Month: June 2016


How have you been with the changes?? a person accustomed to change or you prefer not to change? Perhaps you like and enjoy for a change of environment, relationships, work or friends or clothes, or habits, or behaviors or maybe are one of the people who resist change, which costs them much any change, however small that is causes them discomfort, displeasure etc there are four additional elements that can influence on change and are part of wanting to changeknow how change and give yourself the chance to change these elements to NLP are: 1 – La Physiology 2 – 3 strategies – La congruence 4 – systems of Physiology and strategies beliefs have to do with knowing how do it. Congruence and beliefs have to do with wanting to do, wanting to do something or give yourself the opportunity to do so. You have to commit yourself, establish a personal commitment that you’re going to do it, without a fight with yourself (o) or with others, in order to comply with what you comprometiste to achieve is very useful for this purpose, you can make an ecological question, which commonly arises in the Programacion Neurolinguistica: If you could have that you want to achieve today would take it for it? If the answer does not generate internal conflicts, go ahead! If it is not, check your goals again may not conform to your way of being, beliefs, values etc. It is very important that you do, do it with total compliance with yourself (a)! It is always good to be part of the solution and not part of the problem. In addition you must be able to believe that it is possible for you, it is possible to obtain. The level of change that we are seeing here and on which also the NLP works and proposes resources is at the level of belief exist Programacion Neurolinguistica resources that allow you to work on the limiting beliefs of a person and the first step is to know identify those limiting beliefs.

When working with any limiting beliefs that you must raise aims pass your current status to your desired state. Then you need to clearly identify the desired state. If for example you want to lose weight or quit smoking, will have consider how shall and shalt in your relationships, social life, etc when you are thin (o) or don’t already smoke once you set that target ideal or desired state in your mind, you’ve launched the process of change, because the brain is a mechanism that works well is to say, once you have clear your goal, your brain will organize behavior in unconscious way, so you cannot reach it.

The Argument

In the sequncia of the dialogue, Teeteto surpreso with Scrates reveals, therefore it considered that its premise (proposal) was very well formed, until refuted it to Scrates and showed as the knowledge is not sensation. After that of the dialogue, Scrates starts to demonstrate as the argument of Teeteto could lead to a more satisfactory reply, that could not be refuted. Scrates still points with respect to the necessity to know the vocbulos when accepting well or to deny a thesis, therefore due to attention to these we could create an erroneous concept. Scrates continues the dialogue inquiring the Teeteto if a person would be possible not to know on what she knows. by itself discourses for a long time on the dialectic and its difference of a commentary.

After that, it discourses on the difference between wisdom and opinion, being this last passvel of deceits, what it refutes the theory of Protgoras. In a new change of subject, it is initiated quarrel regarding the freedom that enjoys philosopher, the slave and the man of the choir. comments as the philosophy can bring freedom its admirers, but the price for this freedom is the caoadas ones, therefore the philosophers pass for lunatics and imbeciles. to the being questioned on the elimination of males of the ignorance, Scrates affirms to be impossible to eliminate the ignorance, therefore the forces if always divide in two (, pious and well and badly mpio, etc.), and therefore the ignorance would not be eliminated, in order to keep steady the wisdom. still adds, in the continuity, its critical to the sofistas, for these to defend that they possess the absolute wisdom, but being this individual wisdom (the man is the measure of all the things, according to Protgoras). Scrates starts to discourse on the theory of the movement, affirming to have two forms of movement (Alteration and translation).

Brazilian New Cinema

BRAZILIAN NEW CINEMA AND SOCIAL REPRESENTATIONS: DIALOGUES BETWEEN SEVENTH ART AND Ailton SOCIOLOGY of the Coast Hiss Jnior SUMMARY: The present article was requested for professor Breitner Tavares, as avaliativo instrument of disciplines Classic Social Theory, and if it considers to relate some traces of the known Brazilian cinematographic movement as New Cinema and the concept of social representations considered by sociologist mile Durkheim in its workmanship the Rules of the Sociological Method. In way to sharpen the reflection about the seventh art and its consequence in the society, they will be correlated, some elements proceeding from the research of thinkers as Walter Benjamin on the art and the existing logic in the cinematographic images, of Christian Metz in its studies on language of the cinema, amongst other researchers that had carried through studies on the Brazilian New Cinema. Leaving of the idea of that sociology observes the cinema as a tool of representation of the different social realities, it will be made, at first moment, one briefing description of the cinemanovista movement and its followed antidogmtico profile of an analysis of sociological matrix where we will argue the social representations. Words keys: Social representations. Cinema. Sociology. INITIAL CONSIDERAES This research present as thematic a reflection on the social representations and the known Brazilian cinematographic movement as New Cinema. Leaving of the estimated one of that the cinemanovista movement, with its vanguardista and innovative style, has acquired a place of prominence in what says respect to the construction of a social reality specifies, will be made a bridge of linking with the concept of social representations, which initially was characterized by mile Durkheim in its workmanship the Rules of the Sociological Method. The first theoretician to use the term ' ' representations sociais' ' he was the French sociologist and father of modern Sociology, mile Durkheim.

