Month: January 2015

Waite Carnival

In Carnival stronghold such as Cologne, Dusseldorf, Koblenz, Mainz, or Rottweil 11 November is the date for the ‘fifth season’. “Heilbronn/Leingarten, 15 January 2014: in Carnival stronghold such as Cologne, Dusseldorf, Koblenz, Mainz or Rottweil 11 November is the date for the fifth season”. The preparations for the carnival time”start with much creative ambition and commitment. Finally, one wants to offer fun, spectacular and subtle the fool people at the imaginatively staged parades. “” Since the policy gets her fat, celebrities and local sizes have to endure a lot of visible Rundumschlagen when meanders of the Gaudiwurm through the city centers and Ian “and Alaaf” is the audience. But the bear is going on also in less Carnival marked places.

Since the clubs come up much crazy, to get in the mood for young and old. “Big city, small town or quaint village: Carnival time” all United and raises cheers and laughter everywhere. Finally, it is a great pleasure, to make-up and dress not only children. Even the adults have their fun and celebrate at some Carnival party until the early hours of the morning. It must be not always totally outlandish outfits and masquerades. Funny and unusual creations are also announced and exuberant atmosphere. In shop Windows and showrooms will be the fifth season”also as a topic used to attune the customers on the buffoonery and to show the most diverse panel and decoration possibilities.

In the new catalogue spring/summer 2014 decoration specialist Worner offers several suggestions for a rollicking or thematic Karnervalsdeko. Flags and Bunting, up to 4 m long colored garlands, party trays and colorful paper lanterns lend cheerful party flair to any sober space. Giant balloons are the matching in many colors, heart-shaped or with cotton balls, Smilyaufdruck, XXL – streamer Mood cannons. Who wants to appropriately conceal quickly bare walls or furniture, uses decorative fabrics that quickly conjure up a Catcher out of anything. Colored punching optics foil makes a festive dinner table from each table, bicycle DV revive in the Tiger – or Zebraprint Africa, fur fabrics hide armchairs and chairs and also the fluffy Flokatistoff velvety envelops everything. Shiny and sequin fabrics with iridescent fabric, can be make a great outfit. The Faschingslurex with metallic foil effect is so stretchfahig that it can be beautifully draped around Dekoaufbauten. Not to mention invites the tulle, to daring creations. A Carnival decoration can with imagination and a few quickly create, which ensures a lively break, full of enthusiasm and good humor. For the Carnival period, the new catalogue offers matching decoration spring/summer 2014 and the online shop of decoration specialists Waite at. The following download link interested for free publication see pictures on the subject of Carnival/Fasching 2014 “. PR/ image Note: contact for media representatives: Heinrich Woerner GmbH Liebig Street 37 74211 Leingarten phone +49(0) 7131 40 64-621 PR/public relations: Astrid link email: marketing: Alexandra Novac email: display: Stefanie Roth email:

Witch Costume

Select the right classic for Halloween everyone knows it: the witch! It is in every fairy tale, in every story from distant times. Since Jahrhundertern, the witches in many stories romp. Especially in the Halloween and Carnival, they come back to the fore in the great witch costumes. It is a popular disguise among girls and women. The variations of the panels are innumerable and they come in all types, sizes, and colors. This enormous facet has catapulted the outfit to the classic of Carnival and Halloween costumes. Paying attention to the costumes at Halloween, it is noted that the witch costume is often chosen as the pirates, Devil and even vampires! Typical witch costume for Halloween is a version of the costume of dark coat combined with a hat typical of witches. This is still a witches broom chosen and applied the artificial nose with warts.

You can find many of the accessories cheap in costume shops, costume hire, or in online shops. Costume of the old witch”as an alternative there is the old witch” with humps and wart on the nose. The effect of the old age can be supplemented with a flashy makeup. That’s why not too funky make-up are! Especially in front of big costume occasions you can land great bargains. The diversity of the costume shops allows the possibility of comparison. Note that you can choose as many accessories to your witch costume. These make your style and your outfit very individually and make you look unique. This special look will help you not to make the same costume on Carnival or Halloween.

