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Code One Presented 3D HDTV Live Streaming Kit On International Trade Fair

Erfogreiche presentation at IBC Amsterdam participation as exhibitors at IBC in Amsterdam / new kit combined with innovative camera technology of Fraunhofer Dusseldorf 21 September 2010 the code one GmbH presented the first time 3D HDTV live streaming over IP networks at the international trade fair of IBC in Amsterdam. The Dusseldorf streaming service providers showed for the first time a prototype of the 3D streaming kits”, which works with a 3D camera of the Fraunhofer Institute Erlangen. From the 10th-14th September visitors of the trade fair of IBC in Amsterdam had the opportunity to convince themselves of the innovative streaming technology live. The IBC is the meeting point of the world’s leading companies in the areas of creation, management and delivery of entertainment and media content. Code one participated as an exhibitor.

The new streaming was presented as additional novelty backpack with 6 Professional router. The IBC is an internationally renowned event with over 1,300 exhibitors. With the booth at IBC, we have expanded our focus on Europe. We are pleased on the results and especially exciting conversations,”says Managing Director Zlatko Kauric, code one. New 3D streaming Kit as a novelty, showed code one for the first time the new 3D HDTV live streaming Kit.

It is possible that two independent camera signals (HD-SDI) in real time in a 3D stream to convert and as H. 264 video stream to transfer. The latest Kit works with a microHDTV camera of the Fraunhofer Institute for integrated circuits in Erlangen, Germany (Fraunhofer IIS), which is the technology provider for the latest code one product. The 3D streaming kit are the operator stereographic tools at disposal, which digitally correct the image positions and the convergence in real time,”adds Sven Hanten, head of development and Managing Director. New 6 compartment router presented international debut celebrates also the new streaming backpack with 6-UMTS technology. By bundling six UMTS channels, can constantly up to 2Mbit / s and the upload to transfer 3Mbit/s. In addition, he has Backpack over SDI, FireWire, composite, component, HDMI, and stereo audio as standard inputs. Offers code one code one mobile live video streaming: simple, flexible and reliable. It is the first European company offering this technology in a fast growing market segment. Code one offers their products both to the purchase as well as the video transmission services for individual events including the distribution of the videos on the TV or for up to 100,000 viewers on the Web (in parts or as a complete package). Code one was founded in February 2010 and is an Inhabergefuhrtes company headquartered in Dusseldorf, Germany.


When is the best day of your life into a deadly nightmare… Hamburg (01.09.2010) – it should be actually a peaceful wedding celebration with friends, acquaintances and family members on Harper’s Iceland. But when some guests are killed on the secluded island near Seattle, the celebration turned abruptly into a deadly nightmare. Shortly after the wedding party is divided into two groups: one wants to leave the island as soon as possible, the other is determined to find the killer, because he is among them… With the U.S. You may find San Antonio Spurs to be a useful source of information. TV series “Harper’s Iceland” Creator Jon Turteltaub has created a gripping mystery-thriller, which appears on October 14 at paramount home entertainment on DVD. In 13 tension-filled episodes, viewers will witness the suspicions and trembles in the search for the murderer with.

Each of the guests of the wedding has a theme and everyone’s scared – because does not stop the killings. The DVD comes with a large array of special features. These include not only removed scenes, but also the casting or the production of “Harper’s Iceland”. Vanessa Marcil contributes greatly to this topic. IDYLLIC island with a dark past of Abby Mills (Elaine Cassidy) is invited to a remote island for the wedding of her kindergarten friend Henry Dunn (Christopher Gorham) and the lovely Patricia Wellington (Katie Cassidy). However, the romantic island has a dark past.

Six people killed, including Abby’s mother were a killing spree seven years ago. Since then, she daily suffer from nightmares and is hit regularly by the traumatic memories, which can hardly cope with. Abby but not take it and returns for the wedding ceremony on the island. This decision will regret it a short time later when the first wedding guests a cold-blooded murderer to the victim and seems to repeat the past… Technical data: genre: mystery-thriller TV series original title: Harper’s Iceland country/year: United States 2009 aspect ratio: 1.78: 1 audio format: Dolby Digital 5.1, Dolby Digital surround languages: German, English, French, French, Italian subtitles: Danish, German, English, English for the hearing imparied, Finnish, French, Dutch, Italian, Norwegian, Swedish runtime: approximately 519 minutes FSK: from 16 years Extras: – on-air promos – commentary on some episodes – the casting for Harper’s Iceland – one after the other: the production of Harper’s Iceland – guess who? -The grim reaper – Harper’s Globe webisodes – removed scenes links: paramount ParamountGermany paramount_de via paramount home entertainment paramount home entertainment (Germany) GmbH was founded in January 2000.

