Dec 14

Charitypartner RTL

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“B2RUN Munich: the running spectacle celebrates tenth anniversary of Munich, 12.07.2013: this is the best thing that could happen to the sport of running,” once expressed endurance Joey Kelly to the B2RUN and is in the ten-year anniversary on July 18 just like Henry Maske at the start. “With them also Wolfram M. Kons is […]

Dec 14

Running With Hay Fever

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My JogStyle gives tips for running again fly the pollen with hay fever. If itching eyes, nose running and breathing difficult, the worst season has started for allergy sufferers. And who normally completed his jogging in the fresh air as an endurance athlete, quickly loses the fun in sports. My JogStyle are a few helpful […]

Dec 14

Burn Calories Running

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A purely physical exercise as it is running helps burn calories, although not all burn the same amount running the same distance, much depends on some factors such as: the weight or physical condition, speed, slope and the type of circuit. The first thing we must bear in mind is that the body is not […]

Dec 14

Sellaronda Trail Running

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A spectacular and unique race of its kind along forest roads and trails around the Sella Group. The competition, as the name already expresses, held group around the Sella; forest roads and trails, always with the intention of as little as possible, to drive on the paved roads and rendering rhinestones above cross points. The […]

Dec 14

Tarot Gitano

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Despite the fact that some concrete elements have been determined in what to the beginnings of the Gypsy tarot terms, do not exist but evidences isolated from its presence in the daily lives of most ancient civilizations. Around 1390, the King of France, Carlos VI requested that they other three decks of cards. However, records […]

Dec 14

Silkscreen On T-shirts

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If you like sports clothes, then surely your wardrobe full of shirts of different colors and styles. Even if you do not like sports clothes, you just have t-shirt that you wear at home or on a walk. T-shirt – a self-contained unit with no need for accessories. Even monotonous, with no prints and embroidery […]

Dec 14

How To Spend Your Leisure Time

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Reflecting on life, start thinking about what we have leisure time, we have the right to relax, have a right (albeit briefly) IS NOT the full sense of the word … Great said: "the essence of man is manifested in the fact that he does when he has nothing to do. " So what is […]

Dec 14

Intelligence Boss

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Two digger dug a hole in the sun. Suddenly one of them stopped and said: – Hey, Bob, I think that's why we dig this hole in the sun, and the boss standing in the shade of a tree and do nothing? – I do not know, Michael, – replied the second. – But now […]

Dec 14

New Products

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Marketing in action: hope is a tree in flower that sweetly sways to the breath of illusions Severo Catalonia. Considerations, reach, steps: the current economic scenarios show relevant characteristics that demand that companies are vigilant of their behaviour in order to ensure not only stay in the markets achieved but for conquest of new enabling […]

Dec 14

The Cultural

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The culture is the source of implicit knowing in each dialogue, proper of each society. Society is the integration of norms for submission of the individuals and personality is the only contribution of each individual that depends on its acts of speaks. In the world of the life the dialogue has the essence of the […]

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