Month: December 2011

What You Should Know About Car Batteries

Hundreds of thousands of vehicles from the Russian and foreign manufacturers every day countless furrowed trunk vast expanses of the former Soviet Union. Catch phrase from classical literature, "The car – not a luxury but a way movement "- not quite correct, as to the" iron horse "has always been a reliable means of transportation for many years, it requires careful maintenance. But it was the daily cleaning, the seasonal change of tires at the right time replacing windshield wipers and inspection stations in THOSE SERVICES. And also at the right time to replace worn parts with new ones. In fact, auto battery only requires a daily check the level of electrolyte.

If the level is low – it shows the over-charging, most likely caused by difektom generator. But if the lack of the electrolyte is observed only in one of the elements – this means that the battery Automobile survive their last few weeks. In warm weather it will still somehow but the first few frosts destroy it. Topping the car battery, it is imperative not to forget the one significant feature. The electrolyte level during charging slightly increases on the need to add something, taking this effect into account. What can make acid, once on body parts or the battery case, each perfectly known. Observant motorists occasionally (once every three months) check the batteries – the voltage at the terminals, as in not running and the engine is running. The same care should be taken so that the system electrical machines was not lost.