Hypnosis As A Show: The Fascinating Event

If the neighbor thinks, ringing his wallet… Tony Parker understands that this is vital information. One thing is certain, when the hypnotist takes the stage: tonight nothing and no one will be safe from him. Hypnosis is the fascinating fun for the whole family, where all guests are unexpected stars. Like that? Quite simply, the show is working with actual hypnosis. Hypnosis, that is the State in which the hypnotist can communicate with your subconscious mind. Hypnosis can be used for many purposes, for example when it comes to change smoking behaviour. It is the power of suggestion, which also makes it possible and many others.

Back to the show: da so guests are partly extremely skeptical and sometimes also very curious. Until the hypnotist takes the stage of the action and then is it entertaining. First and foremost of course for those who initially have demonstration spared by the hypnosis. There are people convinced they would include exactly 12 finger suddenly looking at the hand firmly and soft even after repeated ask not this assertion from or the wallet rings and they need to go very fast even think it could be something important. The subconscious is powerful and the hypnotist very impressively demonstrated this in his events. A reputable show hypnosis is always entertaining, will never exceed the limit to the tasteless. So you can easily separate the wheat from the chaff in the world of hypnosis. During the hypnosis involves not just to make people just pure entertainment because, rather it is in fact only a small, if also very amusing demonstration of, such as the human subconscious mind works. There they actually, the analytically-minded people who partout not hypnotize themselves. Whether you belong to? But, find it when comes the stage hypnotist in your city. (c) Schipper Sandra rockIT! marketing solutions

New Information Platform For Stamps Is Presented

The Advisor helps in the selection of the right stamp and answers the most frequently asked questions. The knowledge of stamp experts of Fahrion GmbH is concentrated in the stamp wiki, providing stamps and stamp products since 1925. Due to quality and best service the Fahrion GmbH was awarded partner Trodat premium and trying to pass with this Advisor page this knowledge unambiguously and clearly. It is to build industry tries to expand its offering in the future after a comprehensive collection of information about the stamp. The contents of the Advisor is conveyed in the question – answer pattern. After a brief historical review, how to stamp order that is transformed in recent years, you can find out about the selection of the correct stamp. Because in addition to the classic wooden stamp that is still popular because it is cheap and environmentally conscious, there are today a wide range of modern stamp devices for the most diverse tasks. The different stamp models are divided into genera (wooden stamp, Kunststoff-Selbstfarber, Metallverstarkte self-inking, full metal self-inking), its features worked out and finally faced their advantages and disadvantages.

In addition, specific orders to the individual genera are called. But also special stamp will be presented that are unknown to many people. For example, there are antibacterial stamp with built-in Microban company Colop technology which can be used not only to doctors and hospitals. Such stamp make schools etc. also in offices by authorities, Sense where they are used by multiple users.

What a or else knows but perhaps of greetings, invitations or greeting cards are the motif stamps. Here you can live out his creativity and make his self-designed motifs or decorative short texts on wood stamp. There is now a large fan base, making the stamp hobby operates. Other exotic stamp applications are mentioned such as stamps for golf balls, punch for Eggs… Today most online place da order stamp is tips for creating text and logos Temple are very useful. The design of a text stamp is actually not difficult. Because usually, online stores have a design tool where you must enter only the text during the ordering process. At logos as stamp note however usually file specifications, as regards the format and resolution. If you followed the tips from the stamp wiki can with the stamp nix make wrong go. To be always up to date, there are the latest catalogues of the leading stamp equipment manufacturer, Trodat, Colop and Reiner in the download area.

National Association

Best of all possible options for the next holiday for many people is a luxury and family holiday in Switzerland. The country's popularity is not due to the beautiful landscape or a delicious national kitchen, but also hotels. Switzerland hotels are renowned for the highest level of service guests and a variety of services offered. But for all that each person can easily choose a hotel depending on the available budget and requirements to a level of comfort and design of the rooms. All hotels in Switzerland are members of national associations. The association defines the standards of service, as well as conducts Certification of hotels according to a set of specific rules and regulations. The cost of accommodation depends on a number of different factors, but as a rule, it necessarily includes a continental breakfast (sandwiches, soft bun, coffee, jam, butter).

