Month: August 2014

Eagle Sung Poetry

To be an Eagle 08.05.08 I go to be an Eagle, for voar_a_ra 2X To live to sing flying 2X. for the life it is what I want what desire, It does not matter what will go speaks, Me to only listen to me therefore the main one in the life it is dreams. It believes the imaginable one or in the Real therefore all we are normal being of the good or badly Gotten passionate or excluded all we are constructing to our ways therefore the destination It is each moment living or living therefore many they do not find knows lives but they do not know What it is this. I want I live, to grow and to be my Golden Eagle, and that everything is as I wait That I win the barriers and can always fly and remembers and that this never can if it erases, therefore I know to love 2X Weverton Notrevew.