Jun 16

Founder Workshop Inspires Artists

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Common ideas to ‘ platform art craft design’ established and then make known? You remain in the conversation!”was the title of the ideas meetings with workshop character, the Dr. Karin Uphoff, CEO of uphoff pr & marketing in the platform art crafts design in stone towards of Marburg carried out. Together with the platform owner […]

Jun 16


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How have you been with the changes?? a person accustomed to change or you prefer not to change? Perhaps you like and enjoy for a change of environment, relationships, work or friends or clothes, or habits, or behaviors or maybe are one of the people who resist change, which costs them much any change, however […]

Jun 16

The Argument

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In the sequncia of the dialogue, Teeteto surpreso with Scrates reveals, therefore it considered that its premise (proposal) was very well formed, until refuted it to Scrates and showed as the knowledge is not sensation. After that of the dialogue, Scrates starts to demonstrate as the argument of Teeteto could lead to a more satisfactory […]

Jun 16

Brazilian New Cinema

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BRAZILIAN NEW CINEMA AND SOCIAL REPRESENTATIONS: DIALOGUES BETWEEN SEVENTH ART AND Ailton SOCIOLOGY of the Coast Hiss Jnior SUMMARY: The present article was requested for professor Breitner Tavares, as avaliativo instrument of disciplines Classic Social Theory, and if it considers to relate some traces of the known Brazilian cinematographic movement as New Cinema and the […]

Jun 16

The Activities

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Another reason is that management not get maximum performance from your training, because they think that the result is immediately after a workout and this is incorrect, because the actual results of the training are displayed after the training and as you are learning in the day to day. So to make sure that we […]

Jun 16

Turtleneck Sweater

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While the summer heat decays and the fresh breezes of autumn are slowly converted into icy winter winds, your natural inclination is probably the withdraw those vibrant, soft and fluid dresses of summer with floral print in favour of woven and dark tones more welcoming. Still there because letting go those bright colors and feminine […]