary arrows of attackers avoiding the destruction of the temple. The natives flee frighten in seeking refuge until reaching the Sicarare Lake, whose waters poisoned with barbascos and prepare an ambush to his pursuers. With the help of black slaves and under the command of Captain Antonio Suarez de Florez reach the Spanish Guard soldiers and the Capuchin teaching site of the helmet, tired and thirsty come to drink the water of the lagoon, which causes them a terrible poisoning and death. Once again appears the image of the Virgin Mary, who goes by touching one to one to the poisoned thus producing a miracle with his crosier. Tony Parker gathered all the information. The events end on 30 April with the ceremony of the loads, where represents the burning of the Capuchin teaching and the episode of the death of the caciques Coroponiaimo and Coroniaimo defeated by the Spanish Guardia. Legend of the mermaid have once at Easter a very cute little girl asked permission to his mother to go to bathe the deep, cold waters of the Guatapuri River, Hurtado pozo; the mother of the girl, being Holy Thursday, denied the permit, but the disobedient girl is He went secretly, came to the rocks of the shore, took off his clothes and was released to water from the height; It was immediately converted into a siren. Her mother called her by all the border of the River believing it drowned out, but she in the morning, leaving Sun said goodbye with the tail before smiling for the last time, then, everyone understood the reality. They have the grandparents before the siren went to the rocks Holy Thursday and aired his beautiful singing could be heard throughout the Valley, at the time that gave his mother tears of disobedience.

Domestic Filmmakers

How long have you seen the story, filmed domestic filmmaker? Difficult to answer this question, because in recent tales shoot very little. As for the domestic film industry, here are hard to remember last filmed tale. But our film industry has decided to rectify this situation and took off together with the studio Walt Disney fairy tale called “The Book of Masters”. It offers an unofficial movie site, where you can download the movie book Masters without registration. Adam Sandler has similar goals. “The Book of Masters” – a modern fairy tale that will leave you many unforgettable impressions after viewing. There are known to us from childhood heroes, among whom Baba Yaga, The Mermaid and Kashchei Immortal appear in modern history, recorded in the traditions of Russian fairy tales.

But this does not mean that the story turned boring, what we sometimes seem to be fairy tales, taken in the last century. On the contrary, it has absorbed the best of contemporary cinema: here you can see the spectacular special effects and incredible game actors, and the actual film language, and sparkling humor. This story grabs you from the first minute of her show and does not leave indifferent neither kids, nor adults. In the film “The Book of Masters” was attended by many popular actors: Gosha Kutsenko (Kashchei Immortal), Leonid Kuravlev (gentleman), Leah Akhedzhakova (Baba Yaga), Valentin Gaft (Mirror), Mikhail Efremov (Thirty fourth hero), Irina Apeksimova (Rock Princess), Olga Aroseeva (storyteller), Artur Smolyaninov (Stone warrior). However, the main role in the movie got less-known but talented actors. In the role of Ivan the great Maxim Loktionov proved himself, and the role of Katie expertly handled Maria Andreeva. “The Book of Masters” – is a film that has absorbed the best of contemporary film and adhering to the traditions of Russian fairy tales. About this movie We can confidently say that he had just created for family viewing. It will be interesting to children and their parents, because it intertwined traditions of Russian fairy tales with modern special effects, fantastic story with effervescent humor. On the screens of the country the picture comes out October 29, 2009. However, you can not go to the movies, and download the movie book artists.

Tron: The Legacy Of 2010

Premier, three-dimensional movie trailer Throne: Legacy took place in the world's largest cinema and has already generated considerable excitement in the fans of film and all fans of fantasy. Without hesitation Tony Parker explained all about the problem. We also had the opportunity to look at this trailer on the display press the film company Disney Alice in Wonderland Director timy Burton. Maybe you can also see the trailer to continue the most elegant fiction rebel Thrones 80 at the Prime Minister 'Alisy' 4th March. Tron: The legacy of three-dimensional two-minute trailer for 'The Throne: The Legacy' begins to Sam's son, hero of the first pictures of Kevin Flynn (James Bridges), already knows about the strange call from a couple of years, dozens of empty galleries automaton. Sam, there is hope that his father is alive and locked in a computer game.

A guy breaks into an abandoned room and learns the game device, which means Kevin Flynn went to ride the world of computer games tron, popular then. Then the reduction of dynamic scenes from the game world should be – the overall style of the real universe has remained the same, but all the objects and heroes of the game have been substantially processed by advanced visual effects. On the screen we see the familiar suits players with siyavshimi lines, and their hands – light wheels, like an old Indian Arms chakra fantastic svetotsikly (lightcycles) and even the odd flying platform, a similar letter 'P'. Kevin Flynn is really in the game world, it is rightly getting old and has long hair and beard. It seems that the order in the computer world now would send a contract Flynn family – father and son.

Remove the Throne: The Legacy (MARKET: Inheritance) from Disney and director Joseph go to movie screens in December 2010. The film plays in the film in three-dimensional format, and its budget announced $ 300 million, the most expensive movie of 2009 summer. Leading role in painting executed by Jeff Bridges, Garrett Hedlund, Michael Sheen and Olivia Uajld. According to some information, the online premiere of the trailer, three-dimensional movie 'Tron: Legacy' will take place no earlier than the 9th March, so look News!