Month: April 2014

Lima Day

Fernandez (1894) and in his honor will be held in Yvysunu, Guarambare, as every year, the traditional meeting with Emiliano, where numerous artists from around the country will gather to pay their all-day memorial tribute and admiration Emiliano . Then, 14 will celebrate Flag Day. The next day, August 15, will celebrate the Foundation Day of Assumption (1537). For its part, the 16 is Children’s Day, in honor of Children Martyrs Heroes a’u Acosta, who fought against the Triple Alliance (1869). On August 22 the Day of Folklore (1846), while the 25th is the Day of the Guarani language, as the August 25, 1967 the Constitution was promulgated for the first time gave constitutional status to the Guarani language recognizing it as a national language. Furthermore, on 27 August is the National Day Guarania in remembrance the day of the birth of his creator: Jose Asuncion Flores (1904). Similarly, an August 14, 1926 was noted in the High Court, the birth of Louis Osmer Mesa (better known as Luis Alberto del Parana) and August 22, 1988 died the great Paraguayan musician Diosnel Chase.

A reminder note is the August 1, 2004, that fateful day some 400 people died in the horrific fire at the Ykua Bolanos Supermarket, which is considered the largest and historical mournful day of national mourning. We also noted that for ATENEO GUARANI LANGUAGE AND CULTURE, August is the Month of the Guarani Language and Folklore. It is recalled that since 1986, the institution continuously performed every day in August, alluding one or more activities such as conferences, lectures, seminars, conferences, festivals, competitions, meetings with poetry and popular theater. These activities take place in the streets, plazas, schools, colleges, universities, unions, cultural centers, municipalities, etc. across the country. This annual memorial made citizens, particularly students, and prepare to participate in one or more of these meetings claiming the Guarani language and Paraguayan Popular Culture. In addition, the saint reminds us of many saints and holy dear to us: Our Lady of Los Angeles (August 2), San Cayetano (7 August) San Lorenzo (10 August), Santa Clara (11 August ), Our Lady of the Assumption (15 August) San Roque (August 16), St. Augustine (28 August), Santa Rosa de Lima (August 30), and San Ramon Nonato (August 31).

The names of these saints are associated with festivities in several villages in Paraguay, which is to say, the implementation of several parties, with dances, folk bands, rides, folk music, ethnic foods, carousels, masses and processions; in short, crowded, lively and moving meetings around their compatriots respective valleys. Professor and Graduate in Guarani language. University teaching.

Tips To Buy Gifts Of Kings

Three Kings day is a really great day and gifts of course are a large part of this day but must keep in mind some things that will make this day more happy: don’t forget the batteries.-If purchasing gifts that require batteries do not forget to buy them, this is super important for that course the children will want to play with their new toys immediately and go out and buy batteries and have that wait is most frustrating. Do not buy cheap imitations-this is only another form of: say no to piracy is that it sounds like commercial Government, but it really is something that you should avoid, first of all that these shops are not registered with profeco and not is no way if you cheat or if they don’t want to validate your warranty which of course is only verbal recover your moneymany itinerant traders as its name says it a day are there and the other is not, it is a flying don’t run the risk; If I put the word cheap quotes is that many times aprovechandose of the season and his fame of more cheap than the original (and it should be) give you much more expensive than the original merchandise purchased in a legitimate trade and that offers you a guarantee of truth; Remember that nothing worse than to not play with your gift that there is went faulty. Purchase anywhere reliable.- as I mentioned in the previous point is much better, the products are guaranteed, and give you many more benefits: they allow you to pay in installments, with credit card, return you a percentage of your purchase in electronic money etc and of course you know that the Mall does not disappear on January 7 If you need a change. View accompanied-it is sad but as this day ends with the new year celebrations is the day in which almost all the attackers will be waiting for the slightest neglect to take away everything you take, and the fact that toys are not going to be imported, even if they are few things or just one that your feel that there is no problem always prefer to be accompanied by. Don’t buy stolen-it violates the spirit of the day of reyes and Furthermore recalls this time touched to other parent next time you can happen to you would not like that steal you your presents truth? With these simple tips on three kings day will be much more happy not only for the children if not for you also. Original author and source of the article.