Month: September 2015

Stories From Life Of Warren Buffett

Life history of Warren Buffett. In the late 50's of last century, America's textile industry is going through difficult times. Company Berkshire Hathaway barely making ends meet. Benjamin Graham – professor, writer and investment manager, had almost bought the shares of this company, but at the last moment changed his mind. At the same time as the company has followed one of the young employees of Graham, Warren Buffett.

Previously, he studied with him at Columbia School business. Shares of the company fell below simply nowhere to go. In the early 60's Graham resigned, and Buffett has opened his own firm. And he bought the same shares Berkshire. He bought them less than $ 8 apiece. After that, the company passed the conversion.

AND shares rose to $ 18. Today, every action Berkshire Hathaway worth $ 90,000. And it was not just a bargain. He studied the company by a special technique, which gave him the right decision. Buffett has been closely involved in development of a method of investing, which is the father of Benjamin Graham. This method works with the money brought Buffett billions. The secret of this principle has proven to 100%. And the names of the world's most powerful investors are self- himself: Warren Buffett, Benjamin Graham, Christopher Brown, Peter Lynch, Deniyel Snyder. But not all traders and investors by virtue of this method. 90% of the players on the stock and ride the waves. It easier to buy and sell. Be in psychological languor. Be in euphoria, and a few minutes to fall in blunting the stopper. They say that they earn money, but the endless crashes show that they do not understand what they want. For them, it is very difficult see how their money grow. Already about 100 of my partners are working on this technique. Their money grow, and in passive mode. Only the first 8 months of 2009. their money is increased by 180%, and some 400%.