Month: September 2011

Movable Ram Hydraulic Automotive

Today, major manufacturers of automobiles began to make cars, change tires that need only two times per year: winter to summer and vice versa – it is easy to patch a puncture with special shawl or sealant. 99% motorists in that case just change the wheel. As if there were not, but without the jack going. when and what will happen to the wheel, unaware of any motorist. So always have a jack and the "spare tire" is a must. But jack jack – are different. And one turns the wheel assembly in the devil's torments, the other can be useful in an unpredictable situation.

take a look at what are the jacks, which one and how to use them properly. On the principle of actuation of the hoisting mechanism, they are divided into mechanical and hydraulic. Mechanical jacks – they all mans car coming off the conveyor car factories. Which, in turn, divided into parallelogram lever and or folding. Lever is now almost not produced or sold, and sold a great variety of folding. they are used to service the small vehicles, whose gross weight does not more than two tons. A relatively small load is compensated by the simplicity, small size and reliability.

For larger vehicles used hydraulic jacks. They are much stronger, however, and much more influential. Hydraulic jacks are also divided into two types – and telescopic lever or movable. The role of the first lifting mechanism is hydraulic piston mechanism directly, the other hydraulic cylinder pushes for lifting the lever, which in turn raises the car.

Disarming Ford

The new line consists of three systems – Lockus F1, Lockus F2 and Lockus F3, differing in the way of management and functional richness. Lockus alarm installed on the Ford Focus cars and various configurations can significantly increase possible full-time security equipment. Lockus F1 car alarm is recommended for installation in cars Ford, not equipped with full-time security package. Management system is four-button keyfob with a dynamic coded control signals. Car alarm Lockus F2 is recommended for installation in cars Ford Focus, equipped with the function of remote control central locking system (these machines are equipped with safety package 1, 4, or Number 5). Arming and Disarming is regular remote control car Ford (the system automatically determines when locking and unlocking central locking system, and thus will enable or disable the protection). The most powerful and functionally rich system in the new line is Lockus F3. This system is aimed at car owners the highest requirements for anti-theft equipment.

It is not just car alarm and a burglar and anti-theft complex. In fact, Lockus F3 combines the immobilizer and slave-signaling, and includes the most modern technologies used in the elite anti-theft systems, Black Bug. Lockus F3 is recommended for installation in cars Ford Focus, equipped with remote control function of the central locking. Enabling and disabling alarms are also carried out with the regular remote central locking. High level of protection against theft provides remotely controlled relay HOOK-UP. Number installed in the vehicle anti-theft devices are not restricted. Lockus F3 also provides protection against seizure, and in the critical situation of ownership does not require any action to lock the engine. In addition, Lockus F3 is protected from electronic intrusion of the second generation technology, DID, and the backup L-channel provides confident identification tag, even the presence of noise in the air.

The newest car alarms car full control and provide an electronic lock on the engine. Function provides confirmation disarm, which can insure owner in case of theft or full-time remote key fob Ford signaling (by the owner of the regime can be switched off only after clicking on a secret button and the electronic identification tags, or both). For implementation of additional service functions in the car alarm has two programmable Lockus timer channel that can be included on a pre-programmed events, and with the key fob (or by phone at system is connected Reef GSM). 'Altonika' supplies car alarms to a central warehouse Lockus Ford Motor Company with a programmed set of optimal settings that will suit completely most of the cars. If there need to add or disable any features and modes, the default settings can be quickly changed on the computer. Installation of the required minimum intervention in the wiring of the car, as well as eliminates the need to run additional wires. In the car alarm Lockus use the most modern element base, which has high reliability, operating in extended temperature range and resistant to external influences. Car alarm Lockus fully comply with process standards of Ford.

Language Through Song

Learn a foreign language through song – easy and enjoyable lesson: you can choose your favorite genres of music, favorite artists. But why do songs help teach a foreign language quickly and easily? Scientists have found that in human brain for the perception of speech and music are different areas. Music Center is located in the left brain, creative hemisphere, and therefore faster and remembers better than the speech center, located in law. The songs combine the work of both hemispheres, and therefore remembered better poems. That's why kids who are just beginning to learn their native language, too often sing songs. Rhythm is also an important component of memorization.

Brain activity is automatically activated as soon as one hears the first notes. Work with the song will quickly expand your vocabulary without rote learning, and develop your pronunciation. In addition, you will learn quickly recognize foreign speech, which is one of the most important stages of language acquisition. So we put a CD with your favorite music and start to sing along. Do not forget that the text should be translated as you can. Sometimes the songs are found strange idioms and idioms, in this case we can always seek the advice of the teacher, or search for an answer on the Internet. And what about grammar, you ask? There really is not do without textbooks, but that's all you need from them.

In no case do not sit for hours in books, as this can cause your love for foreign languages irreparable damage! If the language is bored, you never it does not finish my studies. Therefore, learning should be fun. To be most effective language learning should: listen to music, parse the text to ask questions about the join itself (the song, karaoke or instrumental version) write the text to check their records with the help of songwriter or Internet Another way – more creative. The student writes text to the hearing, or fills in missing words in the issued uprazhenenii-verse. As for musical genres, it is believed that for learning a foreign language more suitable for folk, blues, jazz, country, opera, musicals, solo performers and groups is preferable. In addition, dance beats and heavy bass as impede readability. It is hardly necessary to spend on one song over an hour. Even in this case, rest assured that with time you do notice that began to understand the language perfectly.