Month: October 2015

Ancient Rome In Roman

Clothing of Ancient Rome In this lecture we will discuss the development and improvement of costumes in ancient Rome. If the history of Greek costume started with an unusual medley of Asian, stiff pomp and petty artificiality and ended noble simplicity, breadth and major scenic pattern of folds, the Romans changed clothes in the opposite direction: from the simple, lowly form of an ambitious redundancy and pomposity. From the Etruscans, who loved luxury and magnificence, their neighbors in ancient times, the poor agricultural population of Rome could hardly something to learn from, in any case, in the first century Roman costume evolved independently. This is evidenced by the title Roma togata – Rome, wearing a toga," – which distinguishes it among all the neighboring tribes. Like Greece, the Persian War, the Romans developed their own type of national clothing, which in the ii. bc took shape as a magnificent toga. Male and female costumes have already begun to stand apart early in the history of ancient Rome, when the Romans were the ancient Greek clothing, and men continued to wear Roman togas and cloaks.

This is a marked difference existed until the late Empire, when the spread among both sexes is almost the same type of attire deaf male and female costumes became similar. Feature of Roman costume, in comparison with ancient Greek, is brighter than the discovery of his class differentiation. Aristocratic nature of the republic, the privileged position of Roman citizens in relation to other inhabitants of the vast territory of the Roman state developed bureaucratic apparatus headed by the emperor – all of it created within the free population of ancient Rome, various social groups who have tried to emphasize its isolation and in appearance, and clothing and just as in Greece, it went to, to protect the national dress of alien influence and from propagating luxury.