Month: April 2016

Nautica Spa

You can enjoy a luxurious evening at the two levels Paris Lounge or you can rock and roll in the Rock and Roll dance club at the Cafe des Artistes and the Monte Carlo Casino. Has entered into pure luxury, with rooms spacious and comfortable. All cabins are fully carpeted with closet, private bathroom (toilet, sink and shower), and color television screening first run films. All cabins of these super liners are above ocean level for a better-relaxed cruise. Carnival staterooms are fifty percent more on average than other cruise lines. You get one hundred percent personal care whether you choose interior or ocean view suite or penthouse suite.

You can give your kids a fun holiday with all kind of games, parties, talent, films, crafts, arts, and a world of fun under the supervision of camp carnival counselors. All counselors are university graduates with professional experience caring for children and their children are safe in competent hands. If for any reason you are not satisfied with the cruise experience you can notify carnival before reaching the first port of call and may well go down in the first non-American port of call from his boat. Carnival cruise for reimbursement of the unused portion of your cruise charge and compensate for their return ticket to fly. You can see the security plans carnival cruise vacations to enjoy a free holiday. Carnival serves buffet on deck. There is teatime with your favorite beverage and pastries. In addition, you can place order complimentary stateroom service 24 hours a day.

Your table is always reserved in the dining room. However, you can also dine at the restaurant “Sea View Bistro” on the Lido deck. The attire is casual and meals are buffet style. The restaurant has an open seat and is more relaxed. Of course, carnival, if you are aware of calories has a wide selection of Nautical Spa with every meal. All menus have been developed with the consultation of dietitians. You can make the pizza oven-fresh pizza in 24 hours. There’s live music playing in the lobby of the spirit amazing. You may like to enjoy your drink with friends at the bar. Looking for information about cruises?

Pro Evolution Soccer

Undoubtedly the best thing that always made the Pro Evolution Soccer has been its gameplay, and this version does not lag behind. The game responds well to commands that you give, be smooth, comfortable and easy to develop the ideas that we have to face the rival. The controls are simple to use but has changed some dribbling incorporating them into the arrow keys (or left stick), which is a positive side because they are more accessible, but also has a negative aspect that often is present when we try to make a sudden change of direction and is interpreted as the command unplanned dribble that can make us lose the ball. While the controls are fluid and respond well, it is complicated when defending, as marking, shrink space and correctly position the defender to stop the advance rival is complicated, but with patience and practice can be achieved. Another defect that presents the defense are the outputs of the archer, as this does not exactly come off of the three clubs to pick a school (unless the ball goes to your location), which can be seen when in a corner the attackers are at the edge or in the goal box and run the draw, the only ones able to clear the area are the defenders because the goalkeeper does not leave his position, so they become easily have been goals that avoided. A negative feature that one can not overlook is the great lack of licenses, many teams do not have their original names nor their shirts, as is the case with the glasses, hopefully someday we can enjoy a fully licensed PES.


Power metal (power-metal) – a type of metal that appeared in the second half of the 80 (the term is a portmanteau. Power chord – 'fifth') At one time the term existed in relation to American teams such as MANOWAR, early METALLICA, TESTAMENT , PANTERA. This trend however, has not been extensive development and eventually died out, but nowadays the term 'power metal' usually refers created HELLOWEEN direction. Power's considered the ancestor of the above HELLOWEEN (Germany), who published in 1987-1988. double album 'Keeper of the Seven Keys', without a doubt become the cornerstone in the development of the genre. Among the veterans should be called as RUNNING WILD, RAGE, GAMMA RAY, SCANNER, CHROMING ROSE, BLIND GUARDIAN, etc. And since the European Power has spread widely and became popular throughout the continent as well as he was unpopular in the United States. Power metal in the form in which it was designed Helloween, can be called a fairly upbeat and life-affirming music (sometimes called this trend 'happy metal' – 'happy metal'), but many teams had more somber, epic sound (BLIND GUARDIAN,). Power metal has become a logical continuation of ideas, classic hard rock (DEEP PURPLE, URIAH HEEP, RAINBOW), glam and hard-n-art (SLADE, SWEET, QUEEN, RUSH) and, of course, the British heavy metal (JUDAS PRIEST, IRON MAIDEN, etc.). Direct precursor of the style in the mid-'80s became speed metal, which at the beginning of his career, experimented Power's founders – the German HELLOWEEN, RAGE, and later their followers BLIND GUARDIAN.