Month: May 2017

Marcus Diekmann

Thomas Gottheil: the Manager has an overview of all actions affecting his customers, he coordinates and optimizes each project and is personal contact person in all matters. This simplifies the communication and provides clear structures even in complex tasks.” Online presence and stationary trade a challenge for many medium-sized brand supplier in the e-commerce is the answer to the following questions: How can my brand rebuild and convincing position in the Internet? How can I optimize online potential and at the same time integrate the structures of the trade? After our experiences in answering these questions, the key to the success of brands in e-commerce “is convinced Marcus Diekmann. “Ideally he repeated customer via the website more or less appetite for the products to buy in the stationary trade.” Technically, the response among other things was online, and Closely to dovetail, explains Thomas Gottheil offline channel: the target is a web-based store with a complete inventory, which we provide the communication and organisational tool, that are desirable and useful. The integration of online and offline distribution is promoted, for example, by integrating a dealer locator and the possibility of the goods reservation. This encourages short-term sales, and it will strengthen the position of dealers in their local environment. And that is a key success factor for any brand in the online and offline business.

In short, It is to look beyond the horizons of existing schemes, and to think across. Only in this way do justice to the challenges of e-commerce.” Conclusion: the Internet an efficient marketing and distribution channel to make, there is not only the online expertise, but also the ability to develop, to build a brand and stringently maintain coherent communication concepts. The shop maker possess exactly these competencies and skills, they have the demonstrated past years in numerous projects. So Thomas God healing and Marcus Diekmann serve the company for years Sage ( in online and offline campaigns. Sage is to SAP of the world’s largest manufacturer of business management software.

But on topics that appeal to the end consumers, the shop maker is fit. Examples include Zippo ( or a brand campaign of the salami manufacturer of Damhus, for which they will Meistergriller the campaign”( have designed. We set deliberately to worlds, emotionally speaking”, explain the two makers of the shop. Because, ultimately, we reach people even in the Internet age, most directly about their feelings.” The makers of shop: The shop maker based in the Westphalian Gescher make successful mainly medium-sized brands on the Internet. As 3.0 branch “for brand supplier the eCommerce experts to specialize, to strengthen the Web for companies to an efficient brand on the Internet Marketing and sales channel to make and to protect at the same time established trading structures. While their accumulated know-how from advertising, Internet and business will benefit from the makers of shop: built competence in traditional advertising for five years, and know how to marketing and brand management. You have the knowledge of technology and online functionality, which is essential for a well-functioning Web-shop. And they are knowledgeable in business administration, have always the cost benefit analysis at a glance. Among other things, the shop maker lead since 2007, potential analyses applies to companies through an EU-funded project, e-commerce expressly for the area. Founder and Managing Director of the Shop Maker are Marcus Diekmann and Thomas God salvation. Customer contact: SHOP maker eCommerce brands Marcus Diekmann main road 30 48712 Gescher FON: 02542 – 917919-6 fax: 02542 – 917919-1 press contact: Herbert grave digit media Schulberg 5 72124 Pliezhausen FON: 07127-5707-10