Surcharge resorts in Switzerland offer a full four meals or half board. Note that the service of guests at a height even in small hotels in the most distal regions of Switzerland. In this case, again, reflects the work of the National Association of rigidly controlling all aspects of tourists. We have already mentioned that the holiday in Switzerland is designed to people with different income levels. Of course, this also applies to hotels. If there is no need to save there, then the ideal option would Hotels 'luxury' class (5 stars on the local classification), offering guests the maximum possible range of services and spacious rooms, as well as individual power system. At this point in time directory hotels Switzerland has only 35 five-star hotels, but it's perfectly normal.

Their proposed service is unique and exactly corresponds to the notion of 'exclusive', and therefore increase the number of luxury hotels no one is going. In each room, 'luxury' hotels has a mini-bar, TV, air conditioning, safe, hair dryer, all the necessary cosmetics and Internet access. In addition, high-ranking guests are offered: SPA-salons, car rental, sauna, swimming pool and superbly equipped conference rooms. Hotels Switzerland's first class have the status of '4 stars'. They are also able to provide a decent standard of living and quality service, but lack the glamor of the inherent lux. Hotels 4 stars, by the standards should have an area of not less 13m2. These hotels are the ideal choice for couples with children. If the budget is allocated for recreation, is very limited, it is better to look at around 1, 2 and 3 class. Latest offers great value and a basic set of services, but at the same time, have some limitations. For example, in the hotels third class bar is open only during daylight hours, and change of linen is carried out once every three days. As for 1 and 2 stars, then this option for people do not have the means to fashionable resorts in Switzerland, and are considering the hotel is not as a place of comfort pastime, but as a household necessity. Such establishments are constructed on the principle of hostels, that is, rooms and there is absolutely nothing extra toilet and shower are on the floor and bed changed once a week. In general, that's all. If you do not know where to stop the election, look at any directory for hotels in Switzerland. There you will find the option of residence, which will meet all your wishes and requirements to a level of comfort and quality services.


Man has always turned to nature for her helpful resources for your life, including the one that most stands out is food in its various presentations, but in many cases you can combine both the search for resources such as activities that are very rewarding and full of fun and entertainment and that puts us fisheries, which combines perfectly a very enjoyable activity as is fishing and just serves to obtain food as the fish. Fishing has traditionally developed with the fishing pole, however there is a much better, more effective and more enjoyable to do this activity and underwater fishing, which allows greater contact with nature and to make spearfishing will be experienced great emotions, and enjoying the this great activity. Underwater fishing is very pleasant and also a very unique way to do fishing, because as mentioned before fishing has always been associated with the fishing pole, while spear fishing with makes use of many other tools, such that spearfishing is comparable to hunting, as the angler fish should look for when seeking to obtain, demonstrating a clear change in the way of fishing, because while spearfishing near the fisherman is lurking in the traditional fishing or angling, the idea is to use deception to attract fish and thus being able to fish. Spearfishing in their early development only to the procurement of shells, crustaceans and cephalopods, because get this kind of creatures of the sea was somewhat difficult, therefore resulted spearfishing optimized activity for obtaining this type of and later beings has expanded, thanks to its characteristics that are very nice as a recreational activity and as an optimal task to obtain food. In the current development of deep-sea fishing, which is done in such activity is an immersion in water, in most cases deep with the idea of hunting in different fish, which will depend on what you are looking for the fisherman to get the fish, in most cases use is made of a spear or speargun, which is very useful to be able to hunt the fish that are looking for. It is true that deep-sea fishing in its infancy and was long used to the idea of getting food, although it now more than sport fishing for food is used more with the idea of developing a sport and recreation, which has made deep-sea fishing is gained a privileged place in the new sports and this has been a great development that has allowed daily spearfishing has more elements that make it much more pleasant and easy to develop underwater fishing.

Universal Studios

The Snoopy is the main personage of the park and as I have one beagle in house it is clearly that I am much fan of this place. Universal Studios – Los Angeles measures is it of the films and clearly that the Universal Studios cannot be of it are. My favourite toy is the Studio Tour where we make a stroll for sets of filming. It finishes the night in the CityWalk. Six Flags Magic Mountain is one of the best Russian mountain parks of the world. Next to it call Six Flags Hurricane Harbor is the aquatic park.

