Aug 13

Ramon Gallegos

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I liked the teaching and example that Ramon Gallegos gives about spirituality, the question he asked to distinguish or to clarify the vague idea of what is. Which spirituality going to teach? Amazement was much but the comment that made with which I recognized what is spirituality, it is as if the question was which […]

Aug 13

The Article

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The age for entry to universities were 16 years old. Some went to 14. I don’t think that teens of yesteryear have been intelligent or more precocious than the of today. Rather think we’ve lengthened it too the time to get to work as adults. We keep them artificially immature and at the same time […]

Aug 13

Segura Murcia

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Now it is more easy to Paint Ball practice. In Molina de Segura, Murcia, offers two homes to relax and enjoy the countryside and nature and a conditioned track to practice Paintball. Paintball is a game of strategy in which two teams face each other to achieve a defined objective before the game, weapons used […]

Aug 13


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Almost ten years of the fall of the one-to-one convertibility, the Argentines again choose abroad to spend their summer vacations. While there have always been those who jumped the pond to enjoy your days of relax, during recent years, the vast majority preferred vacationing in coasts local thus reducing costs. Today the perspective is somewhat […]