Month: December 2017

Success. The Calling

Not uncommon to hear from adults: "If I had known this when I was in school, then everything would be different." And the parents are struggling to "cram" their knowledge of the child, sometimes entirely without hesitation, and will be useful if these knowledge a new generation. After all, to a child's life was successful, the child must independently find their vocation. Calling – it's amazing abilities that the creator has given each person so that he (man) able to offer something the world. To become a successful child must meet three basic components. This I want – I can – right. What is a wish? This is when a child knows their feelings, desires and thoughts. That the child knew his true self when the parents do not push their weight in children, and they can they (the children) had the thought: "If I had a magic wand, I would put forth, that my desire coincided with the wishes of my parents." What is I? These are the most amazing abilities that can develop and be successful in them. If parents do not interfere with the children, they think that they can all! And all this is doing and learn from their mistakes.

What is necessary? Since man lives in society, then he should understand whether you need it and I WANT the world around him. And if so, the three components of successful cross. Such a man finds his calling in life. When the job is like, every day is a holiday. It was this work, in love, is enthusiastic and gives a lot of energy because it turns out well. "Thomas Edison, ate and slept in his laboratory, he worked 18 hours a day. But it was not for him hard work.

He said: "I in life has not worked a single day. It was solid entertainment! "He was doing what he loved and loved what I did. This work – a calling. Finding his calling is equivalent to finding himself. You love your job, and love helps to master all the necessary skills. Love will lead you to the talents that you can give the world. "

Point Critical

In a stress management course, after seeing all the stuff what it means and why is presented, we come to the part where showed us that stress, even when it sounds ugly, is what puts us in movement. When there is no stress there is no reason to do anything. If you’re not hungry you don’t get up to eat or do anything for that. All beings are moved by stress, but there is to know at what point the stress gets out of hand. Here mentioned the critical point. The vast majority of us consider also as bad as vital and critical, but at this point, critic was by telling them in a way, the exact point. When you’re in your critical point you are at the point where you can do something necessary without having to worry about this. For example, if you have a little thirsty, you get to the critical point and you get up by water.

Nothing happened, you did not affect in the least, just solved a problem. The bad thing happens when we miss the critical point and things become urgent. ES there where excess stress is presented and, above all, when you starts to affect. Normally we have no problems with our organic functions, but it is common to let pass the critical point at work, in the Studio, personal relationships and other things. Stress is something that can cause you many problems if you do not control it, and the irony of the matter is that you usually provoke it.

Of course that there are unpleasant and unforeseen situations which appear without your control, but fortunately are relatively few. The stress is almost always cause of your decisions during a period of time and they can become something affecting you for lifetime. So don’t miss your critical point. Do what you gotta do when still does not cause you problems. Stress is and will be part of your life forever and must be seen for what it is: inevitable. If stress puts you in motion, is not necessarily bad or Yes? Author of several articles, mainly on how make money online, but also with other views.