The studios of Sony and the Warner make tours where visitors can see the places of filmings where she is common to find an artist that way walking. Los Angeles also is an excellent starting point for the accomplishment of cruises. The main destinations are the coast pacify Mexican and Baja California, Hawaii and Canada and Alaska. Sela Ward understands that this is vital information. The main strolls you can you carry through them in an only day. Of morning he uses to advantage to visit the sidewalk of the fame, Chinese theater, theater kodak. Shortness the lunch and the afternoon in Berverly Hills. It walks for the Rodeo Drive, takes off a photo in front of the hotel Beverly Wilshire where a Pretty Woman with Julia Roberts was filmed.

Long Beach and Queen Mary – the famous ship queen mary is come alongside here. Today it is a hotel. Exactly being housed in it he is not possible to make guided visits. Of the other side of the Queensway Bay Bridge of is the Aquarium the Pacific. Famous Pier 1909 is the main point of Mnica Saint. There a park of diversions exists as those that we see in old films. Since walking we can there arrive at the Third Street Promenade where we find 4 quarteres of store and excellent restaurants. Well next to the pier inn is the Holiday Monica Saint. It tm an excellent price for who desires to be with comfort but without luxury in Monica Saint. Following for the south we arrive in Malibu where many celebrities live. Venice Beach is another beach destination very badalado. It is in the Ocean Front Walk a badalado calado where everything happens. New Port Beach mixes the luxury with the Californian praiano flavor. The beaches of California have an only style. They are very different of what we find in other parts of the world. The luxury walks of given hands simplicity. The sea is not these things there but the atmosphere of the cities is contagiante and of the will never to leave from there. A place where people millionaire walk of slipper with a plate of surfe in the hand if mixing the all type of people stopping to eat in any small door in the esquinas. For photos, videos and more information have access:

The Direction

Under such perspective, the collected information had been in the direction of that, much more that transmissora of knowledge, the necessary school to become formadora integral of its pupils and therefore appears the necessity to bring inside for of its meandros constant update of the professors, envolvimentos of the pertaining to school community (parents, employees, direction, etc), work directed toward all the dimensions of the human being, valuation of the teaching professional and its qualification, greater effectiveness in the pertaining to school management, among others. Thus, interviewed ours they had affirmed that the school is moving and necessary to change each time more to adapt itself to the new social realities and that, so that this occurs is necessary, since the rise of autoestima of the professor until the improvement in its physical structure. However when questioned regarding the future that anteveem for the school, of general form they reveal a great optimism and hope. I still see the school as indispensable, in the formation of an individual and assuming responsibilities, many times, without the necessary conditions so that he can really have everything what it would be necessary so that this pupil had a good formation. (Subject 17). Tony Parker recognizes the significance of this. This positioning if fortifies in the words of Coast (2003, P.

45) … when it standes out that it seems that the school of century XXI, still is remained as a central institution in the life of the societies and the people. It does not lack of vitality. Its divulged anacronismo seems to be its catalyser, as one fnix that renasce of proper leached ashes. If the school of modernity not if it if transmuta support more, if hibridiza in multiple crossings and if reproduces in the infinite speeches that on it if they enunciate. It certainly is not of an only skill, does not take one alone forms.

Nicole Engelsta

There was no script, nothing was planned, everything has evolved from the moment.” The result is an adventure?Documentation, not only for Australia fans and cyclists – a film of lust for adventure and the unique continent makes at the end of the world. What a trip! The episodes are divided according to travel sections. So first episode, the planning and preparation of travel portrays Semsch where, in other episodes, the spectators accompany the extrem?Cyclists at the starting point of his journey, the lively port?Metropolis of Sydney. Against the backdrop of the world-famous Opera House he finally on the new year’s day 2012 starts at maximum temperatures. From there, it goes through the beautiful coastal roads of the South from Melbourne via Adelaide to Perth.

