Month: October 2016

Root Of Love

In addition, returning home at night, and not finding anything edible, it becomes the stove and cooks dinner, and for one and "tormozok" themselves to work tomorrow. Then bathed the baby (Marina allegedly can not keep him, and tired …), playing with him and puts to sleep. Further, free sex for bad behavior, and go to bed himself nose to the wall. On the morning of laying your bags in the washing machine and kisses love and adore my wife and with a sense of accomplishment goes to work. Marina the while not happy with someone for so long and hard to chose the fathers of their children, what can you do if there were no other? ..

It all has openly stated that he was actively looking for her future husband, "Desirable posimpatichney and just richer." In addition, the constant scandals (with the cry: "Here I am so wonderful, and you spoil my whole life!") – Is a way to assert itself and prove once again to all, especially Oleg how lucky he was that it came down to it. But the most entertaining in this story is that both believe that their family is quite happy, and that form of existence – the best. Even without going to such extremes, it becomes it is clear that everyone has his own skeletons in the closet, and, unfortunately, few families can boast of a cloudless life until golden wedding anniversary. So there is a reasonable question: what is best and how to build their relationship with a man initially at the first meetings in the future, throughout the life together? As banal as it sounds, but, first, we must love and respect yourself! And others. This quality can and must nurture and develop. Truth old as the hills, but the fact remains that no one will love and respect a woman, scornfully referring to himself. However, narcissism and narcissism as a constant before a fall will bring.

You should not harbor illusions with respect to a person who does not respect you. And if you're allowed to wipe once on her legs, is sure to be the second and third such case. It is therefore important to understand its significance, self-adjust (bend it in any side involves psychological problems in completely different areas of life) and tune into a positive! Secondly, a marriage only based on love (and it is often confused with a passion or love) between people who do not have No more points of contact (friendship, common interests) is rarely a long and happy. That is to build a serious relationship with someone is when you're putting on each other as a whole. If the initial brain drills thought pritremsya here a bit, and I rebuilt it one way or commercials – nothing will come of it. Adult, formed at the root of man can not be changed. It is an axiom. Similarly, life can not break myself and adjust to other people's interests and habits. (These are radical changes, not compromises and concessions, without which there can be no family to live.) And, thirdly: it should be understood that it is never situations where fault only one person. Always look for a way to two. And to solve problems together. Then it will not come to a divorce after 3 months after the wedding, and your children will be happy with loved and loving parents.