Month: January 2014

The Other

Our brain has incredible power and what we think conscious or unconsciously are orders for the. If your raisins all day viewing problems unconsciously you are telling your brain that you want problems, and of course gives you problems. What I suggest you look on the other hand are solutions. Imagine forms where there is no, actions that you can do. Example: You don’t have money and you have to pay a fee for a loan you have. If in your head is all the time the image of I have no money, I can’t pay credit this is what you are saying to your brain.

Instead I propose to think, your friends who can give you money, the company that can advance you money. Your clients who can give you an advance payment for your work. If you look here are not thinking about the problem, but the solution, more than the problem. (6) Concentrates your dream in the benefit which will be for people, you should always give first to receive more than then. All successful people in your activity give big customers benefits that these reward with your initial purchases and loyalty to new purchases. (7) Improving constantly. What worked in the past does not have to operate today, or in the future, the world is changing and you must be adapted to the. (8) Do not give up.

It will surprise you to know that a large number of people abandoned their dreams, before a problem. He was formed inwardly saying I tried it, and actually had the opportunity to just solve some things. I hope these simple tips you have been useful so that You can start the road to the realization of your dream and pursuit of prosperity.

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