Month: July 2017

Romantic Festival

Bad Pyrmont invites a fireworks over Palm trees ‘Golden Sunday’ on September 7th! This is the crowning of a festive day in Bad Pyrmont. Vanessa Marcil is actively involved in the matter. Am7. September is the traditional festival of lights Sunday in one of the most beautiful parks of Germany ‘s”celebrated. 15,000 lanterns, candles and lights bowls provide romantic atmosphere for an entertaining and varied programme. Since 1784, a Festival of lights is celebrated in the Lower Saxony State Spa. Was formerly the main avenue is illuminated, the spa park with Palm Garden – Europe’s northernmost Palm-free plant, fountains, waterways, rose garden and Castle Island to the venue is transformed today. Patrick Lindner is the star guest of the evening. On the Bandshell stage he presented his successful hits and new tracks from 19: 00 until 20:30.

Caribbean sounds to the gold fish pond and rock ‘ n roll in the Palm Garden constitute the musical contrast range. Offer over 200 artists on three stages with music, show, comedy and entertainment from 11: 00 Entertainment. Children can turn to fairy-tale characters or find diversion in the action field. Historical personalities of the Princes meetings take a stroll with the guests through the Park. The best you can enjoy”this event within the framework of the 4-day arrangement Sunday. The offers already from 150 euro per person is available with three nights, a day card for the Hufeland Therme, a visit to the Castle and a guided city tour. Learn more: Bad Pyrmont Touristinformation Europaplatz 1, 31812 Bad Pyrmont, Tel. 05281 9405-11, fax: 9405-55, Internet:, E-Mail: author: Miriam Fuchs on behalf of Bad Pyrmont tourist information bad Pyrmonts spa park in the bright light

Acoustic Effects In Synthesizers And Digital Pianos

Acoustic effects (digital effects) – special effects, change the sound of voices. The most common acoustic effects are reverb and chorus, also some models of synthesizers have built-in dsp, which gives the opportunity to use a much wider array of acoustic effects. Reverb (Reverb) – acoustic effect, which means the sound that remains after the cessation of a sound source in result of multiple reflections of sound waves from the walls. This effect is specifically used in architectural acoustics for the design of concert halls. For other opinions and approaches, find out what real-estate developer has to say. Using the reverb effect to add to the sound synthesizer or digital piano feel of a large concert hall. Almost all digital pianos and synthesizers contain multiple (from 4 to 16) of the reverb. When choosing a style or song automatically selects the type of reverberation that is most appropriate for your voice. Chorus (Chorus) – acoustic effect when the sound performs many of the same sounds.

In English Chorus – a "chorus", that is the effect of "chorus" for violin and voice will feeling that the melody played by a few violins – Violin Choir. Chorus creates a rich surround sound. Almost all digital pianos and synthesizers contain multiple (from 4 to 16) of the chorus. When choosing a style or song automatically selects the type of chorus, most pododyaschy for your voice. Acoustic resonance (Acoustic Resonance) – acoustic effect, passing the response string acoustic instrument.

It adds an extra realistic tone, transmitting the sound of string instruments – guitars, violins, etc. DSP-effects – the effects obtained by using dsp (Digital Signal Processor) – Digital Signal Processor. dsp – is a dedicated high-speed processor used for complex sound processing. In some models of synthesizers and digital pianos built around hundreds of different DSP-effects. Expert MuzMart Mary Mott

Kids Gaming Sites

Court exiled banner advertising from children’s games page if banners stand out on the Internet not from the editorial section of the page, they can apply as disguised advertising and be thus inadmissible. The higher regional court (OLG) Cologne has stated such banner advertising on a gaming portal for illegal in a judgment (OLG Cologne, judgment of 12 April 2013, AZ 6 U 132/12). On the same portal standard, free games of upstream commercials the OLG not objected, however. The Federal Association of consumer centres and consumer associations had been brought. The Association turned its injunction against two banners and the control gear commercials in the game portal. The portal is financed through advertising revenues and provides online games free to Internet users of all ages. Specifically, it was about advertising, which was located on the base of “Girl games” and “Children’s games” dispute.

The banner advertisement was veiled during the ballast advertising an unacceptable disturbance for the young portal users constitute the position of the consumer association. The Cologne regional court dismissed the action. In the appeal, gave the Court of appeal the applicant Association then but partially right and evaluated the two banners as inadmissible. The offending banner ads were each between on the pages of “Children’s games” and “Girl games” offered browser games. In one case, the question was standing next to a button: “you have an idea of what you can do?” A man before an shark fin out of water was pictured.

In the other case it was called along with an animation and a “click here” button: “Discover more great anniversary deals”. With two banners, the word “Advertising” found each on the upper left as white font on a blue background of the page. The Court ruled that the banner ads were the child’s target group not significantly enough from the offered games separated.