Covering cheap tinker who design the craft and even fun, which can make the costume of the witch also with something sent themselves. Do this, find a suitable pattern from sewing magazines or the Internet. After insight in the material list, you can buy them cheap on the spot or on the Internet and free the imagination at the make. The more unusual the idea, the better. More how-to tips and ideas to the Costumes can be found here:

Find Carnival Costumes

Variety for the little fools: order now cheap! Rrooww, Maher, or would you prefer a friendly where it it hurts? Finally, children can slip back into other roles and thus also in elaborate and detailed children costumes for Carnival such as lion, cat, nurse, and many others. In the wooden toys shop is called Claudia’s it be Carnival muffle currently therefore also Dawoud and Alaaf itself due to the excellent quality and is virtually indestructable processing of full-body models. That’s not enough, it may said that the costumes are all washable and very easy to clean. Failed and cost to bribe all kids costumes for Carnival with the perfect fit by means of rubber bands on arms and legs. Since nothing tweaks designed and there are no limits to the party fun. Rolling toys are important for the development of children. It promotes social behaviour and helps to reduce stress and anxiety.

Children experience and playful handle everyday roles. And of course anyone who slips into another role, also the right equipment, or even the one or other accessory for the new identity must have. Also here is the online store of Claudia’s Dwarf country choice, because the wide selection of stylish accessories for Knights, Vikings, Builder or also fairies and princesses is unprecedented. Here there are Vikings and small bobs hats. Savvy Knights enjoy chain shirts and the fearsome pirate is moved from the variety of perfect treasure chests for the next raid in true delight. Rolling toys can do even more: Claudia’s Dwarf country in the toy shop offers not only magic wands and feather boas, but also many high-quality things for the game outside the Faschingssaison. Selected food”for the children’s kitchen or the shop are fun and durable. Shapely, they are made and ideally adapted to small children from wood.

Like small children imitate also, MOM or Dad at their daily work after and so it is not surprising that even realistic everyday objects there shop in the wooden toys such as a fully stocked cart. Also the tea or coffee making facilities is with the lovingly recreated kitchen”a no-brainer. Check worth: provides high-quality stuff that make happy children and parents! Imprint of Claudias dwarf country wife Claudia Hepperle Alaa str. 10 73272 commune of Neidlingen Germany phone: + 49 (0) 7023-73373 fax: + 49 (0) 7023-749327 E-Mail: USt-IdNr.: DE814674144 of responsible according to 55 para 2 RStV: Ms. Claudia Hepperle

Sofia Rotaru Quot

From inexpensive to decorative masterpieces naborchik with elements of hand-painted gold or silver. Here are reminded of the song Sofia Rotaru "Lavender", and after heroes of the day just the age when they certainly enjoy this famous of singers. Give them a DVD with her concert in any music store will offer you the best collections of songs and videos, just remember: there have to be this romantic song about a mountain lavender. And you can soriginalnichat and buy tickets for the concert of the same Sofia Rotaru, and let the heroes of the occasion to hear all my favorite songs from the live sound. Anyway, people who meet such anniversary, surely rejoice tickets to the theater, the opera or may even movies. AND true, why torture them long preparations and meetings guests, then clean and light, at best, tired. Organize a holiday they can, they have already forgotten what a date and going to the movies, can, home life, work, care of many things in life inadvertently made them forget about romance and what they were carefree 46 years ago. But to choose a gift – it is a puzzle not only for guests, but also of the heroes of the day.

Wedding – a holiday of two or more, even after 46 years, this rule essentially does not change. What to give the beloved man, beloved husband? There will be a gift commensurate with the power of love and, of course, with the level of understanding. You have not lived together a year and well know all of what is missing your beloved one, know about his dreams and desires. Now, maybe it was a time when to buy him a coveted guitar. Order or draw yourself a little lavender flower, write kind words – a dream come true with a pleasant trifle perepletetsya, but this memorable and believe me, so enjoyable! Choose a gift beloved wife for 46 years of happy marriage rather difficult thing.

That's how much gratitude and love in it is necessary to invest and how much is gift was presented? In general, a lot of originality here and will not clear. But worth a try. Since this day symbolizes gentleness and kindness in the marital relationship, it is necessary give the woman something beautiful and symbolic. I suggest you buy "the pearl of desires" with a pendant-flower. This is a great gift, a very original and at the same time quite romantic – simple. White Pearl will give wisdom, cream – good luck, peach – Health, purple – wealth, and pearl lavender – promises happiness in love. Use this manual to present a gift, no woman can resist a man rated the feelings so subtly. Lavender – a symbol of peace and tenderness, like a smile loving each other people who lived in the joy of almost half a century. I do not idealize family life, but I can safely say that love – it is difficult, it great work and, despite his heroism, is a great gift, and nothing but time proves it. Feelings, thoughts and experiences – much accumulates over time of marriage, thinking about the date of 46 years, remember the words of Avicenna, who as well no one else said about lavender: "It sticks to the heart and brain for a broom."