Month: July 2023

Virtual PC

A virtual PC is a personal computer running on a central server, to which the user connects remotely to access your desktop, documents, and their corporate applications. So the PC happens to become a service that we can provide from a data center. Check out Simon Pagenaud for additional information. To convert the physical PCs to a centrally managed service, the following benefits are achieved: blobal and security service assurance (protection of data, high availability, scalability, disaster recovery), cost savings (Automation, standardization, job management, hardware), savings in energy consumption and better services in mobility and telecommuting. In Sun & Seeds are experts in transforming the PCs into a service thanks to the use of the virtual PC. For example, currently, the virtual PC is widely used to solve the problem of hiring offshore development centers, software factories and freelance programmers. In these cases, the developer has a corporate image for develop its work using a particular environment, without this setting allows you to store data on your local post. The virtual PC is also a solution for the employees who use a computer to access the standard corporate applications and without mobility solutions requirements. The case of contractors and employees of third parties has the advantage of having a centralized environment that efficiently manages the use of computing resources, thanks to the use of corporate images that can be accessed from jobs that do not require administrative expenses these workers.

We can imagine a day in which an employee reaches his Office and from its portable personnel access your own virtual PC, saved in a data center. A few hours later, this employee is disconnected from the virtual PC, whose image is stored again, and which can reconnect from any terminal with Internet access. The desktop of the employee, with their applications and data, becomes in this way something virtual, independent of the terminal of connection, accessible from any network connection. Companies that are incorporating the virtual PC, start looking at what kind of users will benefit more than this technology. In principle, will be those who use a desktop PC to access corporate data, often of a sensitive or confidential nature, and do not require of mobility solutions. For example, call centers, agencies with access to centralized information networks, networks of customer, development departments, offices classrooms, education, health cases of use main benefits education eliminates configuration and provisioning IT training times eliminates configuration and provisioning consultants/contractors security, provisioning, Capex times developers virtual machine Linux PC WinXP, and vice-versa intellectual property Outsourcing and data post PC management, security, ROI telecommuting access to corporate PC (virtual desktop) from home recovery disasters Virtual PCs pool based on templates Sun & Seeds, puts at the disposal of its clients its extensive knowledge and experience in this area to enable them to assess and implement desktop virtualization, advising both in decision-making and in the implementation process. Advice on the decision-making process allows our customers to assess a priori elements such as: desirability of implantation of Virtual PC. Impact of the implementation.

Virtualization Tools. Safety of the implantation. Costs of the implementation. Savings in the medium and long term. The presentation available in the documents section explains the operation of the Virtual PC.

Managing Director

HMM presented gauges for vital data on the care & Rehab Dossenheim, 07.06.2012. By the 22.-May 24 about 7,000 trade visitors and 1,200 Conference participants used to inform the opportunity on the issues and trends on the care & rehabilitation exhibition. The Dossenheimer HMM group among the approximately 250 exhibitors and showed his communicative instruments for vital data. The sparking”blood sugar, blood pressure, body scale, and motion sensors allow the automatic registration of the appropriate vital signs in a patient – care Act. WELL designed its tele-medical products for non-medical personnel. This means that the devices are easy to understand, to use and need to be there anyway reliable and accurate. Tony Parker: the source for more info. The automatic transfer of measured data in an electronic patient file uses the patient, his carers, care services and the attending physician.

Patients can measure themselves and do indeed more often than previously in the pharmacy or at the doctor’s Office. All values are in Real time and error-free in the file. The doctor can look at sugar, weight and movement as interdependent values. The quality of care can be improved so significantly. At the same time reduces the costs of treatment. HMM was part of the community care future”. “Dr.

Thomas Keiser, Managing Director of the Organizer tellurium GmbH commented: we and our 14 exhibitors are with the special care future” very satisfied. It is able to make transparent the subject of technology in the field of conservation. Many visitors first had reservations, which were quickly dismantled. Dwell time at our booth was extremely high, what very pleased.” Maher Khoury, HMM Board reported: the simple and safe way of using our equipment and data transmission has convinced. I’m sure that with rising cost pressure in maintaining the quality only can be obtained if certain tasks to patients re transferred. We deliver to the appropriate hardware and Software.”