Month: October 2013

Anna Pavlovna

Bad people everywhere a lot, but good will not soon be found. And honor – in a village in the capital – the same honor. How not to see the St. Petersburg living, and seem to you, die hard here, that you're the first in the world and to all that, my dear! You're educated and clever, and good. I would, old woman who had just enjoy looking at you. Would marry, would have sent you a god kiddies, but I would have nursed them – and would have lived without grief, no cares, and his age would have lived peacefully and quietly, no one would have envied, but there might not be good, maybe my words …

pomyanesh Stay, Sasha, – eh? He coughed and sighed, but did not say a word. – And look over here – continued she, opening the door to the balcony – and you do not wish to leave this corner? From the balcony of the room smelled fresh. From home to the farthest regions of the old garden raskidyvalsya limes, thick hips, wild cherry and lilac bushes. Between the trees were filled with flowers, and fled in different directions the track, then gently lapping at the shore lake, covered one side to the golden rays of morning sun and smooth as a mirror, on the other – dark blue as the sky, which is reflected in it, and barely covered by a ripple. And then the fields with the wave, multi-colored bread were the amphitheater and joined the dark forest. Anna Pavlovna, closing her eyes with one hand from the sun, another son, alternately pointing to each item. – Look-ka – she said – what beauty God put on our fields! Look to the fields of one to five hundred quarters of rye, Savings, and over there and have pshenichka, and buckwheat, buckwheat just now is not that the past year: It seems to be bad.

A forest is a forest-how has grown! Just think how great the wisdom of God! Drovets with a little plot in a thousand little sell. A wild game, venison that! and after all it is yours, my dear son, I only your prikazchitsa. Look-ka, the lake: what magnificence! truly heavenly! fish so and walks, a sturgeon buy, and then ruffs, perches, carp-infested lousy: and over and people go. Look your cows and horses graze. Here you around a gentleman, and there, maybe just be pushed around by you. And you want to escape from such Grace, still do not know where in the pool may be, God forgive me … Stay! Ordinary Story

Various Purposes

Artificial stone is often used for surface finishing houses. However, few know that the artificial stone gives builders more freedom than natural stone. It is an artificial stone and will be discussed in our article. We consider an artificial stone, its many uses for unexpected purposes. Artificial stone in appearance indistinguishable from natural stone. But on a variety of textures, colors and shades, artificial stone surpasses natural stone many times. Now, most architects prefer to use it for dressing like interiors and exteriors of homes. In nature it is difficult to find a few gems identical in color, so the surest way to get a natural lining – to order more than one color of the stone, and the combination of two or three of matching colors.

The richer assortment of collections of artificial stone a firm that produces it, the less will meet the repetition of identical elements. Naturalness and liveliness of the tiled surface of the artificial stone gives color transitions and a semitone. Artificial stone should not look like a painted concrete tiles, all of whose elements are identical in color, texture and size. On the front surface of artificial stone should not be a build-up of irregular shape, contrasting spots, traces from the brush. The back side facing artificial stone should be fairly rough and uneven that it is good to grips with the glue, but it should not be unduly pupyrchatoy or curve. From the rear surface of the artificial stone should not stick out major elements of the filler. The best choice is an artificial stone, which on the back side are grooves with a difference in height. Artificial stone should not require additional treatment formulations that protect the stone from moisture, otherwise you will always have to handle such an artificial stone. Well, that's all about what we wanted to talk about in this article. Hopefully, the artificial stone will be long please you and your guests with beautiful views of your interior or exterior.

Criteria For Selecting A Mobile Phone

What do you think, how to choose a mobile phone? It has long been no secret that the current range of phone market is large enough, and sometimes for someone to find the optimal solution is not very easy. I’d love to get my opinions will help you get the right mobile phone and does not expend extra rubles. Let’s first define why you need a mobile phone? If you plan to buy it mostly for talking and sending text messages, it is unlikely that you’ll need a good camera, big touch screen, mp3 player and memory card support. In this case, you can buy a phone with a budget equal to about 4000 rubles a popular brand. And like nothing complicated! But as it turned out a large percentage of people acquire a hotline counselor in the cabin and eventually overpaid.

First, before buying a mobile phone detail view print publications or sites that review phones, said to be very critical. Select the appropriate phone based on available funds and walk boldly into a mobile showroom and buy this is the mobile phone. It is not recommended to listen to the consultants! As a rule, many of them do not know the basic technical nuances. The only training, which are all consultants is a course effective sales. Therefore you should not rely on their opinions. The mobile market in today’s time is full and up to 2900-3600 rubles, you can easily buy a good phone with a large arsenal of possibilities. But this solution will suit you if need a regular phone. If you need a phone which is very important to watch videos, listen to music the highest quality, work with office proposals, the decision of course is not for you! I hope my little review will help to buy a mobile phone and save money!


Mendoza, a beautiful province of Argentina, has turned from a few years ago in a tourist destination par excellence, both for tourists coming from Latin America and for the world. The place has many advantages, such as a wonderful climate, spectacular scenery, and an excellent tourist infrastructure, product development that local governments have tried to impose with success, to turn Mendoza into the natural preference when we looked for a place that it has everything. The possibilities are many. The visitor can perfectly get lodging in Mendoza City, and thence explore the many corners, backwaters, villas, and small populations scattered throughout the province. The eastern region of Mendoza is one of the most beautiful in the land. The province has plenty of rivers, lakes, tributaries, streams, and springs that lend themselves to all aquatic activities: from sport fishing (trout and salmon are the most sought after specialties), until the trekking, canoeing, rafting, or simply find comfort in one of the many spas of springs that there can be found. One of the most beautiful localities is Maipu.

Its proximity to Mendoza does it form part of the urban complex Gran Mendoza. Among the varied activities in Maipu there are the most outstanding is the production of wines. In fact, Maipu is the first wine producing region of the country. Its climate is particularly propitious for planting vineyards, factor that recognized the first European immigrants who settled in the area. Wine production has become the main activity not only the area, but the province. Maipu is a beautiful place to visit, and internalize the fascinating process of the production of fine wines. One of the places that no visitor should miss is the Museum of wine, at the Bodega La Rural.

There it is possible to know ancient artisanal wine production methods, and appreciate the appliances and utensils used in the process. Part of the machinery located there dates from the year 1895, date on which the winery was founded. Insofar as the various wineries were established, wealthy families who owned them were sumptuous mansions, many of which still remain, constituting places of tourist interest. In general, different wineries tour includes tasting of fine wines. Because of this, those who enjoy gourmet food and fine wines will find that vacations in Mendoza might be the ideal choice.