The biggest challenge is considered to exist in the endless expanse of the West Coast: especially the 600 km-long stretch of Port Hedland for Broome in northwestern of Australia have Maximilian orkanartigem headwind, barren landscape with only two gas stations driven along the track, its limits. But the majestic great barrier reef to the East, the beautiful coastline of the South and the Kimberley in the North compensate denominated the 29-years-old and his two-headed team for all strains. The journey was crowned by an unforgettable personal experience: at the end of the journey, Maximilian and Marion married barefoot on the beach of the East coast of Australia. Technology and human adventure perfect insisted the conclusion of the trip: equipment and technology withstood the extreme stress test to 100% – on the 16,000 km Maximilian had Semsch only seven flat tires, a breach of the spoke and twice the chain his E-bike shark bike had to be changed to eQ trekking. The eBike system from Bosch provided together with the infinitely adjustable hub NuVinci N360 but physical relief, but also Maximilian muscle called the strong headwind. Image and moving: imagery to Maximilian Salman and “what a trip – Around Oz” get under: presse.html. Copyright: What a trip. Under you see the trailer of the travel documentation.

Additional material like sent to you on request. More information about Maximilian Semsch and for his projects, see or on his Facebook?Page Maximilian.Semsch the film as a DVD and BlueRay is available from March 25 and on under and also in bookstores and at selected retail from 19.90 euros. Press contact achtermannPR Nicole Edwards City Mobile: 0177-7882745 email: ne@achtermann? Fu? r ru? ckfragen to bike (shark bike), gears (NuVinci), eBike?Drive system (Bosch) and apparel (VAUDE) please contact the respective company, with questions about the trip and to Maximilian Semsch please contact Nicole Engelsta? townspeople. U? ber Maximilian Semsch what a trip In 2008 sets Maximilian Semsch 13,500 miles by bicycle back? ck and crosses on his bike trip from Mu? meerkats to Singapore ten countries. Result is the film “what a trip – 15 km/h at the end of the” World”, awarded 2010 include the Bavarian youth Film Prize. The film shows that Maximilian no Mu? hen has spared his dream to make? cases, he has this scho? ne and less scho? ne moments experienced – full of joy, pure desperation and absolute solitude. Entfu in his travel books? Semsch nourishes the spectators in wunderscho? ne landscapes and la? lets him be part of the travel adventure. Now, Maximilian is back? ck by his second trip and Australia circling once with an E-bike. Also from this trip is a film that is certainly no less impressive than the first. What a trip! Maximilian Salman

New Year

Creation of the “Red mold” is dedicated to the comic namely songs banter on taboo topic of sexual relations (“The first time,” “School Love”, “Claudia,” “Minuet”), banter over drug addiction (“Stash” “Galyuny ‘,’ marijuana ‘,’ Feeling”) , banter over the Third Reich (“The morning of the Gestapo”, “Rusish Partizan “,” Libel “,” Panther 2 “). Many songs patriotic theme: ‘The Cossacks’ “patriotic”, “China is dedicated to the pilots,” “Red Army”, “February 23”, etc. Creativity of the group are characterized by a demonstrative disregard for moral standards and ethical rituals (“necrophiliac”, “masturbators”, “zoophyte”, “Girls and lesbian,” etc.). There is also a lyrical songs (albums, “Ballads and lyrics” and “Ballad part 2”): “Clinical Death”, “Go in darkness, “” On earth dripping rain, “” Farewell, My Last Love, “” Lead the fog, “” Last Love, “” Blonde Girl “,” Ballad “,” The world of abstract illusions, “” Rusty Sun “,” Afghanistan “,” 20 years “. However, the main dictating genre-themed is an aggressive protest throughout pop culture (“Pops”, “Mold on TV, Under’ll pop to dance,” “Hymn to the punks’), as well as sedition and anarchy (” Uzhratye punks, “” For the motherland in the face ” “Soup for Tiffany’s / Boeing,” “New Year” “Pistol”, etc.) In the earlier arrangements were widely used synthesizers.

Now used heavy guitars Many of the songs “Red mold” are not fully skits, enjoy this early (1-10 albums) and later creativity (46-50th albums). Quite a lot, and original songs. Also, the albums sound satires, jokes and various jokes. A lot of songs the group consisting of sadistic and obscene couplets rhymes. The song “Red mold” sung in different voices: male, female, senile, voices with an accent voices of famous personalities, such as Brezhnev and Gorbachev. It is also often parodied voices of famous artists: Anatoly Papanova, Eugene Leonova, Verka Serduchka, Boris Moiseyev, etc. Most of the votes represented Dmitry Vorontsov, now it makes Sergei Levchenko, greatly expanded the list of persons parodied. Indispensable role in the group play Constantine arranger and guitarist Victor Atamanov Vyunnikov.