The Activities

Another reason is that management not get maximum performance from your training, because they think that the result is immediately after a workout and this is incorrect, because the actual results of the training are displayed after the training and as you are learning in the day to day. So to make sure that we have a maximum utilization of the training that helps define the activities for knowledge transfer, after training to apply new knowledge, we must measure the outcomes to be able to lead and manage such a transfer. A second reason is to motivate employees, by measuring and displaying the results that can make these, aware that they did a great job and that the outcome of the training gave results in daily work, they want to continue to maintain this level of satisfaction and learning. Last, but not least, is momentous, in order to assess the quality of the training provider, Jan mentions that: is better to invest your money in a vendor that not only provides a good training to teach students the theory of ITIL, if not more relevant yet, the provider also teach employees to use such training in day to day. This is significant for the responsibility that has Manager train their employees, to ensure that they are able to provide the services agreed, so it is essential to measure the outcomes of adjustment and control of the quality of the work, because you say that, if the Administration is not capable of continually improving the quality of the work, this may be seen translated in: 1. The time of inactivity 2. Risk of business 3. Missed opportunities 4. Costs which leads us to finally remember that, there may be many reasons why the implementation of ITSM processes not work perfectly, but that it is in the hands of every person and managers who make up the team with the ITSM, understand, learn and manage processes in a timely manner, taking advantage of both tools and training available, as it can also be knowledge of the same work team-mates. Keeping a behavior appropriate, willing and open to these processes and the transfer of knowledge of them, helps to integrate the learning processes in day to day work and the success of the implementation of the ITSM.

Turtleneck Sweater

While the summer heat decays and the fresh breezes of autumn are slowly converted into icy winter winds, your natural inclination is probably the withdraw those vibrant, soft and fluid dresses of summer with floral print in favour of woven and dark tones more welcoming. Still there because letting go those bright colors and feminine styles simply by a change of season. Why not combine all those great items and fashion accessories to create a wardrobe of winter that offers the best of all seasons? Summer garments very vivid and chic take a look when you add them to some layers of coat and some other accessories winter with style. A nice cardigan knitted with cable pattern or a shawl neck for example, in a neutral shade of gray or a shocking bright color is a perfect accompaniment for the most representative this season’s colours and those long and inflated gowns which will both be fashionable this fall. Only keep in mind the proportion, combine skirts long with short jackets, bulky knits with more silky fabrics. Adds a graceful fedora and a pair of boots with a wonderful estilito of low heel and knee length or those with heel wedge ankle boots and have a winter worthy of any activity of day Assembly. In the same way and also offering an alternative very fashion, add a jersey Turtleneck under a strapless summer dress gives it that touch of winter to the attire while preserving the freshness of summer. Likewise an a summer floral patterned skirt or printed boldly combined with a Turtleneck Sweater in a complementary color creates a winning combination for the winter with a touch of summer beauty.

This outfit topped with a few black leggings, a pair of flat boots and some accessories will have a very elegant, vivid and genuine style. As a fun alternative, it tries to merge your dresses short summer with leggins that highlight your figure or even jeans ducted for a look very contemporary and innovative and warm and cozy at the same time. Thereafter the success of your outfit is in the details. Adds boots with high heels and a jacket Plaid to the extent and maybe a scarf in one of the Favorites for this season the synthetic skin and any accessory you have and who wears this dress to the next level. Be a pimp hat and a sophisticated shawl, a fabulous pair of boots and a beautiful coat with belt; the addition of a few accessories of winter makes all the difference when we are transforming those sinuous summer dresses in wonderful winter outfits.