Month: November 2013


As a result of that convergence of diverse social circumstances in the flamenco thing, three great groups will be able to be distinguished of you sing based on the social sector in which they are born: you sing flamenco-popular, you sing flamenco-gypsys and you sing miners. First (fandangos, Malagan, grananas, serranas ) they will present/display a noticeable localista character, always turning about the social customs and traditional subjects; more purely gypsy (tons, siguiriyas, tangos, soleares and buleras), on the other hand, they will be identified with the social marginality and its thematic, most intimist one, will treat the passion, the pain, the death ; finally, you sing miners (Taranto, tarantas, cartageneras, miners ), more delayed, will not only turn on the subject of the mine, being its protagonist the individual subject in its human experience, but the social and economic subject like referring of its labor or proletarian experience. You sing in them more typically payos as soon as will appear the subject of the marginality and the subotherness, but they will conserve spirit festive, erotic and pcaro, localista and conventional of popular Andalusian, while it will make reference to the own works of the field and to the world and things that are in their surroundings () and to the works of the sea, as well as to the small offices traveling, wagon, esquilaperros salesmen Abundarn in them the terms that allude to the described uses: fig tree, vine, oxen, plow, ship, are annoying, guard, metal, set, hammer, flowers In you sing gypsys, however, against the own security and social integration of flamenco payo, if that will occur those marginal elements that will characterize to gypsy otredad. the experiences of gypsys persecuted and jailed by justice is spilled, in flamenco, the romances and tons romanceadas, and its variants, carceleras, drop hammers, deblas.

Sports Equipment

In our time, striving to live a healthy lifestyle has become very topical. This lifestyle means active rest, proper nutrition and regular physical exercise. The first step for him is just a sport physical training. sports bars – something that will help everyone to take this step to success. A huge number of people love to visit gyms, aerobics. This, of course, motivated by a desire to feel strong and stay in perfect shape. However, not everyone has enough time to visit gyms. In this case, a good solution would be to buy sports equipment. One of the most popular shells is the rod. The main types of sport, where applicable rod are bodybuilding and powerlifting force. Bar allows you to perform a huge number of exercises for increasing muscle mass, and for maintain physical fitness. In addition, the exercises with a bar – a great tool to achieve a good level of metabolism, development, stamina, speed, muscle strength. Collapsible Rod has such a structure: it has a neck at the ends of sleeve for securing the load, which includes drives of different masses and castles. Any person has the opportunity to pick up the load, what he needs. All models are made from high-end steel. In today's world there is a wealth of choice, that any buyer would be able to choose the bar which is right for him. Each of us wants to be in perfect physical shape. Some dream podnabrat muscle others – to get rid of excess weight.


They train you to suffer remembering the past and to suffer by the uncertainty than you will be able or incapable to do in the future, dejndote just a short time to enjoy present. The past it is in the majority of the cases a heavy load that you will have to take to hills by always (they acquire the errors to you and they do not recognize the successes to you). The mistaken things that you did will continue hurting and you will pay by them several times. The good things will give the support you, the experience, the wisdom, will allow considerarte you valuable and successful, but to know it everything, it makes difficult to be alert to identify the changes and prepararte to face them. The past it is constituted by events, facts and action that you will not be able to change and that in the majority of the cases is lost use. The paradox is that you suffer when you lose and you worry when desire. If you lose something that you had in your hands, algrate, now is free to receive The future would have again to be supported in a life plan that looks for the profit of your dreams.

The future nevertheless, it is what it oppresses to you more, worries to you that you are going to do tomorrow when no longer you have the things which today you enjoy, you it worries that it will be of You and your family, if something bad happens, and sometimes even if something good happens. Except for the beneficial events produced by the chance, the others that you obtain in the future, will be the product than you do in every day of your present one enters and the date now that you take like reference in that future. He is better to act than to worry.

Ostankino Palace Museum

Extremely important and great skill in the dance floor is the correct split of the tree, the selection and styling at a certain angle of adjacent staves. This created one of the most characteristic features of art parquet – choppy game tree in the world. Split a tree in which grain direction is perpendicular to the light source, usually appears dark, while the direction of the wood fibers running parallel to the light source appears bright. These properties of wood were widely used for flooring. Depending on the illumination of the sections and moving – some of the hardwood floor is lit bright spots, then faded away. Especially noteworthy in this regard panelboard parquet native trees – pine, oak and birch. Wonderful pine panelboard parquet is in Muranovo Manor (now a museum Tiutchev) in continuous galleries Ostankino Palace Museum and the Museum Kuskovskii.

He scored exclusively from pine, oak-lined narrow strips, and only very rarely and sparingly intarsirovan on the plates with black stained oak. When you look at this game of light and shade of pine parquet floors, shared layers perpendicular to each other, then you start to feel all the amazing beauty of these rocks, often higher quality than previously imported trees. Ability to use along the lines of wood is one the most important conditions in the production of artistic parquet. If all the wood of pine-through picture Ostankino palace was used as a long floorboards, floors, the gallery would have lost all artistic value, and skillful installation artist, parquet, used without special expenses of all the possibilities of domestic wood, they were able to achieve striking effects in the XIX century began polishing them not pure wax, but with different coloring impurities, why they are gradually losing their original appearance. This slight touch up with scrubbing kills not only the play of light on the dance floor, but changes, depersonalizes and all colors natural wood. Dyes, applied in the polishing of floors in the XIX century, the old masters was not used, so the floors of extraordinary freshness and preserved polychromy.