Month: January 2019

The Direction

Under such perspective, the collected information had been in the direction of that, much more that transmissora of knowledge, the necessary school to become formadora integral of its pupils and therefore appears the necessity to bring inside for of its meandros constant update of the professors, envolvimentos of the pertaining to school community (parents, employees, direction, etc), work directed toward all the dimensions of the human being, valuation of the teaching professional and its qualification, greater effectiveness in the pertaining to school management, among others. Thus, interviewed ours they had affirmed that the school is moving and necessary to change each time more to adapt itself to the new social realities and that, so that this occurs is necessary, since the rise of autoestima of the professor until the improvement in its physical structure. However when questioned regarding the future that anteveem for the school, of general form they reveal a great optimism and hope. I still see the school as indispensable, in the formation of an individual and assuming responsibilities, many times, without the necessary conditions so that he can really have everything what it would be necessary so that this pupil had a good formation. (Subject 17). Tony Parker recognizes the significance of this. This positioning if fortifies in the words of Coast (2003, P.

45) … when it standes out that it seems that the school of century XXI, still is remained as a central institution in the life of the societies and the people. It does not lack of vitality. Its divulged anacronismo seems to be its catalyser, as one fnix that renasce of proper leached ashes. If the school of modernity not if it if transmuta support more, if hibridiza in multiple crossings and if reproduces in the infinite speeches that on it if they enunciate. It certainly is not of an only skill, does not take one alone forms.

Nicole Engelsta

There was no script, nothing was planned, everything has evolved from the moment.” The result is an adventure?Documentation, not only for Australia fans and cyclists – a film of lust for adventure and the unique continent makes at the end of the world. What a trip! The episodes are divided according to travel sections. So first episode, the planning and preparation of travel portrays Semsch where, in other episodes, the spectators accompany the extrem?Cyclists at the starting point of his journey, the lively port?Metropolis of Sydney. Against the backdrop of the world-famous Opera House he finally on the new year’s day 2012 starts at maximum temperatures. From there, it goes through the beautiful coastal roads of the South from Melbourne via Adelaide to Perth.

The biggest challenge is considered to exist in the endless expanse of the West Coast: especially the 600 km-long stretch of Port Hedland for Broome in northwestern of Australia have Maximilian orkanartigem headwind, barren landscape with only two gas stations driven along the track, its limits. But the majestic great barrier reef to the East, the beautiful coastline of the South and the Kimberley in the North compensate denominated the 29-years-old and his two-headed team for all strains. The journey was crowned by an unforgettable personal experience: at the end of the journey, Maximilian and Marion married barefoot on the beach of the East coast of Australia. Technology and human adventure perfect insisted the conclusion of the trip: equipment and technology withstood the extreme stress test to 100% – on the 16,000 km Maximilian had Semsch only seven flat tires, a breach of the spoke and twice the chain his E-bike shark bike had to be changed to eQ trekking. The eBike system from Bosch provided together with the infinitely adjustable hub NuVinci N360 but physical relief, but also Maximilian muscle called the strong headwind. Image and moving: imagery to Maximilian Salman and “what a trip – Around Oz” get under: presse.html. Copyright: What a trip. Under you see the trailer of the travel documentation.

Additional material like sent to you on request. More information about Maximilian Semsch and for his projects, see or on his Facebook?Page Maximilian.Semsch the film as a DVD and BlueRay is available from March 25 and on under and also in bookstores and at selected retail from 19.90 euros. Press contact achtermannPR Nicole Edwards City Mobile: 0177-7882745 email: ne@achtermann? Fu? r ru? ckfragen to bike (shark bike), gears (NuVinci), eBike?Drive system (Bosch) and apparel (VAUDE) please contact the respective company, with questions about the trip and to Maximilian Semsch please contact Nicole Engelsta? townspeople. U? ber Maximilian Semsch what a trip In 2008 sets Maximilian Semsch 13,500 miles by bicycle back? ck and crosses on his bike trip from Mu? meerkats to Singapore ten countries. Result is the film “what a trip – 15 km/h at the end of the” World”, awarded 2010 include the Bavarian youth Film Prize. The film shows that Maximilian no Mu? hen has spared his dream to make? cases, he has this scho? ne and less scho? ne moments experienced – full of joy, pure desperation and absolute solitude. Entfu in his travel books? Semsch nourishes the spectators in wunderscho? ne landscapes and la? lets him be part of the travel adventure. Now, Maximilian is back? ck by his second trip and Australia circling once with an E-bike. Also from this trip is a film that is certainly no less impressive than the first. What a trip! Maximilian Salman

The Pilgrim

For many, the day is only one skill to play the problems pro air and to live a life without responsibilities. But, in contrast of this, to be a pilgrim is to take for itself the responsibility that the other did not take. How? For the incessant interior search, the pilgrim auto-evaluates its character, behavior, defects, virtues and what he can make to live in peace with its fellow creature. Made this, it who already possesss fagulha of wisdom, has the humildade to know that he meets only in the threshold of the knowledge and that still he remains to it very to learn.

However, after all the stages that it needed to pass and the teachings who got through its studies and reflections, it decide to pass its knowledge all ahead, therefore already it is of its nature to leave its legacy for the others. Of the side of here, the life goes passing But some wake up for the fact of the pilgrim are in way to certain follow it e, through the way that it it left, for the books that wrote scribbles or words that had been said ‘ ‘ foot-of-ouvido’ ‘ of its call He is obvious that to this height it has who thinks that travelling is a religious traveller Therefore travelling in fact she is a traveller. But its trip is purely spiritual-mental. all its knowledge comes of God, the Great Creator. How gets it? Therefore he is, only following its steps to discover. Unhappyly, they are not all that obtain the least to see the way, that will say to follow it as everything what it is good passes fast, thus our life also it is. Then when the following one starts to try the good flavor of the knowledge and the virtue, many times perceive the time that lost and so little that still remains. It is accurately in this point, where it is the beauty of the learning, therefore the pilgrim also thought about this and left its learning for that occasion and he gets who it, little imports with the days or years that lack to it, therefore already has the certainty to have really used it of correct form and knows the true one meant of death. But it will be that the way really exists? In fact, of the side of here, we will only be able to enxergar it if a pilgrim to hold our hand and placing in them in the certain direction In another way, it can be depended on perhaps If thus the way will still not be seen, in this point, the reply never will be answered.