Month: July 2011

Seaside Boulevard

Extreme-culture, the meaning of which can be briefly expressed in the words: 'there is nothing too in your free time', has flourished on the abandoned spaces of the Crimea double flowers. Economic crisis 'popribral' is not only an incredible number of watchmen and everywhere bdevshih nepuschateley of all kinds, but also dissolved in the depths of suburban and bar building hundreds of miles of fences and the local Berlin sten.Teper in the Crimea are possible only with caution. Please note that This small section – not tutorial, but only a review of suitable sites for those who already know how long ago. Before you go to the mountains in the register of the local CIL. Those who like the sea, waiting for: Cape Tarkhankut with unusually clear water for diving and underwater archeology, Alushta with extremely rusty tower (for a form of piles) and other pieces for diving in the waters of the unfinished yacht club (the Palace of Pioneers).

Cape Soter between Alushta and Sudak (you can ride a bike or motorcycle) – a combination of radio telescope with a primitive-type parking nudist Trash or lemon juice have long attracted here tolkienistov, contactors, psychics (and ekstraseksov – fans al fresco). Pushkin's grotto – the island of anarchy in the pioneering Empire Artek and clear water for diving. On the other side of the legendary Ayu-Dag – all water sports in Partenit. To the west of the Crimea, not far from Sac, is A string of naval aviation ground with the world's largest springboard for ascending currents of air and parachuting, sea of asphalt for racing (on carts and tractors to ice boat) and just the sea for sailing and veykborda. Evpatoria with extreme park Fanboks (Frunze park near the city beach), is rolling rollers.

Stritovaya famous party in Yalta at the monument to Lenin, hip-hop Tale of Simeiz, Sevastopol – get-together on 'Primack' – Seaside Boulevard. An excellent addition to the sea rasslabuhe give joy mountain: mountain bike, motorcycle and dzhippov on Ai-Petri plateau, in the same cave-equipped 'Three-eyes'; Nikitskaya cleft the rock Phillips, Mount Falcon and other well-equipped climbing routes. The route for the motocross near Alushta, mountain Klementieva in Koktebel – the cradle of light aircraft, and the beach – old system and place hippies Mitki. Caves and offroad-track Chatyrdaga and plateau Karabi, Bakhchisarai Baba breaks Kachi-Kalona, Mangup and other 'cave' cities, as well as chalk prairie White Rock (Ak-Kaya) – tidbits not just for rock climbers, but for hunters. Well fantasy here comes the most natural way. Full apofigey extreme comes to mid-August at the ruins of the Crimean nuclear power plant on Cape Kazantip .. A motley mix of smartly packaged fan Boarders (sailing enthusiasts board), cyber-punks, and other non-formals with non-stop music ethereal Bukhanov, dancing to the reactor at night and racing jeep during the day – all this has changed the city Shelkino. People with traditional morality is better to refrain from visits: such an abundance of tattoos, pierced noses, lips, and then got such mad hair and a free nudism and free love is nowhere in our country are no longer bred seen.