Month: July 2016


is a new variant of a famous game in the world that is now presented in a three-dimensional style. It's a big surprise for lovers of the traditional version of Quake I finally have the opportunity to enjoy your favorite game? Reated in Flash. There really is no need for this shooting game has been played for over a decade and has become a legend in the community of online gamers due to its incredible popularity. But while the first variant of the game was released in 1996, the new left recently. That is why it is still advisable to say a few words about this game.

This free action game is an impressive 3D Shooter originally be played in two modes: single and multiplayer. However, here only the single player mode is available for now. So instead of wandering around and fight other players – your opponents, you have to injure and kill your opponents have you already given the game's creators. This is done by browsing an environment of three dimensions and shooting other heroes in your way with a variety of weapons, while you have to pick up health, weapons and ammunition. Your goal is to play as the protagonist has been sent to the portal with the goal to stop a cruel enemy called "Quake." In the dark labyrinths put you face to face with the evil monsters and you have to overcome obstacles, while finding the secret areas, treasures and open the doors with a golden key. When the elements are already found, you can take them to the next step is always, of course, more complicated than the previous. We should admit that the game graphics and visual effects really seem like the game Doom. Immerse yourself in the dark fantasy of a bloody battle in this absolutely free!

Cruise in Croatia

You are in search of diversion and why nonadventure? Then adntrate in a world of the diversion and discovers the most incredible beauties than the Croatia must to offer. The rent of schooner in the Croatia will suppose an incredible adventure to you in which you will be able olvidarte of the routine. On board the schooner you will be able to discover the beautiful and solitary as clear water bays as a crystal, the colorful villages and the old and historical cities. The rent of schooner in the Croatia will give the opportunity you of ponerte in contact with places where its natural component has stayed intact over the years. A schooner to cross the Adriatic Sea is the diversion and the best form to know, to explore and to discover the wonders that hide in the Croatian islands. A cruise by the Croatia is the ideal, is for traveling with the family, of honeymoon or to go in search of relax and distension. A schooner is a type of wood sailboat and that consists with a motor.

The schooners are safe boats for navigation and totally are equipped for the benefit of his passengers, for this, consist necessary and the crew available the 24 hours for the attention of the clients yet. On board the schooner, your time is yours and only yours. You will be able, from sentarte in the cover to read a book calmly while you enjoy the sun or, to rest in the fabulous and incredible hammocks. You can zambullirte in clear waters of the sea or savor the exquisiteces prepared by professional ours chef. The schooner, sails a pair of stipulated hours, soon a bay or near village is come to the anchorage in as it indicates the navigation cronogram.

They are visited around 3 or 4 bays different from the day. With respect to the schedules of meals, the same can be seen mainly affected by the daily activities and, by desires of the group of passengers, to those who we tried to please in the majority of the cases. Who decides the possible changes in the itinerary are the captain. So far, the rent of a schooner to realise a cruise in the Croatia, is the ideal decision for any type of situation, are vacations in family, moon of honey or simply for relajarte and to discover the wonders of the Croatia and the Adriatic Sea.