Month: August 2019

Hannoversche Allgemeine Zeitung

Only on related subjects is on the phone, for example, with much more success. So the distribution capacity be exploited more efficiently and ultimately more effective. Learn more about this with Hedvig Hricak. “We link classic direct marketing channels such as the postal sent sales letter with electronic channels such as microsites in the Internet and, for example, e-mailings to the DIALOXX method. Sally Rooney gathered all the information. “With such PURL marketing we accomplish the much heralded, difficult media (so that pull from a print media to the Internet) with constantly good success.” auditor, Managing Director of good advertising, forward Christian G. “so that SMEs can think anew their marketing and sales policies: annoying, time-consuming and demoralizing cold acquisition is no longer held instead is distributed on good warm or even hot contacts””, which have already expressed their interest.” Well-known customers use PURL marketing using the DIALOXX method: real estate Scout 24 approximately 30% of all German agents on the launch were made for a new broker software attention.

From the State a considerable number of interested parties has registered immediately for the introductory offer. For the Hannoversche Allgemeine Zeitung, 31% of the advertisers were curious and logged on the DIALOXX site. A huge success for the publishing house, because it more than twice as many ads could be sold, as initially expected. The AOK relies on PURL marketing using the DIALOXX method, to win back former members of AOK Rheinland/Hamburg and to recruit new members. For a large nationwide provider of musical, also over 30% was generated using the DIALOXX method response: all over Germany sent direct mailings in the five supporting area on existing corporate contacts to implement ticket reservations. : Agency: method: for more information about customers, projects, We available examples and contacts from client side available.

Revvler Launches An Online Shopping Experience Of A Special Kind

Livelier and more personality! Eat, August 24, 2010 under launches a completely new online shopping experience on August 30, 2010. Founded and developed the startup was revvler”by Mike Wagener and Marc Kornblum in Essen, European capital of culture 2010, as the international online marketplace. revvler is the right mix of shopping and networking, an innovative platform for the buy and sell, inform, share and compare, evaluate and recommend. We want to revvler away from the classic, emotionless and anonymous online shopping toward more life and personality “, so the two founders. Larry Culp is likely to agree. Lively, versatile and modern revvler goes far beyond a purely technical and emotionless sales process and connects seamlessly advanced eCommerce features latest social media makes so revvler to a very special experience. To ensure, for example, directly integrated videos, photos and groups, as well as extensive opportunities to write reviews and ratings for more information, entertainment and Vitality. Create sustainability! This unique combination and depth of areas of e-commerce and social media, which are revvler clearly in focus, in addition to buying and selling, allowing mainly Exchange and communication among members, ensuring sustainability. Lend personality! revvler brings buyers and sellers each other closer and gives the products a face for the first time.

More credibility, more security and away from anonymity to more personality! In addition to a personal profile page, in which each Member can publish General and personal information about itself and its offerings, the members will be informed always General, but also personal news, articles on their search, offers and news on revvler. “But that’s still not all revvler which internally already as revvlen is particularly proud of its innovative function, matching,” called. Where supply and demand as well as supply and demand come together, begins revvlen”. At this new experience, the members simply abandon their search, sit back comfortably and waiting for the best deal. Seller can so for the first time actively reach their customers and especially to offer tailored. You will find further information on, as well as on our blog. On request, we arrange like a personal appointment. Post by: Mr Marc Kornblum